Seeing Through "The Chinese Communist Party Culture": Return to Normal Thinking

Ouyang Fei

PureInsight | January 16, 2006


The cultural environment has a great influence on the way an individual thinks. In China, the influence of the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is everywhere. Over the past decades, it had become a culture -- "CCP Culture." The nucleus of this "CCP Culture" is that people tend to look at any problem from the angle of the CCP, and invariably don't realize that they are in fact only defending the interests of the CCP. Superficially it may appear that it has nothing to do with the interests of the CCP, but, if one takes into consideration the logic of the CCP when considering a problem, one is actually agreeing with the CCP, reinforcing the CCP, and in effect is achieving the aim of defending the CCP.

For example:

• When the CCP persecuted people and later apparently redressed that persecution, the people feel grateful and honor and favor the CCP again.

• Say the CCP is persecuting good people, and there will be some who say that if they were the CCP, they would do likewise.

• Whenever human rights is mentioned, some people would say that is "playing with politics"

• Whenever a Westerner criticizes the CCP, they would say the Westerner is part of the "anti-China forces."

• When the problems of the CCP are exposed, some would say that other countries have similar problems.

• When the Chinese outside China protest the violence perpetrated by the CCP, they would be labeled as not being patriotic to the Chinese nation or that China was being vilified by them.

• After hearing that the CCP had sold off a large chunk of China, some people went to find excuses to extricate the CCP from the bad deed.

• Listening to the propaganda from the China Central Television station 365 days a year, they feel it is natural. When they receive some phone calls exposing the CCP, or letters or several dozen minutes of tapped TV broadcasts, they reckon that their "normal" life had been interfered with.

• When dealing with a criminal offender, people think the court must get to the bottom of the issue and bring the culprit to justice, but facing the history of the CCP with countless crimes, many people will, after forgiving the CCP, inevitably be filled with new hope for the CCP.

And so forth and so on.

After being immersed in the "CCP Culture," Chinese people are used to a mode of thinking that might appear to be right on the surface but in fact is wrong and contrary to normal logic. Such thinking has penetrated deep into the Chinese people's daily lives. Hence, the "CCP Culture" is utilized by the CCP to control the populace, and is an excellent tool used to resist the truth. Why do many Chinese people not use the simple standard of good and evil, right or wrong to judge a situation but rather approach it from the angle of defending the CCP, using it as a means of looking at any problem? Therein lays the poison in the "CCP Culture!"

This series of articles will focus on common occurrences and phenomena to expose the process in the formation of the "CCP Culture," analyze how the "CCP Culture" distorts normal thinking, and at the same time, discuss what factors conform to the normal and logical thinking.

Penetrating Series (1):"The Disease of Splitting up Nation and Family"
Let us look at a phenomenon of the "CCP Culture" known as the "disease of splitting up the nation and family."

Under the model of the concept of the "CCP Culture," when a person talks about "family," because it includes the personal benefits of the person speaking, it is considered a private affair, and conforms to normal understanding; but when "nation" is discussed, there will be inevitable and unconscious utilization of the "CCP Culture" in people's trains of thought. And so submission to the CCP and the necessary interests of the CCP is invariably defended.

Administering the nation and the family are supposed to be based on the same principles, especially in the Chinese traditions that are particularly based on "Administering the nation by cultivating oneself and uniting the family for peace on earth" (From "The Great Learning" by Confucius) and "administering a huge nation as if tasting some tiny refreshments." (from The Classics of Morality and Virtue by Lao Zi.) However, those that have been molded by the "CCP Culture" when talking about the "nation" and "family," would use different trains of thought. We refer to that as "disease of splitting up nation and family."

Let us cite a few examples to enable everyone to understand the problem. If someone says that the CCP has been atrocious in the past, others say those are things in the past, so all of us must defend and condone it. This way of thinking is exactly what the CCP desires, objectively defending the interests of the CCP.

Now, we will consider an example about "family." There is a butler in the family, but one day a friend reported excitedly: "That butler was a serial killer and had even raped many young girls!" Would the first reaction be: "It does not matter. Those are all things of long ago?" Absolutely not! It is certain that one would become extremely nervous and immediately talk to his daughters living with him and sack the butler in a hurry. One would at least have investigated the background of the butler.

But why is it that though one is told of the many atrocities committed by the CCP, and that the evil deeds of the CCP must be exposed, one would not want to think about and not even inquire about it? Even if they were shown the facts of the crimes of the CCP, some Chinese people would instead say that they were being harassed and that the CCP was being slandered. If one is afraid of the butler slaying his family members and brutalizing his daughters, why is he not afraid that the CCP will persecute his family members in the future? The history of the CCP has repeatedly proved its pattern of repeatedly doing such things!

This is indeed the "splitting up nation and family disease," the "nation" and "family" have become separate issues! It is one's own reckoning that when it comes to "nation," the mentality of the brain is taken over by the indoctrination by the CCP, and that is the way the CCP wants one to think!

Citing another example, it is normal to have conflicts amongst neighbors. But if your neighbor starts to shout whenever he feels like it, "I will kill your whole family and burn down your house," though he may not necessarily do what he threatens, how would you feel about his shouting? Would you still feel comfortable? No! You may perhaps run to report to the police. The international society is one big family. Has it not been said that this is a global village? But at every turn, has the CCP not been threatening and menacing the rest of the world? Have they not said that they would annihilate the whole population of Taiwan's twenty three million people and rebuild it? A high-ranking general of the CCP even threatened to attack the United States with nuclear weapons! But many of the people in China would just say that is only the general feeling "proud and elated" over the country's power!

Would anyone respect the neighbor that shouts about killing and assaulting others? Would the neighbor impress his own family members? No, on the contrary, he would only be spurned by others. Everyone knows this principle. But why is it that whenever "nation" is brought up, shouting about killing and attacking others becomes a matter of national pride?

Citing a further example, the CCP claims that "stability is more important than anything else" to stifle "dissent" and conflicts. Countless citizens of China have been persecuted by the CCP, yet many people reckon that it doesn't matter and think there is no need to resolve any conflict, just suppressing it would suffice. Who would want to just suppress a conflict? Only the CCP! They are afraid that their position of power will be threatened. What the CCP refers to as "stability" is about the stability of their ruling position, to be able to control the righteous and moral people. Such "stability" only harms the populace themselves! Then, why is the populace following the CCP's way of thinking? That is how the "CCP Culture" alienates the thinking of people.

Therefore, everyone can see that the "CCP Culture" has created the "splitting up nation and family disease." That has caused countless citizens of China to think rationally when it involves "family" matters but once it involves the national policies, they lack initiative and independent ability to decide on the issues. They blindly echo the CCP, conveniently following the CCP to decide on the issues, and do not have the faintest idea that they are merely CCP's tools.

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