Stories from the Service Center to Withdraw from the Communist Party in Washington, DC: "You Want Me to Return with a Full Load of Harvest, too?"

Han Xiao

PureInsight | November 21, 2005


Location: On the National Mall of Washington, D.C., in the golden autumn of October.

Several other volunteers from The Epoch Times and I were distributing The Epoch Times' "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" (or "The Nine Commentaries" in short) and materials about the red hot global trend of quitting the Communist Party. Seeing an old Chinese lady walking toward us, I smiled at her in a friendly way and handed her a Chinese version of "The Nine Commentaries." Unexpectedly, she didn't even give it a straight look. Instead she squinted at it and said angrily, "I won't read it!" She then questioned me with her finger pointing at the banner, "What's that?!" I replied, "The Service Center for Quitting the Party." She asked again, "Quitting what party?!" I told her, "Quitting the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)" Upon hearing this, she became even angrier, and screamed at me, "Who gave you such authority? And who gave you such power?"

"Heaven." I smiled and pointed up at the blue sky that shined brightly after a rain.

Her jaw dropped and she looked at with a confused look in her eyes. I told her gently, "It's God."

She finally understood. Half of her raging anger disappeared immediately. She fell silent and quietly left as if she was thinking of something. I suddenly felt sad for my fellow countrymen who have been poisoned by the evil Communist specter. As a result, they have forgotten the existence of God, and couldn't hear God's call. At this critical moment right before "Heaven's destruction of the CCP," I cannot stand by and watch them get buried along with the evil Chinese Communist Party. I'll try my best to help them break away from the devil and become good people again so that they will have a beautiful tomorrow.

Oh! The old lady didn't leave after all. She was standing nearby looking over at our direction. In the beginning, she seemed very pleased and took great pleasure when she saw someone else refusing the materials we offered. Most westerners showed a lot of understanding and support toward our cause, and the majority of Chinese people who were passing by also accepted the materials no matter whether they came in small groups in cars or belonged to big tourist groups from China in buses. Questions, conversations, and expressions of thanks in Chinese and English rose one after another. With smiles on our faces, we several volunteers were very busy. The atmosphere was very harmonious. Having observed the scene, the expression on the old Chinese lady's face also became relaxed and peaceful. She finally walked over toward us again. Pointing at "The Nine Commentaries" materials in my hand, she said, "Your material…" I immediately handed over a copy and said, "Oh, this is yours. It has been waiting for you." She smiled and praised me for having a sweet mouth. I said, "I mean it. We're all ordinary people. Who wants to make trouble for each other? You and I have traveled tens of thousand miles over seas and oceans to meet here today, what a great predestined relationship we have! Don't you agree?" Her smile grew even bigger, and she said, "I have a question for you. I don't mean to offend you. I just want to discuss it with you." I answered, "Please go ahead. The Service Center is for serving people." So she said in a very sharp tone, "Let me first ask you, are you a real Chinese? Are you from Hong Kong or Taiwan?"

Although she had said earlier that she wanted to have a "discussion" with me, her words were sharp and overbearing. I knew what she meant. I smiled and told her slowly one word at a time, "I am a Chinese, an upright and noble Chinese, a Chinese who truly loves China. The Chinese Communist Party is not China. I came from the Mainland China. The Communist Party's ruthless tyranny has killed 80 million innocent Chinese people, each one of whom was also Chinese and closely linked to me by flesh and blood…" She interrupted in the middle of my sentence and asked, "Have you witnessed the Communist Party killing people?" My husband replied, "Yes, we have." She asked, "Where?" My husband replied, "On Tiananmen Square. The Chinese soldiers in tanks and military vehicles shot and killed many students. The whole world saw it, didn't you?" He then said, "The wicked Chinese Communist Party has been killing defenseless Falun Gong practitioners with every kind of torture method known to man. The whole world knows it, don't you?" She became at a loss for words immediately.

I sighed and said to her with sincere words and earnest wishes, "Alas. In fact, for every one of us Chinese people, when we calm down and think back, can we think of even one Chinese household who doesn't have friends or relatives that have been persecuted by the wicked party? They might be your friends, neighbors, schoolmates, coworkers, relatives… or even parents, brothers, and the closest family members…" My words appeared to have touched her. With her eyes showing a helpless sorrow, she couldn't help but give a gentle sigh.

Next, we indeed "discussed" issues peacefully. We talked about a variety of subjects, from the truth of the staged "Self-immolation," the wide spreading of Dafa, to "The Nine Commentaries," party withdrawal, the Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty, and even topics about humans and gods. The more discussions we had, the more harmonious and closer we became. The old lady found out that we had come from the same hometown, and treated us like old friends. Before she left, I told her a story.

"I have a friend who came to visit his family just like you. As soon as he got off the plane, he read 'The Nine Commentaries,' 'The Real Story of Jiang Zemin' and 'June Fourth: The True Story.' He reads everything as long as it is banned by the wicked party in Mainland China and then decides for himself if it is right or wrong, true or false. More than once he shouted, 'Oh, that is how it is! We have been so badly deceived by them (the wicked party).' He went to the library, surfed on the Internet, and participated in all kinds of rallies such as 'Commemorating Zhao Ziyang,' 'Washington Forum,' 'Nine Commentaries Forum,' 'Grand Rally in Supporting the Party Withdrawals.' Having participated in every one of them, he became more and more clear-headed. He returned to Mainland China not long ago. Before he left, he said, 'I didn't waste my trip. I'm returning with a full load of harvest.'"

The old lady smiled and asked me, "You want me to return with a full load of harvest, too?" "Yes. I hope so sincerely. Older sister, will you?" She held my hands excitedly and thanked me. Holding "The Nine Commentaries" in her hand, she said goodbye to me saying, "I will read 'The Nine Commentaries' carefully, and start from there…"

Farewell, elder sister! Take your steps well!

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