"I Can't Condone It Any More!"

Li Shun

PureInsight | January 16, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Gao Zhisheng is a well-known human rights attorney in China. Recently he issued three open letters exposing the crimes that the Chinese Communist regime has committed against innocent Chinese people, including kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners, and calling for changes in Chinese society. Mr. Gao has helped numerous weak and helpless groups and individuals free of charge. In his writings, he explained why he did that: "because I can't condone it anymore." It is probably the most famous quote from him.

There are no morals or ethics to speak of in every walk of life in China today, and the situation is deteriorating daily. That is because everyone condones and tolerates the situation. Since everyone can condone it, nobody cares!

How could it be that the Chinese nation has been ruined to such an extent? Let me give a few examples:

Every senior official in the Chinese Communist Party of China can condone it, and that is how unworthy people with low characters are promoted into key positions critical to the country.

The Custom officers can condone it, and that is how Luo Gan and his cohorts are able to ship vast amounts of hard currency stolen from the national coffers to South American countries on special planes.

The police can condone it, and that is why they don't stop and even participate in the atrocities committed against kind-hearted and virtuous Falun Gong practitioners, who have experienced inhumane tortures.

All the coworkers of Falun Gong practitioners can condone it, and that is why they don't question the illegal arrests and abductions of their colleagues, knowing full well that they are good people.

Every member in the society can condone it, and that is why everyone remains silent and does nothing as Falun Gong practitioners who have never done anything wrong are illegally sent to forced labor camps.

Assistants to the Chinese leaders can condone it, and that is why they do not try to talk to their bosses and urge them to see the light.

Journalists, reporters and editors can condone it, and that is why they go along with the order that their superiors have given them and make up lies, fabrications, vilifications and slanders against Falun Gong, acting as wingmen to the evil officials who have been massacring innocent people.

The vicious circle goes around and around. As a result, there are so many weak and helpless groups and individuals in China. Because he "can't condone it anymore," Mr. Gao has often assisted such groups and people to seek justice and provided his services free of charge.

In fact, there are a lot of good people in the world. Otherwise evil Chinese Communist Party officials like Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan wouldn't need to resort to "exhausting all the nice words outside but committing extreme evil deeds within." But during the last several years while Jiang and Luo and others were in power, the Chinese people have silently condoned their evil deeds and didn't dare to challenge them. As a result, the entire society's morality has been deteriorating. What used to be wrong is now right, and what used to be right is now wrong. The evil has been allowed to spread indiscriminately. As a result, every individual in the Chinese society has been adversely affected by it. There are so many fake products on the store shelves in China, jeopardizing people's health. Conscienceless merchants even dare to produce fake baby formula, resulting in the malnourishment and death of countless infants. In the west, products that carry "Made in China" labels are generally considered to be of inferior quality and are often imitations.

Everyone in the Chinese society is partly responsible for the current state in China. If only 50% of the Chinese people are as courageous as Mr. Gao and refuse to condone immoral deeds and speak up instead, how could the morality of the Chinese nation, which had once been highly respected by all the neighboring countries, fall into such a sad state and be infiltrated and alienated by the evil spirit of the Communist Party to such an extent!

If everyone refuses to condone it but instead stands up against it, China would be in a different situation today. Even if people speak out against small acts of injustice starting today, China would change. Tens of thousands of people with the morality of Mr. Gao Zhisheng can change China!

The three open letters written by Mr. Gao made many "veteran Chinese Communist Party members" seriously consider withdrawing from the evil Party. Some people have truly discovered their consciences and realized that the Party that they had loved and esteemed all their lives is actually a beast wearing human clothes!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/12/29/35133.html

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