Becoming More Than Just Subjugated People: Wake up, Chinese People

Wang Yifeng

PureInsight | January 30, 2006

[] Several days ago, Professor Yuan Hongbin, a noted human rights advocated, wrote, "The Chinese people have sold their country out and have become subjugated slaves." I think what he said is true. The Chinese people should wake up immediately!

Looking back the 5000 years of history of China, the Chinese people were subjugated a number of times when foreign invaders took over the country during several changes of dynasties. However, even when China was ruled by foreigners, the conquerors were only able to rule the tangible assets of the country, such as land and money. All of them were soon conquered by the ethnic Chinese culture. It was a unique phenomenon in human history. That is to say, the spirit of the Chinese people had never died or been destroyed.

However, Marxism, a specter wandering in Europe, was taken to the highest podium by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through deceit and violence. The evil foreign specter forced every Chinese to kneel down in front of it and give it his soul. Ever since then, precious human beings have been stamped by the evil beastly marks, and the Chinese people have been walking closer and closer to the edge of the endless abyss.

Professor Yuan Hongbin said, "Those who are ruling China now are not the offspring of Chinese people. They are the generations of Marxism. They look Chinese, but they have already sold their souls to the theory from Germany, a theory founded on hatred and violence."

This is the key! The reason that the CCP could cause damage to China for half a century was that the scoundrels in the CCP not only don't have souls, but have sold their souls to the evil specter from Germany. Do not be fooled by the atheism of the evil specter and think that thoughts or theories are intangible and empty stuff. The history of the CCP proves there is a genuine evil specter behind its theories. Via violence and lies plus brainwashing day after day, this evil specter has possessed the Chinese people, possessed the Chinese culture system, and has destroyed everything that the Chinese people had been proud of.

Human beings' lives are controlled by high-level beings. A human brain is like a machine. It is capable of being controlled and utilized by either righteous gods or vicious demons and ghosts. But it is up to the human being himself whether he wants to be controlled by good or evil. What's evil about the CCP is that it has forced every Chinese person who swears under its red blood flag to join the Party to become the prey of the evil specter. So no matter whether Chinese people believe in the evil cult of Marxism or not, as long as they have pledged their allegiance to the CCP in front of the red flood flag, their lives are controlled by the evil specter. Their ending will be very terrible and pitiful if they don't withdraw from the Party.

Wake up, Chinese people. If the Chinese people don't get rid of the control by the CCP, they will become more than just been subjugated. They will be subject to the upcoming divine punishment, and might end up losing their lives and souls.

The 7 million Chinese who have quit the CCP will become the beginning of the next generation of Chinese.

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