An Analysis on the Chinese Communist Party's Evil Marxist Theory

Li Ming

PureInsight | November 14, 2005

[] From the moment that Marx's communist theory was created, it immediately encountered universal opposition from people in the traditional mainstream society. Marx was then forced into exile. He fled from Germany to France. After being expelled by the French government, he went to Belgium where he was expelled again. From there he went to England. Wherever he went, riot, violence and revolutions followed. The red tide of communism spread across Europe and at one point had control over half of Europe. This evil specter even quietly floated to China, the ancient land in the East with its five thousand years of culture and history. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has brought disaster to the country for several decades.

Today, the wave of evil communism has come to a complete decline in the world. However, the CCP still holds onto Marx's evil theory and deceives people. One of his theories is the so-called "historic materialism." It claims that matter determines people's thoughts, and the driving force behind the development of a society is class struggle. It also claims that the human society has evolved from slavery, to feudalism, then capitalism and eventually will progress into socialism and then communism. These theories have been proven wrong and cast aside by most people of the world. But, the CCP still pretends it is the superior truth and uses it against the Chinese people. As a result, many Chinese people consciously or unconsciously take it as a truth and use it to judge right from wrong on whatever issues they face. Such notions have been deeply imbedded in their minds.

The CCP has forcefully divided philosophy into two categories, idealism and materialism. It arbitrarily states that idealism is wrong and only the materialism is correct, and had such things written into textbooks. According to Marx's materialism theory, humans have to have material life, such as food and clothes before they have spiritual lives, and thus matter determines thoughts. This is very confusing. Can't a person have his own beliefs even when he does not have enough food? Do people have to have a rich material life before they can pursue a higher spiritual realm?

Jesus said, "People live not only on food. They live on all the words coming from God." However, Marx's materialism has brought people into believing in an extreme form of materialism, guiding them to pursue material interests, which further destroy the kind and righteous thoughts that people used to feel towards Gods. It has turned people into walking corpses without any beliefs. Marx opposed all religions and said that religions were the opium of the people. A recent survey has shown that 80% of people in the world believe in a religion and only 20% do not, and the majority of these 20% of people live in China. This is the result of the decades of atheist brainwashing and the crackdown on religions by the CCP. It is very easy for a person with no belief to commit a bad deed, because he has no sense of respect, no internal restraint, and dares to do anything.

Next, let us see what kind people there are that the CCP criticizes as idealistic philosophers. They are Plato, Socrates, Lao Zi (老子) and The Patriarch VI of Zen Buddhism Hui Neng (慧能), etc. They are among the most elite figures in the history of human civilization. What they have left is precious spiritual wealth for mankind. Why have they been treated as negative figures and feudalistic dross under the CCP's control? It is because the CCP has ill intentions. In order to enforce a set of communist theories that are completely out of tune with the traditional cultures of the world, especially in China where it has five thousand years of deep cultural heritage, the CCP had to attempt to totally destroy the traditional beliefs of the Chinese society. From the perspective of an ordinary person, these elites of human culture are philosophers. But from the standpoint of the cultivation community, they are actually cultivators or people with mighty virtue. The words they spoke had deep and rich meanings. When Lao Zi said, "Dao generates one, one generates two, two generates three and three generates everything," he was describing his deep understanding of the universe. But the CCP has ridiculed and criticized these words, and treated them as an example of mistakes made by "idealistic philosophers."

In order to systematically destroy the traditional culture of mankind and people's beliefs in God, Marx did his best to promote Darwin's theory of evolution, claiming that human came from apes and were not "created by God" as believed in religions. He aimed to break apart the relationship between human beings and God, and further pave the road for atheism.

In order to promote Marx's evil theory of class struggle, the CCP exaggerates the role of peasant rebellions in Chinese history textbooks, as though ancient Chinese history was only a history of peasant rebellions, as if all the emperors in the different Chinese dynasties were people's enemies, who oppressed and rode roughshod over the people. The CCP also has deceived the Chinese people by claiming that the conflicts between peasants and landlords, between business owners and workers are irreconcilable. In order to find supporting evidence for its theory of violent revolution, it teaches the Chinese people that most people who live in feudalist and capitalist societies had been living in severe poverty. In fact, the relationships between people and the rulers were much more harmonious in ancient societies than what have happened under the CCP's control. Ancient rulers were much more rational than the CCP. Although there were peasant rebellions and wars, they were far less frequent than what CCP says, and most of the time the land of China was peaceful. If it weren't the case, in ancient times how could China develop into a prosperous country rich in both culture and material wealth? China has fallen backward greatly under the CCP's control. The decline can be attributed directly to the CCP's continuous promotion of violent class struggle, instigations of waves after waves of political movements, and mistreatment and torture of millions of people during the past several decades (of course, there are other historical reasons as well). In ancient times, when natural and man-made disasters happened, in order to relieve the suffering, the emperors were taught to look inside and see if they had made mistakes in governing the country or if their behaviors had caused them to lose their virtue. On the other hand, when has the CCP ever admitted its mistakes to the Chinese people? No matter how serious of a mistake the CCP has made, it has always claimed itself to be absolutely correct. At the end of a pandemic as serious as SARS, hasn't the CCP claimed that the disease had been conquered under its leadership?

Nowadays most Chinese people, man or woman, young or old, are very good at reciting Marx's and Lenin's articles. It is because those things are taught constantly at school and one must memorize these articles word by word or fail the test. Even if one never attended school in Mainland China, what one hears, sees, and reads on television, radio, and newspapers are often about these things. Such a practice was even more widespread during the Cultural Revolution. Therefore, Chinese people are the best at shouting out grand, fake, and empty slogans. Such words just slip out of their mouths before they have even given them any thought.

This article is intended to encourage more people to thoroughly unveil the nature of Marxist evil theory, and to help Chinese people break away from the CCP as soon as possible.

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