Breaking Through Old Forces' Bonds

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | October 24, 2005

[] A few situations around me recently have got me thinking. I began to notice how people became sick when they left their home country for a period of time. I've always called it homesickness, and had considered it natural for many years.

But after Fa study today, I realized that this was not necessarily the case. Master says "You should also be clear that "natural" does not exist, and "the inevitable" has reasons behind it." (From Expounding on the Fa, Essentials for Further Advancement).

I understood that leaving home for some was breaking a bond, which is breaking out of part of the attachment of sentimentality.

It seems to be very similar to the reaction that addicts experience in the form of withdrawal symptoms. With drug addicts who forcefully try to pull themselves off drugs, they have vicious symptoms. I have seen and/or heard of similar situations occurring with smokers and alcoholics try to stop smoking or drinking respectively. It seems that in each case, the negative factor has to be removed from their respective systems.

However these people are aware of their attachments and connections only on the surface level.

During the questions and answers session in Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa
, Master was asked the following question;

"Disciple: Venerable Master, recently certain students have felt substances from other dimensions badly repressing them. Does that have to do with the state of Fa-rectification?

Teacher: Some students were coughing a while ago, and some students have had certain abnormal reactions, especially in the period after the Nine Commentaries came out. It was the work of the factors, lodged in people's bodies, that belong to the malevolent Party's evil specter. You need to eliminate them when you send righteous thoughts. They can't have that much of an effect on Dafa disciples, but they do interfere. Basically all of the recent interference, including interference of other sorts, has been the work of those evil factors.

The evil factors that were pressing down into the Three Realms from beyond at the time of July 20, 1999, have been cleaned out to the point that basically few remain. Before the mighty force of Fa-rectification reaches this surface dimension, there will still be factors here which were created by the old forces before that, along with the factors of the malevolent Party's evil specter, doing evil. But since in this dimension there is gong that I left here earlier on, and there are some righteous gods, along with Dafa disciples and their righteous factors, they have now cleaned out the evil factors that persecute Dafa disciples to the point that not even one out of 100 million parts is left—a lot of the evil has been cleaned out. What remains in the surface dimension now is only eight or nine percent of what used to be here. (Applause) And the factors of the malevolent Party's evil specter are being destroyed on a large scale; and of late, especially, they have been cleaned out rapidly. They have been eliminated in the other dimensions where Fa-rectification has been completed. [What remains in] the surface dimension now doesn't even amount to one ten-thousandth of the total amount from before, and it only accounts for about seven percent of the surface dimension. The field that Dafa has established in this world occupies forty-five percent of what should be filled up in this dimension. If you look at the proportion, [you will see that] the
factors left by the old forces in the surface dimension, the rotten demons, and the factors of the
malevolent Party's evil specter altogether account for fifteen percent, while the field established by Dafa in this dimension occupies forty-five percent—and that doesn't even take into account the effect of Dafa disciples themselves. When I added up all of the evil factors that persecute Dafa disciples, they only amounted to fifteen percent. This says that during this time before the mighty force of Fa-rectification arrives at the surface, Dafa's factors occupy forty-five percent of the dimensional field at the surface, where human beings are, and that doesn't even include the Dafa disciples themselves."

I understand from this that the old forces have arranged these "connections," maybe in the form of our notions or attachments, to bind people. This has two effects on practitioners: the first is an actual physical manifestation in this dimension and the second is a verification, when we see people in our day-to-day life also experiencing these reactions.

As Master has told us "eliminate them when you send righteous thoughts." I find it important to not only Send Forth Righteous Thoughts to eliminate any interference in the form of these reactions that the old forces have on me, but also to eliminate any of the notions formed because of what I see in this dimension.

It is clear that only by following Master's Fa and maintaining our diligence in the Three Things that Master has asked us to do can we walk a straight path and fulfill our duty as Fa Rectification Dafa Disciples.

This is only my personal understanding at my level.

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