My Wife, the Goddess

Wen Xiong

PureInsight | July 11, 2005

[] I came from a poor family in China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has taught me to fear the CCP and to take everything that the CCP gives me whether I like it or not.

Although Falun Gong has greatly improved my physical and mental health, I was afraid to step up and clarify the truth about Falun Gong since the CCP announced to ban Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. It was not until I moved to Canada that I had the courage to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. When I lived in China, I was tormented by my lack of courage to step up for Falun Gong. When I first moved to Canada, I felt distressed for a very long time, moaning for the fact I had wasted the opportunities to directly clarify the truth to the people in China. I also wondered frequently whether there were Falun Gong practitioners in China who have been braving against the hostilities and danger and persevering in clarifying the truth for Falun Gong. I also wondered how they managed to do that. Finally my questioned were answered after I met my wife.

Our First Encounter
I met my wife when we distributed the truth-clarification newspapers in Canada. I had never met her before but her smile seemed very familiar to me. On the first day we met, I thought she must be a new Falun Gong practitioner, so I thought I should remind her to introduce Falun Gong to people instead of just distributing the newspapers mechanically. Soon I realized I had made a fool of myself --- she was a veteran practitioner! When I asked her when she arrived here, she answered happily, "I arrived on the day Teacher started introducing Falun Gong to the public!" I was amazed by her answer. I knew she must be an extraordinary person!

She kept running around in the snow while distributing the newspapers. In fact, she managed to distribute twice as many newspapers than I did. After our volunteer work concluded, we began to walk back to the car, which was behind a large pile of snow. I strode over the pile of snow easily, but she fell behind. It looked like she was having difficulty walking over the snow. I extended my helping hand like a gentleman and helped her cross over the pile of snow.

On our way back, she told us briefly about her truth-clarification work back in China. I was amazed beyond words, especially when I heard that she still carries steel plates in her lower back! That is why she had trouble walking over the large pile of snow! I had thought that only those Falun Gong practitioners who are young men or elderly women in China would step up and clarify the truth about Falun Gong. I did not expect that such as young and tiny woman would be so brave!

After this trip, I felt very differently about her. I soon discovered that I kept thinking about her all the time. I would make excuses to call her from time to time and talked a lot of nonsense. I kept counting the days to her TOEFL exam because she would have more time to chat with me after the exam. I couldn't wait to learn more about her.

One day after her TOFEL exam, she attended the group Fa study and told everyone that a fellow practitioner in China has been unlawfully arrested. She was trying to rescue the practitioner and asked everyone to join the rescue effort as well. I was heartbroken to see dark circles around her eyes. I also took on the effort to rescue the fellow practitioner in China and started preparing for the truth-clarification materials with her.

Several days later I came up with the courage and decided to ask her to be my girlfriend. Before going to the Chinese Consulate to stay up all night sending forth righteous thoughts, I stopped by her home first. I brought her the truth-clarification material for rescuing the fellow practitioner in China. Next I told her directly that I miss her all the time and would like to be her boyfriend. I thought to myself, "If she should reject me, I could leave right away in the name of going to the Chinese Consulate." After I told her how I felt, she lowered her head and asked me gently, "Don't you think I would become your burden?" I replied, "If you are talking about the steel plates in your back, they are nothing to me. Perhaps some men would consider you a burden, but in my opinion the true burden comes from marrying a depraved woman!" She told me that she needed time to think about it.

My wife is a very efficient woman and always makes quick decisions. I was absent-minded on my way to the Chinese Consulate. Before I even got off the subway, my wife called and told me, "Let's bring our parents to Canada as soon as possible." This means she has agreed to marry me! I thought I would faint right away! That Friday I went to a florist and bought a bouquet of eleven of the biggest roses in the florist shop and presented her the bouquet during the Saturday's group Fa study.

My Goddess Wife Is Also an Excellent Homemaker

From then on, our life became very sweet. We are like old friends to each other. We found that we shared many similarities. We lived very close to each other in China. We went to the same park to play on the swings when we were children. We took the same bus route to work in China. We are both partial to noodles with bean paste. We also like to add sugar when we cook.

I was an average student at school, but my wife had been an A-level student with many talents. In college she received the first prize in a major inter-college design contest and was one of the top three college students in her city every year for four whole years. She also received a scholarship for being a top engineering student in Beijing. These were famous awards in China, but I have never received any of them.

After she graduated from college, she became an architect. When many of her friends and relatives went to the United States for graduate study, she decided to stay and told them, "All of you are leaving China, but I have decided to stay and build a better China." For the next several years following her college graduation, she completed many architectural designs for the Chinese government. She was regarded as an excellent employee at work.

My goddess wife is also an excellent homemaker. She is an excellent diplomat as well as an excellent chef. She also cooks very fast without compromising the quality of the dishes. When I ruined a dish while trying to cook, she knows how to fix the taste quickly. She also praises me for my cooking from time to time to give me a morale boost. The first time I called my family to tell them our decision to get married, I was very nervous. I didn't even tell my family about her before I passed the phone to her. In just a few words, my parents became very excited and told me, "You have found an excellent woman! You must take good care of her and buy her a house and a car quickly! You must provide her with a comfortable life!"

My wife is a very loyal woman. She often tells me, "Those men who are taller than you are too tall! Those men who are shorter than you are too short! You are my only standard of man!" Because of her, I am so confident of myself as a man!

