An Ark Is Waiting to Rescue the World's People


PureInsight | September 5, 2005

[] Not long ago, an elderly Chinese practitioner told me over the phone her Celestial vision of the true form of the Chinese Communist Party evil specter and how it clings to the back of human bodies. Today she called me again and told me she had another Celestial vision of a giant ark waiting to rescue the world's people. She had written down what she saw and how she felt about the vision. She asked me to go pick up the paper at her place. As soon as I entered her apartment, I was enveloped with a tranquil and warm ambiance. I felt wonderfully refreshed. This is her paper:

◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇

Have you heard of Noah's Ark? Do you believe that it actually happened in history? Today I would like to share what I saw in a Celestial vision --- a giant ark built to save people.

I have recently seen, during a sitting meditation, the formation process of a giant ark. It started as a small boat. Then nine small boats appeared, forming a row of boats. Then many more rows of small boats were formed. Then they continued to expand in this fashion at an accelerating speed. Each time they were expanded by nine times. At the end, I was unable to count the number of small boats. Gradually, the small boats began to form a shape of a large ark, but it is not anchored in any ocean because it is so massive that it exceeds the size of all the oceans on earth. From a distance, the ark is made of transparent materials in the shape of timbers. The ark has a square head and tail and a curved body. Looking from a microscope, the ark is made of small cells and each cell is made of countless small boats. There is a large ladder in each of the four sides of the ark. The ladders go into the water. They are made of round timbers and these timbers are also made of small boats.

◇◇◇ ◇◇◇ ◇◇◇

As I watched the formation process of the giant ark, my heart was filled with immense respect and a sacred feeling. I know it is a giant Fa boat made to save people. There is something I would like to tell the world's people: This is now the Dharma-ending period. Mr. Li Hongzhi is leading his Falun Gong disciples to spread the Great Buddha Fa of the Universe in the human realm and to peacefully combat evil. They have been trying to clarify the truth to save the world's people lost in the maze of the human world.

It does not matter who you are. It does not matter whether you are the president of a country, a millionaire, or a common civilian. It does not matter what ethic group you are in. It does not matter whether you are black, white or Asian. It does not matter where you live. As long as you are a man on earth, you are now facing a critical choice that shall determine your life or death.

A giant Fa boat that is built to rescue the world's people is right besides you. It is so incredibly huge that it can accommodate more people you can ever imagine. It is made of the Heavenly Fa. It is made of sincerity from the hearts of countless Falun Gong disciples who follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. It is made of countless small boats and has a shape of a giant ark. It can accommodate more things than you can imagine. There is nothing like it in the world. Judging from the design of the ladders, it is very easy to climb up the ladders and get on the ark. In other words, as long as you free yourself from the control of the Communist Party evil specter, you will have the chance to get on the giant ark. As long as you have these words in mind, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good," you will be saved.

Man has no power over time. Time will not wait for anyone. Look at Falun Gong practitioners around you. Some of them are elderly folks. Some are young or middle-aged experts or scholars. Some are young mothers with children. They have repeatedly offered you precious materials that contain important facts about Falun Gong in attempt to raise your conscience. But in actual fact, they are offering a ticket to the Fa boat. Please wake up right away! Only if you can get on the Fa boat will you be saved! Be sure to remember my words!

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