The Threshold

A Australian Falun Dafa Practi

PureInsight | June 13, 2005

The threshold, the great chasm that separates our humanness from godliness encapsulates the unceasing struggle between selfishness and selflessness - two fundamental realms infinitely divided.

Like gold from sand, it is this threshold that distinguishes the future cosmos from the present, Master's arrangements from the old force's influence and interference. It actualises the delineation between a heart, limited and confined, and that of an evolving and expanding heart - one that shines for all sentient beings.

Every loophole, every non - cohesive step upon our journey in Falun Dafa is the result of maintaining and reaffirming our sense of "self." Both the seeds and fruits of our cultivation are, in fact, boundless, but the roots of many weeds can still remain deeply entrenched within our fields of consciousness. The more seeds cultivated through the expression of righteous thoughts and actions, the lesser propagation for consolidating "self."

Falun Dafa could be described as a practice for "selfless" improvement. It encourages one's heart and mind to always consider others first, as in regard to the salvation of the countless sentient beings that correspond to our own cosmic realms. Every element that further substantiates one's virtuous nature subsequently illuminates one's heart, extinguishing any dark and fearful factors that coincide with those arrangements of old.

Trust, a leap of faith, an embodiment of the cosmic characteristics of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" deep within our hearts and minds - spanning and encompassing every element of our most essential and divine nature. No less is required of a Dafa disciple than to ascend the steep and narrow path of true cultivation in this unique time in history. Every realm beyond selfishness – that is where Dafa and the new and unprecedented cosmos preside. A denial of the old forces arrangements is the aligning of one's being in accordance with the "Great Buddha Law."

Come, cross the threshold, the cosmos summons you and countless other beings. Leave behind, diminish now your lesser nature and the weight of its cumbersome worlds – Far grander horizons await! From humanness to godliness, a chasm all Fa –- rectification Dafa disciples must traverse. The colossal firmament is indeed unfolding, forged by realms where the immeasurable heart ultimately prevails.

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