"The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" Photo Exhibition at Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA

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PureInsight | November 21, 2005


Americans wanted to buy the photographs from "The Nine Commentaries"
One Saturday morning about a month ago, we had our first photo exhibition in Harvard Square. People were curious and came over to carefully read and look at our displays one after another. An American couple asked if they could buy those precious photos. After we told them that the photos were not for sale as well as our purpose and the meaning of having this exhibition, they wanted to donate money. Some people asked us how to get electronic files of our exhibition photos, hoping to bring the true historical pictures to their friends, communities, schools and even home countries. Some people praised us in loud voices while passing by, while others said, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will definitely die!" after looking at the pictures. A lot of people were so drawn to the displays that they didn't want to leave.

A Chinese man wanted to withdraw from the "Young Pioneers"
On the second week we were there, after looking at the photos, a middle-aged Chinese man told us that he had read "The Nine Commentaries" and it was written very well. He agreed that the CCP is indeed very vicious. One of us urged him to withdraw from CCP, but he said he was neither a CCP member nor a Communist Youth League member. We told him the importance of withdrawing from CCP-related organizations and that he could withdraw from CCP's Young Pioneers that he had joined as a kid. The man replied that he would declare the withdrawal himself on our website. On the following Saturday, he again came to look at the pictures carefully, but admitted that he hadn't visited the website yet. After talking with us for a while, he said that he would withdraw for sure this time.

Various behaviors of Chinese visitors
Many Chinese tourists from Mainland China came over in groups. Many of them didn't dare to take "The Nine Commentaries," but they would definitely look at the pictures and they would whisper to each other while looking. Their expression was often dark. Even when talking to each other, they showed nervousness and fear as a result of being forced to live under the CCP party culture for so many years. The scene was heartbreaking. They too were once high level beings from various celestial bodies. But due to the poisonous influence of the CCP, they have become beings without any human dignity.

One time, a Chinese family came over and only the grandmother carefully looked at the photographs. Since the photos were arranged in a order from top to bottom, the old lady stood up and squatted down, putting her face close to the photographs. After a long time, she finally finished looking at all of them. A practitioner said to her, "Aunty, you have looked at all the photographs very carefully!" The old lady replied, "It is because I have never seen this kind of photographs in my whole life …"

On a late afternoon, we had finished holding the exhibition for the day and were loading things into our car. A lady ran over with a man. She told him, "I have seen the exhibition already. Don't you want to take a look too? Let's look at it quickly." So we flipped the photograph displays over for him one by one while explaining what each photo was about to him.

Last Saturday, a middle-aged Chinese woman anxiously told us that she had read the newspaper, attended several of our forums on "The Nine Commentaries," and talked to a lot of other people, but so far no one had been able to convince her why we needed to hold these activities. A male practitioner talked to her for more than one hour, from the meaning of "The Nine Commentaries" to the wide spreading of Dafa, from the miraculous cure of the fatal disease that he had been suffering from to the truth of persecution such as the Zhongnanhai Incident and the staged "Self Immolation Act." When she left, the woman finally said happily, "I am convinced this time!"

Of course there were also some Chinese people with whom we spent a lot of time talking but still didn't see any obvious changes in them on the surface. Some Chinese people were not even willing to give one look or listen to one sentence. But we genuinely believe that for any being that had the predestined relationship to walk into this righteous field of Dafa, we would bring him hope.

A young man wrote down the captions of the photos
Llast Saturday morning, we noticed that a young man who looked like a student was carefully copying down the explanations in front of each photo. Later on, a practitioner asked him if he needed help and talked further with him about her own experiences during many of CCP's political movements. She found out that the young man thought our exhibition was very meaningful and would like to write a newspaper article about our exhibition for his school newspaper.

We want to pass "The Nine Commentaries" to more people
During the past several Saturdays, we have met many college and high school students from Harvard and other schools. What they most wanted to know are the following: if the murderous rampage of CCP is still continuing today, how can Chinese people live under such a cruel rule? If the Chinese people know the truth, why are they still allowing themselves to be controlled by such a cruel dictatorship and not rebelling? How can they help in the U.S.? Practitioners talked to them about the CCP's deceitful nature, how the party officials use people's greed to force people to follow their rules, how the officials have created terror in people's minds by brainwashing people and killing off people's conscience, and how the CCP has been stretching its influence into the western society. We told the young students that if they want to help, they should read "The Nine Commentaries" first and organize forums with their professors and classmates on their own campuses. They could also write to or call media asking them to pay attention to this issue and write reports about "The Nine Commentaries" and people withdrawing from the CCP. After sharing with them, all the students were very thankful and said, "Thank you very much. We want to pass 'The Nine Commentaries' to more people."

We also met with a female student from Taiwan last Saturday. She took pictures of all the photos and hoped to show them to more people.

