Annie's Incredible Story (2)

Hang Ming

PureInsight | November 14, 2005

[] Annie has encountered all kinds of mystical events in her life. She especially remembered something that took place in June of 1999 when she went to her first experience sharing conference in Chicago. On the day of the conference, before Master Li came out to give a lecture, Annie saw many beautiful celestial beings flying around in the conference hall with flower baskets in their hands, and it was a glorious heavenly scene.

While attending the Chicago conference, Annie encountered something interesting. On a morning before the Fa conference, many practitioners went to a local park to practice the exercises. To everyone's great surprise, Master Li appeared and greeted everyone. After finishing practicing the exercises, everyone sat around a fountain and asked Master Li questions. Annie was there too and she asked a question for her husband, "Master, why did you come to earth?"

Master looked at Annie and smiled. At that very moment, an elderly practitioner next to Master suddenly fell into the fountain. Master Li immediately leaned forward and pulled him back out with both of his two hands, and wiped off some of the water on him. Master told the practitioner to clean and change himself, and told him, "Don't be arrogant; study the Fa." The elderly practitioner was shocked and surprised. He thought to himself, "Master knows everything!" It is because that practitioner had been very arrogant but it was his first time meeting Master!

As Master Li pulled the elderly practitioner out of the fountain, Annie taped the whole encounter with a video camera that she happened to be carrying with her. On her flight back home, she realized that Master had indirectly answered her question with his action. All the beings of the universe are in grave danger, and people's moral levels are falling at a tremendous pace everyday. Human beings are living in a dangerous state. Master came to bring salvation to sentient beings at this dangerous time and pull us all from the depth of hell. When Annie realized this, she felt touched and she couldn't stop crying. From then on, Annie determined to cultivate Falun Dafa firmly and do her best to assist Master in the human world and bring salvation to sentient beings. During the last few years, Annie has striven to do so and has been using her skills to fulfill her prehistoric vows.

Even before she began to practice Falun Gong, Annie could feel many things that others couldn't. At the beginning, she thought that everyone had that ability and never thought much of it. When she was in school, her classmates always liked to talk to her and listen to her telling them all kinds of stories. Since Annie started practicing Falun Gong, she started being able to see many of her past lives and things that happened in a long, long time ago. Many were very interesting and some were like fairytales worth sharing. Many practitioners indeed were kings from many universe and paradises. Everyone had gone through a lot of hardships and tribulations, reincarnated in many levels and finally come into the human world.

Annie was once the king of a paradise called "Pretty Center" in English. Everything was splendid in Pretty Center. The paradise had no policemen or man-kind laws , and was only ruled by the laws of the king. The citizens lived their lives in accordance to the king's laws. When they traveled, they rode on flying carpets like those from myths and legends. The sky was clear and translucent, and the trees and water were transparent. Everyone lived happily and peacefully. Although everything appeared wonderful, the universe had already deviated from the Fa. Therefore, some of the actions of the king and the beings had deviated too. One day the king of Pretty Center said to his sentient beings, "I have to go. The Lord of the universe is going down to spread the Fa to all levels of living beings. I will follow the Lord. Have faith in me that I will bring back the most magnificent Law of the universe with me when I return." When all the beings in Pretty Center heard this, they knelt down in front of the king and wept, "Please come back! You have to come back. We will wait for you!" Thus the king of Pretty Center reincarnated into lower and lower levels until he arrived in the human world.

Annie went through tens of thousands of years of reincarnation during which she sometimes cultivated her assistant spirit. In one life, she was one of the three daughters of Zeus. When she reached enlightenment in that life, she rode the chariot of heaven and went back to the heavens. In another life, she was a purple rose and ruled as the king of an endless field of flowers.

So many lives in reincarnation! She was once the wife of a prime minister in ancient China and took care of the emperor's only young son when the king and her husband rode into battle. She nurtured the youngster and helped him become a brilliant emperor. Annie was also a member of the Female Warriors of General Yang's family during the North Song Dynasty and fought in battlefields in the west at the general's side. She had also been dear friend of a French emperor and a warrior who guarded an enlightened being as he spread his teachings in the human world.

We'll talk about these stories later on.

Regarding paradise nowadays, Annie said that some of the paradises are called "Fu (happiness, blessing)," some are called "Lu (emolument, wealth)." There are nameless spaces where the Dafa music of "Pudu" and "Jishi" is heard everywhere.

In some paradises, it seems everything is made of gold. The mountains, trees, and everything else in those paradises is golden. Brilliant light covers the whole world. Everyone's body is golden. There are males, females and children there. They look like angels we see in western paintings. Everyone wears a silk-like white fabric. The kids have something that resembles angel wings. The females wear crown-like ornaments on their heads. Some people carry a thin staff much like a magical wand that a fairy carries. Upon leaving this paradise, everything is an endless sky of whiteness. It is indeed a boundless firmament in its own right.

There is also a place called the World of Crystal. The time difference between them and earth is shocking.

There are indeed people in the ocean. Dafa is rectifying things there as well. To us, the ocean is filled with water. But to people who live in the ocean, it's like our sky. When something major happens, they always look to the changes in the celestial phenomena to find their way. When practitioners go there, some of their elders know who we are because of the energy we carry.

There is a place in the universe where the encyclopedia of Earth is kept. It's different from the encyclopedia we have, because every page is alive. Some pages show the changes of Earth's land and water and people's development in every history period. Some pages have the record of the reincarnations of all the people from all the time periods. A museum keeps the records of the cultivation stories of many well-known cultivators throughout history. Some of those people have fallen down. One of them is a famous Chinese movie star who has attacked Dafa because of his/her attachment to fame and wealth.

Master was here 100 million years ago. The people from that time period buried Master's gold statues under the Yangtze River so that no one would know who He is.

Annie saw something faster then the speed of light chasing after the universe that contains the earth. It has almost caught up. It is like a bombshell out of cannon. Its size is so huge it's impossible to describe the magnificent sight.

Recently Annie saw that the beings from a paradise are very worried. They kept on telling her what's wrong. Their lord had also come into the human world, and after tens of thousands of years of reincarnation she had become a practitioner. But her heart is not in the practice. The beings in her world are very sad and disappointed because their salvation depends on their lord's cultivation.

The beings in her paradise will be eradicated if their lord should forget her prehistoric vows or doesn't cultivate herself diligently when the "Holy King Who Turns the Wheel" Himself is teaching the fundamental Law of the universe. Most of the beings in her paradise have become numb, but a small number of them still know that their situation is very dangerous. They trust in Annie to tell their lord to cultivate and not forget about bringing salvation to her sentient beings. They remember who their lord is, and told Annie who she is.

Their lord is a new friend of Annie. When Annie told her of Falun Gong, she went to Annie's house for 3 whole months and let Annie introduced her to Falun Dafa and read the Fa. Later she went back to China. She allowed herself to be controlled by the evil spirit of CCP, and became confused by the many lies told by the CCP. When she came back to the US, she had fallen behind, and told Annie that she was going to spend all her time making money so she would have something to fall back on when she gets old. She also became addicted to gambling. After Annie told her the reason why she shouldn't gamble, she could no longer win any money gambling. She asked Annie, "How come after you told me that, I can no longer win any money? I am not going to gamble anymore."

Annie said that many ordinary people have their eyes covered by the evil using spirits that look like chocolate, and they can't see the truth. Many ordinary people have been blinded by wealth, material, self-interest, and desires, and are completely lost. Some practitioners' long swords became dull and less effective in killing the evil spirits. She hopes more people will see and listen to the truth of Falun Dafa and become awakened.

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