Fun with Tang Dynasty Poetry: "The Bamboo Adobe" by Wang Wei

Long Zhitai

PureInsight | July 4, 2005


The Bamboo Adobe

Sitting alone in the dark bamboo grove,
I am playing my zither and singing alone.
No one would know in this dark wood.
Only the bright moon comes to shine.

The author's interpretation
Wang Wei said in "The Bamboo Adobe" that he could express himself freely by playing his zither and singing along. In the last two lines, he meant to say that, although no one understood him, there would always be the moon that kept him company.

The modern people are afraid of being alone. We constantly try to fill our life with parties and outings. However, after the party is over, the feeling of loneliness always returns. A lot of people don't realize that, when we abandon our attachments, we will naturally attain a peace of mind. We will also be able to find pleasure in our own heart and will not feel lonesome even when we are alone.

We are our best friends. Take Wang Wei as an example. He was able to enjoy the pleasure of solitude.

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