Taxi drivers
When we had just started to display the photos, taxi drivers at the curbside complained about our pictures blocking people's view. They were concerned that our display might affect their business. But they at the same time also looked at the photos and each of them took the newspapers of "The Nine Commentaries." Later on, we had more photos and needed to put them on both sides of the racks. We decided not to line them up in one line. We spaced them apart in order to let people read the posters easily and also be able to see that there were taxis waiting behind us. Gradually, the taxi drivers started to talk to us and look at the pictures more carefully. From then on, before we said anything, they would naturally tell the other taxi drivers who hadn't seen our pictures to come over and take a look.

An angry black man
One time when we had just set up the photos, a black man started to shout, "This has nothing to with the US and has nothing to do with the American people. You should go to China to display these photos …" A practitioner told him right away about how CCP manipulates and influences people in the US. The black man jumped up again, "So tell me your own experiences. Does the CCP affect you here?" The practitioner then told him about a case in which he was harassed by the CCP in the U.S. The man became silent.

I want to learn Falun Gong
A young man who is in the chess business on Harvard square asked us what kind of exhibition we were doing, and we told him about "The Nine Commentaries" and the people's withdrawal from the CCP. He said: "Before, there were torture exhibitions …" "That's about the persecution of Falun Gong in China", a practitioner answered. "Oh, Falun Gong. I want to learn Falun Gong", the young man said in a determined manner. After further clarifying the truth to him for a while, the practitioner gave him some materials about Dafa and suggested that he learn the exercises at Boston Commons. He said that he needed to consider it a little more because he was shy about it. He really wished we had a practice site at Harvard.

Last Saturday, another man handling the chess business said, "Dean told me that he is going to Boston Commons to learn Falun Gong." In the afternoon, the young man came back and said: "I went there and got some new materials but I was still too shy to learn the exercises." A practitioner suggested the, "Let's find a quiet place and practice for a little while." The young man agreed. He said that he was going to California in several days and had to learn the exercise before then. So I suggested that he go to MIT every Monday to practice.

Delivering a chair
Early last Saturday morning, an old American man on a bike rode over and told a practitioner, "Please don't stand and pass out flyers, I will give you a chair and you can sit down." The practitioner was touched and grateful. She told him, "Don't worry about it." The old man continued: "I am going to be eighty soon. The CCP is indeed bad, but it has its good side too. For example, products made in China are all over the world and their quality is not bad." After they heard that, two practitioners patiently told the man, "That is not the CCP's accomplishment. That is because the Chinese people are intelligent, hardworking and persistent. As a matter of a fact, many products are made in Chinese prisons and forced labor camps." Upon learning this, the old man turned around and left. A while later, he came back with a rolling chair and said: "You are here doing good things, telling people these facts and helping people, so I want to help you too. I'll give you this chair!"

A man and a woman who posted opposite banners
During the whole month when we held "The Nine Commentaries" exhibition, an American man and an American woman displayed photographs supporting communism and the CCP on the other side of Harvard square. Several practitioners had already clarified the truth to them, but they still displayed their photos and held up a banner last Saturday. In the afternoon, a practitioner went over and tried to talk to them but they wouldn't talk to him. Their eyes wondered around and they didn't dare to look straight at people. So the practitioners stood next to a light post, sent forth righteous thoughts and passed out flyers, thinking that these two people needed to be saved too. When the two Americans gave people flyers supporting the CCP, the practitioner would at the same time give them "The Nine Commentaries," telling them, "This is the true historical material telling you how bad the CCP and communism are." A little while later, an American man came over from the direction of our exhibition with a newspaper version of "The Nine Commentaries" in his hands, and he criticized the man and the woman severely and asked them to leave. Soon several homeless came over. When they heard that the practitioner was handing out "The Nine Commentaries" that reveals the killing history of the CCP, they surrounded those two American people and talked to them. Finally, the American man accepted a copy of "The Nine Commentaries." After some time, a passer-by, who was an American man, came over to us and told a practitioner, "Do you know that you are here exposing the evilness of the CCP, but over there those two people are supporting communism? They must be crazy. The American people won't believe them…"

Later on, a policeman came and said that he had already looked at our photos and the CCP was indeed vicious. A practitioner told the policeman while pointing to the post across the square, "Some people are over there holding up a banner supporting communism." The moment the policeman turned his head toward that direction, the man and the woman across the square started to take down their banner and pictures. The policeman smiled and said: "See, they dare not to hold their display anymore."

Later on, a homeless man dragged the two Americans over and tried to force them to look at our displays. They took a couple of glances at the photographs and left quickly. The homeless man then explained our pictures to two other young people who had come over to look at our display. Then the homeless man sat down on the ground, looking at the pictures and sighing.

These are some stories collected from various practitioners during the photo exhibition on "The Nine Commentaries" at Harvard Square. I have summarized them here to share with others.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/8/12/33426.html

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