Only Dafa Disciples Have the Heart to Save Sentient Beings

A Vietnamese-American Falun Go

PureInsight | October 17, 2005

[] A few days ago I dreamt that the earth was undergoing a huge catastrophe whereby sentient beings were being weeded out. There was a huge flood coming at us. My children and I ran to this tall building, and as we approached the building a huge gate was closed behind us to keep the water out. Then there were people running toward the building but couldn't get in and the water quickly reached to the level of their heads. Everyone in the building was just standing still watching hopelessly. Then the people in the flood stretched their hands high above their heads and soon I could only see half of their palms above the water. I hurriedly reached over and pulled them up one by one. Somehow I had so much strength that it felt as though these people were weightless. But sadly there were many that I couldn't save in time. Afterwards I turned around and noticed that the people I saved all had dark faces. Maybe these were the ones who were poisoned by the evil specter.

My understanding of this dream is that the time for the weeding out of sentient beings is approaching and that I need to hurry up to help save more beings who are poisoned by the evil specter. I realized that I haven't used all of my energy to clarify the truth and save all the beings that I am responsible for.

Master said, "You know, as Dafa cultivators in the Fa-rectification period, the historic mission that you have--this great responsibility--is indeed enormous. What lies before you is not merely personal cultivation or saving a few people. The entire human race is before you, and the Chinese people, in particular." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago 2005").

Indeed, I need to catch up with Master's Fa rectification requirements in order to truly fulfill my mission as a Fa rectification Dafa disciple. Even the bad people who persecute Dafa need to be saved because many of them have been brainwashed and are under the influence of evil elements. I believe that their true side does not want to take part in the persecution of Falun Gong. Even at the last moment, only Dafa disciples are determinedly and unconditionally saving sentient beings.

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