Chinese Communist Party Suspected of Organizing Attack on Atlanta Area Resident in His Home

PureInsight | February 8, 2006

Duluth, Ga –- Dr. Peter Yuan Li, 41, a software developer for The Epoch Times,
a U.S.- based international news media, was brutally attacked and
robbed in his Duluth home Wednesday around noon by three Asian males
suspected of being Chinese Communist Party agents.

The staff at PureInsight
deplore violence against any law-abiding person, but the circumstances
surrounding this attack merit very close inspection. It seems that this
attack could very well be part of the CCP’s campaign against The Epoch Times
in retaliation for its publication of the “Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party,�?detailing the CCP’s bloody reign of terror, past and
present. We have read in the past about the lengths to which the CCP
has gone to extract information about the authorship of this historic
document and to suppress its dissemination in China and abroad.
Although Dr. Li had many pieces of expensive electronic equipment in
his home, any of which would seem to be prime bait for actual thieves,
none of those valuables were taken. The only things stolen were two
laptop computers containing confidential information and Li’s U.S.

The attackers broke into Li’s home while pretending to deliver water.
They almost suffocated Li with a bed quilt and severely beat him with
pistols and knives on the head. The three then tied him up with
electrical cord and covered his mouth, eyes, and ears with tape. Li was
severely wounded and sent to a hospital after his neighbor reported the
incident to the police.  He required 15 stitches on the face and
head. Friends of Li said Li is a highly respected, peaceful family man
with no personal enemies. Li received a Ph.D. in computer science from
Princeton University and has been in the Atlanta region for over 10


Li recalled that one attacker asked him in Chinese, “Where is your
safe?!�? The robbers broke open Li’s filing cabinet and took away his
two laptop computers and his U.S. passport. According to Li, the
robbers may also have also stolen other some iimportant documents and
papers, but no valuable household items were taken.


Li said, “The attack was maliciously schemed and targeted at my work
for the Epoch Times and its authorship of the “Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party," a series of articles that has triggered nearly 8
million public resignations from the Chinese Communist Party and its
affiliated organizations since it was first published in November
  Li and others developed a website
( that records and tallies the
resignations --–“Tuidang “or "Quit the CCP."

The “Nine Commentaries" is believed to be the most powerful and
peaceful means to catalyze the disintegration of communism in China. It
won a top National Journalism Award in 2005 at the AAJA (Asian American
Journalist Association’s) annual convention.  

When asked what he felt about the attack, Li replied, “ It is not me
who fears: It is them [the CCP]. They try to take revenge because they
are so scared and desperate.  I will continue my work to expose
the evil nature of Chinese Communist Party to the whole world �?

For To arrange interviews with Dr. Peter Yuan Li, contact: 770-495-3941. (This release is being sent on behalf of Dr. Li.)

For The Epoch Times Article regarding this attack:

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