"The Nine Commentaries" Poster Exhibition under the Golden Dome

Zhou Yun

PureInsight | November 21, 2005

[PureInsight.org] Recently a week-long "Nine Commentaries" poster exhibition was held in the official exhibition hall located on the second floor of the Massachusetts State Building in Boston. The exhibition attracted many people from different backgrounds, including people from Mainland China, Congressional office staffers, students from different schools, and tourists from Massachusetts or other parts of the country. After reading the posters, most people were shocked by the violent, deceitful and murderous history of the Chinese communist party. They want to help those people suffering in China. After the exhibition, one of our own tour guides burst into tears and said, "In the United States, even a 3-year-old child knows that President Bush and America are two different concepts. But in China, male or female, old or young, most people thinks that China is equal to the Chinese communist party. The Chinese communist party has really made people in China miserable.

More Nine Commentaries Associations Are Required

After reading the posters, one American from a tour group from Ohio pulled a young German man aside and talked to him about how the Chinese Communist Party controls some of the European countries by using trade or by doing business with them. Afterwards, he took nine more copies of Nine Commentaries newspapers.

A group of students came to the exhibition. After the teacher leading the group understood what the Nine Commentaries was about, she took about twenty more copies of "Nine Commentaries" and told us seriously that her students should know the true history.

Women Association

A group of people who belong to MIT's Women Association came to the exhibition. The exhibition tour guide told them, "'Nine Commentaries on Communist Party' is based on true historical records. The Communist Party has ruled China for more than a half century. During those years, more than 80 million Chinese people have died unnaturally because of various political movements. Such tragedies didn't only happen in the past. It is still happening right now…" At that point, the tour guide told the women about the persecution towards Falun Gong practitioners in China. People who saw the exhibition brought back more people from their group to take a look at the exhibition. Several women said that they had seen similar exhibitions in MIT.

A Staffer Supporting the Exhibition

In order to let more people know about the exhibition, we made a big poster board announcing the event and tried to find a spot to put it. A staffer who works in the building came to help us. Finally he put the board in the middle of the building's bulletin board. Although we thought that might be inappropriate to put it there, he insisted and said that is the best place for our announcement.

A Little Girl Who Did Not Want to Leave

After reading the posters and listening to the truth clarification, a mother got a copy of "Nine Commentaries" and asked her little girl to leave. But the girl did not want to leave. She kept going back and looking at the posters one after another.

Looking for BBC

After viewing the exhibition, one elderly couple from Germany became very angry. They told to us, "Go and talk to the BBC. Ask them to come here to take some pictures. More people should know about Nine Commentaries."

Putting "Eat and Drink" First

One tourist from Mainland China looked at the Nine Commentaries posters and talked to us, "What do the officials in China put first? They just take people's money to go to restaurants to drink and eat. That is what they put first."

Making a Movie

One American filmmaker told us that he has made several documentaries about the exploration of life. He just came to Boston for a meeting and happened to pass by. After he read the posters, he came over and talked to us. During our conversation, another man came over. The American filmmaker quickly handed him a copy of "Nine Commentaries". Afterwards, he told us seriously that he is very interested in the "Nine Commentaries" and he will check out our website. If the right opportunity comes along, he will make a film about the "Nine Commentaries."

Power of the Nine Commentaries

A tour guide brought a group of tourists to the exhibition hall and tried to tell them more about a piece of sculpture in the hall. But the people who were near the Nine Commentaries posters all turned toward us and started to read the Nine Commentaries newspapers. Some people could not wait any longer. They just walked over and took the newspapers.

On the first day when we transported all the posters to the State building, the security guard at the door started to read the posters one by one. After we carried all posters to the second floor, before we even got a chance to put up all the posters, people started to come over and read them. Most people spent the longest time on the poster about how Falun Gong practitioners are being persecuted in China.

Although many practitioners went to the Connecticut court last Thursday to support another event, the Nine Commentaries Poster Exhibition in Boston continued successfully and didn't end until last Friday as we had originally planned. It is the result of joint efforts from many practitioners. It shows that we can do several major things simultaneously and do all of them well.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/9/27/33988.html

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