See through the Chinese Communist Party Culture: Are There Really "Two Communist Parties?"

Ouyang Fei

PureInsight | February 13, 2006

[] Chinese
people tend to argue a lot when the topic of the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) is brought up. One of the reasons of the arguments is due
to the phenomenon I am going to talk about in this article, "The Two
Chinese Communist Parties."

In Mainland China, the Chinese Communist regime makes every student
take a course called "politics" starting from the elementary school all
the way to the university level.  The content of the course
includes a distorted version of history that suits the needs of the CCP
as well as "moral" slogans launched to support the interests of the
CCP. The slogans include "serve the people wholeheartedly," "be
selfless," "follow the example of the good Samaritan Lei Feng," "love
the country, love the people, and love the Chinese Communist Party,"
and so on. The CCP has committed a lot of crimes against the Chinese
people over the years. But it always blames a few scapegoats for all
the mistakes it has made. The Chinese propaganda machine, which is
solely controlled by the CCP, portrays the CCP as the entity that
"stands up against foreign intrusion while drastically improving
China."  After a long time, even though they have suffered a lot
at the hands of the CCP in the past, many Chinese people have been
deceived by the "morality" coat of the CCP and continue to hold an
unrealistic high expectation and opinion of the CCP while the CCP
constantly repeats its pattern of committing endless "falsehoods,
evilness and violence." This is the first CCP I am referring to: a fake
CCP, one that only exists in the mind of the Chinese people.

Then what is the real CCP? As the CCP controls all means to report its
activities and explain its history to the Chinese people, the Chinese
people don’t know much about the CCP’s real past, nor can they see its
true color at present. Amidst the omnipresent long-term deception of
the CCP, many Chinese people believe that  the CCP ultimately
looks out for the best interests of Chinese people. In fact, the CCP
only cares about the interests of itself and a few individual leaders.
Ever since it openly broke away from China and tried to join the Soviet
Union by launching the "Chinese Soviet" in western China in the 1930s,
it has not been thinking for China as a country or the Chinese people.
That is because the founders of Communism openly stated that they were
"lumpen proletariat" who were "without country."

Throughout Chinese history, after a new dynasty took over, it usually
granted  amnesty to people. However, after the CCP took power, it
started slaughtering Chinese people. It also tried to export Communism
outside of the Chinese border. Now with the failure of "communist
revolution" all over the world, the CCP has been totally transformed
into a special interest group. Everything that the CCP has done,
including clearing the names of those wrongfully persecuted during the
Chinese Cultural Revolution and opening the Chinese economy to the
west, were done to prolong its own survival. Its fundamental aim is to
protect its absolute power and its own special interests. The Chinese
people have created a great deal of wealth with their own wisdom and
hard work. They are the ones who feed the CCP, which is a parasite that
sucks blood out of the Chinese people. Yet the CCP claims that it is
the one that feeds the Chinese people. On the official website of the
Chinese Police, there are three slogans that define its mission. The
first one is "to solidify the ruling status of the party." 
Nowadays, many kind-hearted Chinese people think that the CCP is
"changing." In reality,  the nature of the CCP has determined that
it is an evil group. This is the second CCP I am referring to: the evil
specter CCP.

"The two CCPs" have led to confusion and disparities in the minds of Chinese people.

Some people don’t like to hear any criticism of the CCP. Why is that?
It is because the ones who criticize the CCP are talking about the
actual evil CCP, the CCP that has been persecuting Chinese people for
its special interests, while the people who defend it are protecting
the false CCP that only exists in their minds. They are talking about
two completely different things. Therefore, such debates usually yield
no results.

A lot of the philosophies and conduct of the CCP are against normal
logic. There is no need to use any profound reasoning to see through
the CCP. Using normal human common sense alone can fully expose the
evil nature of the CCP. If the CCP is truly "magnificent, glorious and
correct" as it has always claimed to be, why is it afraid of letting
the Chinese people have freedom of speech? Just this one point proves
that the CCP has been hiding a lot of things in its shameful history.

"The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" has revealed the true
CCP. It has shown the relationship between the false CCP in people’s
mind and the true, evil CCP. If people have the courage to learn the
history of the CCP and its villainous nature, they can overcome the
mental obstacles caused by their illusions. Once they see the real CCP,
they can open up a window in their hearts. They will no longer be
indifferent toward the suffering that the CCP has caused the Chinese
people, and no longer think that it is not relevant to them. That is
because the CCP has been persecuting every single person, including
them. .


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