Stories from the Service Center to Withdraw from the Communist Party in Washington, DC: A Determined Effort Can Move a Mountain

A Falun Gong Disciple in North

PureInsight | December 26, 2005

[] This winter, the National Mall in Washington DC was closed for lawn maintenance, so the Service Center to Withdraw from the Communist Party was not able to display the posters from "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" (or "The Nine Commentaries") on the lawn. We had to tape the posters on foam boards and hang them up on the fences around the lawn. Unfortunately, after two snowstorms last week, our best location for display was blocked by a large pile of snow thrown up by the snow plows.

Aunty A shoveled even better than young people as if God was helping her

Originally we planned to wait until the snow melted in the sun, but rain following the snowstorm, as well as the persistent cold weather turned the heap of snow into a big block of ice that refused to melt.

It's the end of the year now. In order to spend this years budget by the end of this fiscal year to avoid a budget cut next year, many CCP organizations are frantically sending higher levels of government employees on overseas travel using the excuse of inspection. It is essential for us to grasp this critical period of time to reach these high ranking CCP government employees since it is very difficult for our fellow practitioners in China to reach them as common civilians. Of course this is just the superficial reason. In fact, by sending higher levels of government officials out of country, the CCP is giving them opportunities to read "The Nine Commentaries" and to withdraw from the CCP. We think that saving people is of the utmost importance and we couldn't wait for nature to do its work anymore. We had to get rid of the snow and let the Chinese people who only have a short time to stay, see the posters with a brief summary of "The Nine Commentaries" on them.

DC Service Center after the aunty removed the snow

However, after clearing only 10 inches of the snow heap, we realized that the inside of it had already become a clear block of ice. At that time we only had women there. While staring at the icy hill some 90 inches wide, one practitioner thought of giving up, but a thought almost immediately flashed in her mind: "Saving people is urgent. Isn't this like the ancient Chinese fable where a determined old fool moved a mountain? This is part of cultivation. This is to test to see if our heart for saving people is pure or not. We need this place to display posters of 'The Nine Commentaries' and we surely can do it. When the people of Feng Xian County in The Journey to the West started to study the Buddha Fa, the giant Rice Mountain and Flour Mountains fell over instantly." So, with her hands and body that had never experienced hard labor, she continued.

It was at that time, heaven sent down a divine soldier; a middle-aged female Falun Gong practitioner who grew up in a farming village took over the shovel and started to shovel very fast. No one knows how she could have so much power to split the big ice block into pieces with just several hits. We could only imagine that Teacher was helping her. Within two hours, we successfully moved the mountain like the old fool in the Chinese fable and opened up a space for clarifying the truth. Thank you Master for your help!

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