The Journey of a Cultivator

Evan Mantyk

PureInsight | November 14, 2005


Part I: The Journey Begins

At the end of high school, I became kind of cool,
The class president and homecoming king.
The jocks I once did fear no longer thought me queer,
Fond of sharp wit, my praises they did sing.

Even good grades I had, but somehow I was sad,
Are good grades all there is to this long life?
Such suffering abounds, higher truth can't be found,
And great disharmony rules all our strife.

In my bones I did feel, the divine must be real,
But people only believed in science.
Boring religious laws with their unanswered flaws,
For rituals, I felt just defiance.

I realized I must, find what is good and just,
Preserving it and refining myself.
I gave up smoking pot, quit cheating on the spot,
And put all my fear away on the shelf.

I tried to meditate, to find a tranquil state,
But I did not know what I was doing.
Mystic ladder to climb, for which I had no time,
But I knew something awesome was brewing.

Then one late winter day, though the weather was gray,
My school held a joyous cultural fair.
Two Chinese people came, Falun Gong was their name,
"Wow, that's sweet," I thought, I had to be there.

Meditation they showed, seemed to me like it glowed
Its teachings were of simple elegance,
Removing your flaws with universal laws:
Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

So, I took up the quest to return to what's best,
The Tao says, my origin and true self.
I removed my desires, put out my lustful fires
And threw away all my fear from the shelf.

Soon thereafter one night, I was encased in light
As I floated four feet above my bed.
From my head to my toe, a purifying glow,
Holy armor for the mission ahead.

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