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PureInsight | December 5, 2005

1. "The Demeanor of Dafa Disciples"

One day a vivacious elderly Falun Gong practitioner came to stay at our "home" in Manhattan. She appears to be in her 50s. But I found out she is already in her 70's after we introduced each other. It turned out that she is a local Falun Gong practitioner from New York City. She said, "None of my family members practices Falun Gong, so they talk mostly about things that have nothing to do with cultivation. I have come here today because I would like to spend some time with fellow Falun Gong cultivators." She may be old, but there is a lot of energy in her voice. She took powerful quick strides and carried equipment for the anti-torture exhibit with incredible agility like a young person. She was capable of lifting and carrying a heavy steel plate that normally requires two people to carry with considerable ease. She walked agilely even when she carried three bundles of newspaper. She thinks with clarity and speaks her mind. She has shown us what a Falun Gong cultivator's demeanor is supposed to be, which was very inspiring to us. She lived with us for two weeks. Before she left, she told us, "I truly cherish the life you have here. I will try to find time to come back again."

2. Realms

Those Falun Gong practitioners who have come to New York to clarify the truth about Falun Gong in Manhattan are mostly elderly folks. Aunt A is in her 70's. She may appear to be a bit senile, but she actually has a sharp mind. However, when Aunt A studies the Fa, she is unable to pronounce words clearly and she reads very slowly yet loudly. She reads the Fa in a tone that reminds me of a student reciting Chinese classics in rhythm. This morning we followed our daily routine: After sending righteous thoughts, we practiced the five sets of Falun Gong exercises before we studied the Fa. During the Fa study, she read it out loud, and her voice appeared to be annoying and disruptive. A fellow practitioner told Aunt A, "Why don't you read it in your mind instead of reading it out loud? Your voice is very different and does not harmonize with ours. Why don't you read it out loud when it is your turn to read?" Aunt A refused to do so. She was determined to read the Fa aloud with us. In the past when my heart was serene, I was impervious to her voice. But today her voice began to bother me. I knew it was high time I upgrade my cultivation level, so I tried my best to calm down. I made a few attempts, but each attempt turned futile. Each time I heard her voice, I felt anxious and annoyed.

This is the way we study the Fa together: Each person reads a paragraph of the Fa. After everyone gets a run, all of us read a paragraph of the Fa together. Then we go back to having each person read a paragraph and repeat. When it was Aunt A's turn to read a paragraph, Aunt B began to read. She quickly realized it was not her turn yet, but I told her in a hurry, "That's okay. Continue reading." So Aunt B continued reading. I immediately realized that my mind was not righteous. Even during the group Fa study, I failed to be altruistic. In the past Aunt A studied the Fa on her own in her room. I especially invited her to join our group Fa study because we are supposed to be one body. Why did I have to hurt her feelings? If she should get up and return to her room, I would not be able to face my conscience. As soon as Aunt B finished reading a paragraph, I immediately invited Aunt A to read a paragraph. She was very gracious, acting as though nothing had happened. When she started reading the Fa, I felt very ashamed of myself, but finally relaxed!

I cannot stress more the importance of the group cultivation environment here. Moreover, Teacher has also repeatedly stressed the importance of keeping a cultivation environment. When we Falun Gong cultivators get together, are we sometimes able to communicate or purify each other without words. I am very grateful to the elderly fellow practitioners here. On the surface it looks as though I have been taking care of them in many ways, but the truth is that their realms of cultivation often inspire and motivate me to strive upward.

3. The Crack in the Water Pipe Mended Itself
In our residence in New York, the water pipes under the kitchen sink have a diameter of about two to three inches. The junctions of the water pipes are wrapped with a rubber band and a steel wrap. Because it has been years since they were last looked at, a steel wrap got loose and fell off. I felt the junction and detected a crack about an inch long. The pipes could leak and flood the place anytime. We told the landlord right away and asked him to repair it, but he never came. Our landlord's job is to furnish and renovate real estate. It is understandable that he is very busy, but it is a disaster for us that he is unable to come to fix the crack in the water pipe.

There had always been conflicts of varying degrees among us. We study the Fa and strive to search inward; therefore, the energy field here is becoming increasingly harmonious. Several days have passed since we asked the landlord to come fix the pipe. One day we suddenly remembered the crack and went checking on it. It turned out that crack had mended itself. Now the water pipe is running fine and we don't have any leak.

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