Anne's Incredible Story (3)

Hang Ming

PureInsight | December 5, 2005

[] Recently Anne has studied the Fa and promoted Dafa very diligently. She has especially done quite well when faced with xinxing tests that have to do with her family members. Therefore, Anne sometimes went to the other dimensions to listen to Master giving Fa lectures all night long. Sometimes she saw other planets, other dimensions, and even hell. She wants to share what she has seen with others. I especially hope this article will be helpful to those practitioners who still have problems in their marriages.

The Kingdom inside Jupiter

There are human beings on Jupiter! The buildings, human beings and even the clothing that people wear there are all in the natural style that had existed on earth in Europe before the Industrial Revolution that took place in the 18th and 19th century. The transportation tools there are horses and horse-drawn carriages. People there always ride horse instead of walking.

The king on Jupiter has the last name of XiaoEng. The King has only one daughter called Daphne. The king loved her very much and treated her like a pearl in his palm. Under the guidance and with the love from the open-minded king, Daphne gradually grew up. The king and the people in his kingdom were very pleased with her.

After she grew up, Daphne cared a lot about the major things that took place in the kingdom and the opinions of the citizens. She often asked ordinary people their opinions on different decisions that the king had made and whether there were things that could be improved.

One day, Daphne stepped out of the Palace. There were policemen and common people on both sides of the street. They got along very well. The police's clothing is similar to the clothing of the mounted royal guards in England.

Daphne waved to a policewoman on her right-hand side. The policewoman left the crowd and came over. Daphne asked her to bring her a horse. Then she walked down from stairs in the palace and rode on the horse in a graceful manner to look around in the kingdom.

Daphne observed the market outside the palace. Stopping by a store, she waved to a group of ladies who were shopping there. The ladies wore clothes that people in Europe used to wear centuries ago. She then got off the horse, chatted with those ladies, and extended her greetings and good wishes in a very kind manner.

People in the kingdom adored her. She grew up in such a beautiful and happy kingdom.
Today, Daphne has been reincarnated into this world. She is a Falun Dafa disciple. She studies the Fa, clarifies the truth, and uses her special skills to save sentient beings.

The Other Dimension

Aliens do exist. Some of them look like human beings. Their technologies are more advanced than those of human beings. But they treat the human beings as animals. They kidnapped men and hook them up to machines that look like aqua-massagers. They operated on the people they had kidnapped and made them lie down next to the machines for the rest of their lives. Those people's bodies were connected to the monitoring machines so that all their physiological reactions were recorded every second.

One Corner of Hell

There is one place in hell that looks like Hitler's military camp. Those who handed out punishments wore clothes similar to what Hitler's soldiers used to wear. They punished the divorcees. After a divorcee's primordial spirit was captured and sent there, the guards tied both of his hands on an iron frame and pressed a hot metal plate against the divorcee's back. The divorcees were screaming and crying during the torture. Two guards had murderous looks on their faces and seemed not to have any feelings. The guards had their arms bare and worked very hard. They pulled over the divorcees and pressed the hot metal plate against their backs one by one.

Anne saw one of her family member there. The gray, gloomy environment felt creepy.

Anne's first marriage also ended in divorce. She didn't want to be tortured like that. She then realized how lucky she was to know Dafa. This is exactly like Master said in one of his lectures. He took each of the Dafa disciples out of the hell and cleaned him or her up…

To every Dafa disciple: if we were not saved by our Master, do you know what would be waiting for us? I was even afraid to think about it. In some families, both the wife and the husband are Dafa disciples. But they still could not let the attachment go. Please do not do anything foolish.

People usually don't believe in things until they see them. Because of that, they commit all kinds of crimes. If a person in this world has even a little bit of kindness toward Dafa and Dafa disciples, he will get the chance to be saved. Otherwise, the boiling oil in hell is waiting for him. This was only the first step. What is waiting next will be much more terrifying.

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