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PureInsight | December 5, 2005

[] I started my cultivation practice of Falun Gong in 1996. Although I am a veteran Falun Gong practitioner, I have repeatedly failed to study the Fa well. I had difficulty in studying the Fa in a peaceful frame of mind. I tried to search inward many times to overcome the obstacle, but failed to make much improvement. I was very troubled by the problem.

Not long ago I decided to memorize the Fa after reading fellow practitioners' articles about memorizing the Fa. I felt great on the first day. I didn't expect to be able to memorize the Fa so quickly. I figured that at this rate I would be able to finish memorizing Zhuan Falun within two months. But then I hit a wall when I came to the section titled, "Transcending the Five Elements and the Three Realms," in Lecture Two. There were only 12 lines in a paragraph on page 68, but after more than three hours, I was still unable to memorize two sentences. One of them is: "The molecular combinations for cells are in such a state". The other one is: "[…] your cells' molecules still retain their original structure and combination".

At first I thought it was interference and I must overcome the difficulty and memorize them. But after a few days of attempt, I still stumbled over these two sentences. I talked about my problem with a fellow practitioner and identified the root cause. It is because the beings in my system had failed to assimilate to the Fa. The cell molecules in my universe still retain their original structure and combination from the old universe. At the minimum, the beings in my body have at least partially failed to assimilate to the law in the new universe and they are interfering with my cultivation practice in the gaps that exist within me.

After I identified the root cause, I thought to myself, "All beings in my universe, you must assimilate to the Great Fa of the Universe in order to have a future. I must eliminate everything that obstructs me from assimilating the Fa. I shall never allow them to exist in my space-dimension or obstruct sentient beings from obtaining the Fa." Then I was able to memorize the two sentences very quickly.

This incident has taught me that I must study the Fa in peace, with concentration and with all my heart. If I just study the Fa as a daily chore, I will not be able to discover or solve problems in my cultivation practice. Only when I study the Fa in tranquility will I be able to help more microscopic lives in my universe to assimilate to the Fa as soon as possible and to take every step well on my cultivation path in the Fa-rectification period.

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