Tales from Aunt Ming Zhu: Part II

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | November 14, 2005

[PureInsight.org] Recently I read some stories about reincarnation that were posted online, and remembered that Aunt Ming Zhu had told us a story about reincarnation. So, I went to her. She said, "Okay! I'll tell it to you again" and she did so in her soft and kind voice.

This story is about the karma between my younger brother and my daughter. We lost our mother when my brother was seven years old and I was 15. I then had to look after him like a mother. I brought him with me everywhere I went, and he became dependent on me. The bond between us was closer to that of a mother and a son than of siblings. After my brother grew up, the respect and devotion that he felt toward me was beyond that of my own children.

When I was younger, I was not very healthy and I always felt dizzy. It became worse after I had children. After giving birth to my older daughter, my body was extremely weak. After my brother finished his tour in the military, he came back to our home town and made a living as a farmer growing vegetables and raising livestock. When his hens laid eggs, he would never allow his children to eat them. He always brought them to me. He came to my house once in a while bringing home-grown vegetables and eggs. When the hens got too old to lay eggs anymore, he was supposed to sell them. That was the tradition in our family. Our ancestors taught us never to kill livestock. But for the sake of my health, he killed dozens of hens and brought the meat to me. He took meticulous care of me, and I felt I owed him a lot.

I was confused for a long time by the feelings that my daughter felt for her uncle. After she became a teenager, she obviously had a strong dislike towards him. She knew that her uncle was kind, but she just felt sad whenever she saw him, and sometimes she would cry uncontrollably in front of him. People might not believe what I am going to say next. Once her uncle and his wife came over to our house and spent the night with us. By that time, my daughter was in her 20s and was already working. The next day, my daughter couldn't stop crying. She couldn't say why, but she became upset when she saw her uncle. With nowhere to turn, I said to my brother, "I don't want to hurt either one of you. One is a brother who has endured so many hardships with me, and the other is my treasured daughter. But I can't stand the pain she is in. So, maybe we'll have to see each other less and see how she takes it when she gets older." My brother is an understanding man, so he took my advice. But I didn't understand why my daughter was behaving in such a manner.

A friend of mine has supernatural abilities. One time when he came over, I asked him to take a look and find out why my daughter was behaving so strangely around her uncle. So I brought my daughter over to see him. I said, "My daughter is perfect. She's very quiet, and treats others kindly. But for some reason she can't get along with her uncle." There is no way that I could have anticipated what was to come out of his mouth, "It is perfectly understandable. In their previous life, your brother killed her family of eight." I didn't ask for details because what I heard was shocking enough.

After my daughter understood that the bad feelings she had toward her uncle were from a previous life and he had been treating us very well in this life, it was as if a huge burden had been lifted from her heart. She was like a changed person. She no longer cried when she saw her uncle. Last year, after the Chinese New Year, my brother told me over the phone that my daughter had given him some money as a gift to show her respect to her elders. I was delighted and said to him, "Now the wrong has been corrected."

Come to think of it, he hadn't been wronged by my daughter. How could his past sins be forgotten? That would not be the case. If you look at the conflicts people nowadays have, aren't many accumulated from their previous lives? People live in a maze and don't know about karma. They don't want to repay their debts and only want to enjoy life. When others behave badly toward them, they pay them back by behaving even worse towards them. It creates a bad cycle of karma. People create more and more karma among themselves to the point now it can never fully be repaid. They will never get to enjoy their lives by behaving this way. If people believe in the cycle of karma they'll be more restrained and let the karma from the past get repaid in this life."

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/9/30/34035.html

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