The Communist Party's Culture Has Warped the People

PureInsight | February 13, 2006

[]  Dang Wen Hua. "Party Culture" in Chinese. It is
a term used often by the Chinese, but very few who use it are probably
aware of the intense violent and anti-human nature of the implications
of this phrase.

Nowadays, many Chinese people add the Chinese character "e" before the
three characters to form "E Dang Wen Hua" – Evil Party Culture. The
term is truly far more apt and encompasses what the Party has inundated
human society with.

People in both the East and West are aware of the terrifying degree of
control with which Communist regimes exercise power - a control that
allows them to use the over-powering source of media and people to
promote a culture that suits best the Communist Party and allows its
cultist leaders to stay in power.

A culture based on Communist thinking. A totally anti-human culture. A
culture through which the parasitic Communist regime can feed on the
thinking and absolute conformity and servility of those it so cruelly

The Means

How are people, who are kind and innocent at birth, contaminated with
this culture that is so terrifyingly anti-human? How do people allow
themselves to be brainwashed by a culture that so completely bends the
human spirit and will to serve its purposes?

The answer of course lies in the complete control that the tentacles
that the Communist regimes extends into each and every aspect of the
society – most importantly the media. With such an overpowering force,
the Communists are able to saturate society and people with 一言堂 – yi
yan tang
, "one hall, one voice," a phrase indicating how complete the
control of one over many in Communist societies is – it is rather easy
to indoctrinate people with its mind-bending propaganda.

So when children are born, their parents – already indoctrinated into
the Party Culture – pass it on to them. When kids go to school, the
school anthems drill it further into them, whether through classes or
extra-curricular activities. When teenagers learn more about human life
and get higher education, they are taught how the Party is "great,
glorious and correct" and how they should thank the Party for
everything it has given them. When adults work, the office requires
them to pay dues to the Party to thank the Party for its "benevolence"
that has given them their job and pay. When elderly people look back on
life, they automatically thank the Party for the good life it has given

Thus, normal aspects of human living and that people would have had in
the normal course of their lives are completely warped into proof of
how the Party is "great, glorious and correct" – even though the Party
has given little to the people and taken all from them. The evil side
of the Communists – which is actually their true nature – is completely
hidden from the people thanks to the massive control over information
exchange by the Party.

In such an overwhelmingly evil atmosphere, people become like tame farm
animals that can be bred, indoctrinated, used and slaughtered by the
Party at will.

But at least when the countries of Eastern Europe came under the
control of Communism, Communism hadn’t been able to exert that much
influence. When Stalin sent people to Siberia to die and the Eastern
Europe dictators slaughtered millions in their purges, the world and
the European people, for the most part, knew about it. So when the time
came, they stepped forward to bring an end to Communism – and rid
themselves of the warped nature of the Communist control.

But China has seen the most vicious and mind-bending control by
Communists ever. After the "Cultural Revolution" and the "Great Leap
Forward", both of which are documented in terrifying detail in the Nine
Commentaries on the Communist Party
, Chinese people completely
submitted their will to the Chinese Communist Party.

This is why when the families of Zhang Zhixin, completely disavowed
themselves from her even as the one they loved went through hell for
her views.

"People who went through the Cultural Revolution would never forget
Zhang Zhixin, who was sent to jail because she criticized Mao for his
failure in the Great Leap Forward. Many times, prison guards stripped
off her clothes, handcuffed her hands behind her back and threw her
into male prison cells, letting male prisoners gang rape her. She
became insane in the end. When she was being executed, prison guards
feared she would shout slogans as her protest. They pressed her head on
a brick and sliced open her throat without any anesthesia."

(Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Part 4, "How the Chinese Communist Party is an Anti-Universe Force")

This is why family members of those killed in the Tiananmen Massacre,
the persecution of Christians and Falun Gong, and poor farmers and
intellectuals who are being fleeced by the CCP still stand up for the
Party and would rather help it persecute their family members than
stand up for their own rights.

The Results

The results of such complete saturation of the human mind and spirit
with what is complete evil represent the scariest outcome for human
society. Under such an outrageous culture, evil is taken as good and
good as evil. People are taught that there are no Heaven, Hell or Gods;
that people suffer no consequence for their actions, and that people
are required to put Party Culture above any human obligation: whether
it be family, job, friends or spirituality.

The result is decay of human morality, putrefaction of the society,
being ruled over by the "scum of society"   (Please see
"Fourth Inherited Trait: Unleashing the Scum of Society— Hoodlums and
Social Scum Form the Ranks of the CCP" in Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party
- Part 2, "On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist
Party") rather than by upright and virtuous leaders and the worship of
the cultist Party and its evil nature over the traditional Gods and

rather than by upright and virtuous leaders and the worship of the
cultist Party and its evil nature over the traditional Gods and

No wonder that now in China, gangsters and Party members (though there
is truly no difference between the two) are more respected than noble,
upright and moral people.

Under this form of culture, the only way people will go is downhill.
The Party culture which breeds only evilness can only cause any
Communist society to slide downhill and head towards destruction.

The Solution

So why are people not aware of this Party Culture? Why has it not been studied as it should be?

Maybe because people are not aware of its existence. Psychologists
today still scratch their heads at why perfectly innocent people worked
in concentration camps and helped the Nazis massacre millions of Jews
in Nazi Germany. How could innocent people attack other innocent
people, in fascist or Communist societies?

The reason is, of course, because of the complete control the Communist
thinking and the Party Culture have over the people. Tempered and
brought up with the Party Culture, the people in Communist societies
obey and listen to the Party is all their words and actions.

A far more scarier and less obvious aspect of Party Culture is how it
bends the spiritual and moral will of the people. Saturated with
doctrines of atheism and a destruction of traditional values, the
thinking and will of the people is trained to obey the dictates of
Party Culture – a culture that promotes evil and violence.

Few people would believe that Communist Parties are cults, and that the
Party Culture that it brings up people with is indoctrinating and
leading people into cultish ways of thinking – thinking that requires
human sacrifice and blood, even of peoples’ own families, if need be.
But such is the case.

This is why the only way to transform Chinese people today is through a
complete expose of the evils of the Communist Party and its E Dang Wen
– the Evil Party Culture. This is the only way that the people of
China and those who have been saturated with the Party Culture and its
evil nature can be freed of its warped nature, and live as true human
beings and in freedom again.

As it says in the conclusion of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party:

"Only without the Chinese Communist Party, will there be a new China.

"Only without the Chinese Communist Party, does China have hope.

"Without the Chinese Communist Party, the upright and kindhearted Chinese people will rebuild China’s historical magnificence."

Only with the Nine Commentaries and exposing what the Party Culture really is, do China and its people have a new hope.

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