My goddess wife is a very intelligent woman and follows the virtues of a traditional Chinese woman. She never points out my problems or attachments directly, but she also helps me see my own problems in such a thoughtful way. Many times after I overcame a problem, I first thought it was because I had cultivated well. Only afterwards did I realize the real credit went to my goddess wife.

My goddess wife is also a woman of iron will. Once she chooses a righteous path, she will be determined to complete the entire course. We are both cultivators, but her stories of cultivation are so extraordinary. One thing I enjoy the most is to listen to her stories of cultivation practice while holding her in my arms.

The Perseverance of My Goddess Wife

After July 20, 1999, she tried to find a way to communicate with the Chinese Communist government to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. Her work organization was suffering from a lot of pressure from the Chinese Communist Party because she practices Falun Gong. In order to relieve her work organization from the pressure, she offered her resignation. Her manager rejected her resignation and argued with the head of her work organization. But in the end, she still had to leave. Her colleagues also felt that she had suffered from injustice and were very upset for her. One of her colleagues complained, "She is an excellent employee. Why did you force her to resign?" She tried to comfort her colleagues and said, "Don't be upset. A person must live with his conscience. Although I have lost my job, I did not lose myself."

The night before October 1, 2000, the police broke into her home and asked to "talk to her." She knew the police was lying because many fellow practitioners had been lured to the police station with the same excuse and ended up missing or being incarcerated in the prisons and forced labor camps. She decided that she must not cooperate with the police since she hadn't done anything wrong. In order to flee from the police, she decided to take the chance by climbing out of the window. In the darkness the electric wires caught her feet and caused her to fall to the ground. As a result, a section of the vertebra in her spine was smashed.

Before the surgeon began the emergency operation to save her life, her elderly father was required to sign a release form. There were 18 statements in the release form saying that she might die or become paralyzed during the operation. Her father was heartbroken. During the operation, the surgeon took a piece of bone from her pelvis to reinforce her vertebra. In addition, he used steel plates to support the weight of her upper body. One can imagine that she must have been in agony.

Despite her critical condition, the police put guards outside the ward watching her around the clock when she could not even turn her body without assistance! The operation cost 40,000 yuan. She came from a family of intellectuals with a modest income, so the large expense took a severe toll on her family. Moreover, a young healthy woman suddenly became bed-ridden and relied on her elderly parents to look after her.

Although my wife became a handicapped person, the police never stopped harassing her at home and never got a moment of peace. Still she was very optimistic and always tried to comfort her parents with a smile. The doctor asked her to lie still during the recuperation, but she insisted on studying the Fa and practicing Falun Gong's exercises. Shortly after the operation, she was able to stand up and walk. Her colleagues were amazed by her speedy recovery and were marveled by Falun Gong's miraculous power.

Just as she learned to walk, the neighborhood committee and the residence police notified her parents that she had been scheduled to be sent to a forced brainwashing center! Her parents repeatedly explained to them that the doctor told them there was a large piece of smashed bone in her vertebra and that there would be severe consequences if the bone should fall off! The residence police repeatedly asked the upper management what to do, but they were told not to push back the date she had to go to the brainwashing center. Under the circumstances, she had no choice but to flee from home while she was still recuperating from the near-death accident.

Eventually she was unlawfully arrested and thrown into a forced labor camp. She was put into the forced labor camp although she had not violated any laws, although the Chinese law stipulates that handicapped people may not be sent to forced labor camps, although during the entrance physical examination the camp's doctor was shocked to find steel plates in her back, and although the police in the camp commented, "How can they send a walking wounded woman here? Can they be more depraved?"

My wife was locked up in the forced labor camp for over a year. Every day she was forced to sit on a short, small stool for over ten hours a day processing fish food with a foul stench. Everyone near her could hear the steel plates grinding in her back. Because of the torture and the long hours of slave labor, she developed sciatica (pain along the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of each leg.)

Fortunately the fellow Falun Gong practitioners sharing the same cell never allowed her to carry heavy bags, water buckets, or to transport buckets of steamed rice. They looked after her in the camp. Those cultivators rose to the occasion and helped each other under the most difficult circumstances. They also never failed to be kind to everyday people around them. Every time I think of those cultivators, tears flood down my face.

There are too many stories about my wife. I will try to tell more stories about my wife another time.

The Dragon and the Phoenix Got Married

Nevertheless, my wife and I are very lucky compared with many fellow practitioners. We have the enormous fortune to have meet and marry each other in the democratic and peaceful land of Canada. On our wedding day, everyone extended his congratulations to our marriage. My wife wore a red Cheongsam Qipao with embroidered dragons and phoenixes and received a lot of compliments. We had a rather private wedding, but before the wedding, she called everyone to share the good news. "I am getting married!" she told everyone with a grin and completely neglected me. She looked so happy that I had to take her photograph to capture this special moment. Everyone at the wedding was very happy. The minister that married us was grinning throughout the ceremony. He asked us to send him the photos of the wedding. Everyone congratulated us and wished us to live happily ever after until the end of time.

I feel very fortunate to have met and married her. I am very proud to have her as my wife. On the other hand, I feel very sad for the Chinese people. The CCP has brought China too many disasters. At the present moment, there are countless women like my wife who are suffering the CCP's cruel persecution. The misery in China will not end until the CCP collapses.

May the persecution of Falun Gong end as soon as possible.

May those who suffer similar tortures and persecution stop suffering soon.

May China, my homeland, be free of political persecution and live in peace and happiness.

May the Communist Party, the evil cult, vanish from the face of the earth so that the future generations of Chinese will be free from its terror.

May the truth prevail in the human realm again!

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