Tales from Aunt Ming Zhu: Part I

Xiao Mei

PureInsight | November 14, 2005

[PureInsight.org] All of Aunt Ming Zhu's children have already left home and have their own families. Besides doing house chores, nowadays Aunt Ming Zhu spends her days meditating and studying the Buddha Fa in quietness. It is exactly the type of peaceful life style she had fantasized about since she was young. Now in her 70's, Aunt Ming Zhu's wish has finally come true.

Aunt Ming Zhu has established many benevolent relationships in her life. Her family, relatives, friends, neighbors and work colleagues have accompanied her in different parts of her journey in life. She always remembers them in her heart because of their love and sincere friendships.

Elderly folks enjoy walking down memory lane and Aunt Ming Zhu is no exception. She keeps in contact with many of her friends and relatives and often calls them to recall the wonderful times they spent together, share what their lives have been like since their children left home, and tell them refreshing stories about her life overseas. Most importantly, she urges them to withdraw from the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a hurry in order to flee from evil and receive protection under the wings of the gods. It is her way to give the greatest of blessings to her friends and relatives.

A while ago, Aunt Ming Zhu often thought of Mr. Wang's family. Mr. Wang was her colleague and neighbor when she was young. He was also a benefactor to her child and herself. When Aunt Ming Zhu thinks of Mr. Wang and his family, she is often moved to tears. There are many trivial matters that Aunt Ming Zhu can no longer remember, but there are two things about Mr. Wang and his family that she will never forget.

About 40 years ago, Mr. Wang and Aunt Ming Zhu were both engineers at the same factory. The work there was very demanding, but the employees there cared about and helped each other. One day a factory worker accidentally fell from a high place during work. He received multiple injuries and desperately needed a blood transfusion. When Aunt Ming Zhu learned that she shared the same blood type with the injured factory worker, she immediately donated blood. She donated too much blood and became weak. Before she had a chance to recover, she became pregnant with her first child. Her husband was often away on business trips, leaving her alone with no one to look after her. After she gave birth, she couldn't produce any breast milk and had no choice but to feed the baby with formula. The factory also gave the employees only a very short maternity leave, so she had to return to work before she regained her health. Mr. Wang noticed Aunt Ming Zhu's problem and discussed it with his wife. They decided to baby-sit for Aunt Ming Zhu free of charge so that she could return to work and take a rest when she came home from work. Thus Mrs. Wang looked after Aunt Ming Zhu's baby and did chores around the house. Mr. and Mrs. Wang treated Aunt Ming Zhu's daughter as their own. Because of their kindness, Aunt Ming Zhu's life became considerably less challenging. She has never forgotten what Mr. and Mrs. Wang did for her.
Another year there was flooding in Aunt Ming Zhu's city. All the male employees at the factory were ordered to go shore up the dam. Mr. Wang was one of them. They worked for several days and nights in a row on the dam and didn't have a moment of rest. It was raining heavily, and the storm washed away the threshold in Aunt Ming Zhu's home, and water kept flowing into her home. Unfortunately her husband was away on yet another business trip. Mrs. Wang became very worried as soon as she knew about Aunt Ming Zhu's problem. When Mr. Wang returned home from the dam, she immediately told him, "Do not take your coat off. Go to Ming Zhu's home and fix her threshold first." Mr. Wang didn't say anything. He immediately hurried to Aunt Ming Zhu's home to help her, even though he had worked hard on the dam for several days and nights without sleep.

Many years have passed, but Aunt Ming Zhu remembered those two great favors like they happened yesterday. She wanted so much to call them and ask how they are. She also wanted to urge them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. After all, it is such an important issue that will affect their lives. Unfortunately she had lost contact with Mr. and Mrs. Wang for years. What should she do? One day Aunt Ming Zhu remembered that her younger brother still lives in the same city as Mr. Wang, so she called him and asked him to help her locate Mr. Wang. However, it is not an easy task to locate a family in a large city in China. Besides, her younger brother is not familiar with Mr. Wang's family and he is already in his 60's.

The gods soon answered her wish. Shortly after she called her younger brother, he (referred to as Uncle Ming from now on) was passing by a local market on his bicycle when he spotted a female customer who looked very familiar to him. He stopped the bicycle and suddenly remembered a name --- Xiao Min. Isn't that Mr. Wang's daughter? She must be in her 50's by now. He approached her and asked, "Is your last name Wang? Are you Xiao Min?" The woman looked at him for a second and her eyes lit up. "Uncle Ming? Are you Uncle Ming?" It was believable that they could recognize each other because they had last met about 40 years ago. Uncle Ming had met Xiao Min once when he was visiting Aunt Ming Zhu. At the time they were in their late teens or early 20's. It was a miracle that they could recognize each other after 40 years.

Of course Uncle Ming didn't forget the important task his older sister had asked him to take on. He told Xiao Min, "My older sister has been living overseas all these years, but she has been thinking of your family all the time. She is very anxious to contact you and ask me to tell you to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party right away. The Chinese Communist Party is at the brink of disintegration. It has done a lot of terrible crimes and the gods will soon bring it to destruction. Those people who are part of the Chinese Communist Party will not be able to escape the same tragic fate. She said that it is very important that you withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party right away. Otherwise, it will be too late when the time comes…"

Xiao Min replied, "Uncle Ming, I have heard enough. I understand everything. Trust me. I will ask my parents to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. We all saw through it a long time ago. In fact, we long to withdraw from it." It was as though Xiao Min had been waiting for this moment for the past 40 years.
A few days later, Aunt Ming Zhu helped Mr. Wang's entire family withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party using pseudonyms. The process of withdrawing them from the Chinese Communist Party may be simple, but it is rather incredible that she would be able to find them after 40 years. She only thought of finding them. It was beyond her wildest dream that she would be able to find them so quickly and that they would agree to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party right away. Now that she thinks of it, it must be because that her heart was pure at the time. She didn't think of anything else but wishing Mr. Wang's family a beautiful future. Indeed the gods know her every thought. It is our heart that the gods look at. Thus Aunt Ming Zhu had her wish come true.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/9/29/34034.html

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