Lessons from Life: Genuine Gold Will Sparkle Among Rocks

Guan Ming

PureInsight | September 12, 2005

[PureInsight.org] In the modern society, fish eyes and pearls are mixed together. It has become difficult to tell a pearl from a fish eye. It is equally difficult to tell a good person from a bad one. One must attain a very high level of realm through cultivation practice in order to have a pair of eyes like Sun Wukong's gold fire eye that can tell the righteous from the evil. [Sun Wukong is the main character Monkey from The Journey to the West, a traditional Chinese novel about cultivation practice that Teacher mentioned in Lectures in the United States.] It is nearly impossible for a non-cultivator not to be confused by the maze of the secular world. The so-called "good fortune" and "opportunities" are justly given to or withheld from an individual according his virtue or karma according to the law of the universe. Even given a lot of good fortune or opportunities, one will sparkle only if one is genuine gold. We must do our best to fulfill our responsibilities in life, but we mustn't complain to the gods or others when others do not approve or recognize our contributions. Genuine gold does not fear the test of fire. All the darkness in the world cannot diminish even the smallest light.

Once upon a time there was a man who considered himself talented but had not been given any important work for a long time. He was depressed and bitter about it. One day he went to a wise man and asked, "Why is life so unfair to me?" The wise man did not reply. He picked up an ordinary pebble from the ground and threw it into a pile of rocks and pebbles. Then he told the depressed man, "Go find the pebble." The depressed man went through the entire pile of rocks and pebbles, but he could not identify which one was the pebble the wise man had picked out.

Next the wise man removed a gold ring from his finger and threw it to the pile of rocks and pebbles. This time the troubled man quickly found the gold ring because it sparkled among the rocks. The wise man did not answer the troubled man's question, but the latter immediately realized the wise man's full meaning: How can a pebble complain that life is unfair to it when it does not sparkle among pebbles?

There is no need for us to be troubled by other people's approvals or criticisms. Instead, we should remind ourselves at all times to keep improving ourselves. When we do a good deed, we shouldn't worry that no one has witnessed it. There is a Chinese saying, "Every thought is known to heaven and earth. If kindness is not rewarded or depravity is not punished, the gods must be selfish." Heaven's will is omnipresent. The characteristics of the universe govern everything in the universe. All the virtuous people in the world will be ultimately rewarded and all the people that have done bad deeds will be ultimately punished. The law of Heaven always prevails. The net of Heaven omits no one and nothing. There is a Chinese saying, "There are spiritual beings three feet above everyone's head." A man will ultimately become successful in his life as long as he respects god and keeps improving his morality, his knowledge and skills. Genuine gold will ultimately be uncovered and sparkle among rocks.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/9/7/33765.html

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