Working Together to Repulse the Evil CCP Specter's Efforts to Brainwash Humankind

Li Ting

PureInsight | February 17, 2006

[] The vast
majority of people who grew up under the atheistic education of the
dictatorial Communist regime think that "seeing is believing." They
refuse to believe in the things that they can't see with their own eyes
and have completed ignored a characteristic of the universe that
dictates mind and matter are one. But in reality, the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) has tightly controlled all kinds of propaganda machines and
used them to control people's minds, trying to make every single person
on earth sing praises of the evil Communist Party.

Shortly after the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, a song called "The Same
Song" was published in 1990. It was played heavily on the
CCP-controlled Chinese Central Television (CCTV). It was then used by
labor camps in many parts of Mainland China to brainwash prisoners of
conscience, spreading the song to every single corner of the country.
Recently "The Same Song" has been spread to Canada and the United
States. The familiar rhyme of the song has been used by the evil
specter of the CCP to sing praises of its evil rule. The lyrics of the
song are filled with praise for the state of Chinese society, with
words like "beautiful dreams," "fresh flowers," "sweet dreams," "we
firmly remember every single encounter among us and the smiles on our
faces," etc, etc. The red dragon that is the CCP uses the song to
confuse politicians and VIPs in the west and numb the general public.
As soon as one listens to, watches the performance of, and sings the
song, one has committed lewd acts with the CCP, "the whore" mentioned
in the Book of Revelation of the Bible, and has been branded by the
evil beast.

Some people might feel what I've said just now is a little incredible.
Because there is a principle of "no loss, no gain" in the universe,
once you spend the time and money listening to the famous Chinese
performers and watching the show, the red dragon will send its evil
spirit to take over your body, and you will be possessed by the evil
spirit. At the beginning, you might not feel any difference. As time
goes on, you find yourself unconsciously humming the song. Then you
might feel pain in your back and waist, and you might get sick from all
kinds of diseases. It is because the evil spirit takes away the essence
of the human body, as mind and matter are one.

Let me tell everyone about a very famous experiment in the scientific
community that proves mind and mater are one. A team of psychologists
performed an experiment. A doctor took a test subject to an empty room.
At that moment, cry after cry of deep pain was heard from the room next
door. The doctor told the test subject that the experiment was designed
to test humankind's pain threshold. He then opened the window between
the two rooms. The test subject saw that a person had been tied to a
chair in the room next door. There was a stove in the room with burning
coal inside of it. In the room, a doctor was using fire tongs to pick
up a coin from the stove. The coin was so hot that it appeared red. The
doctor then placed the burning-hot coin on the person's arm, and the
person cried in pain. When he was untied from the chair, he stumbled
out. A deep burn that was in the size of the coin could be clearly seen
on his arm.

The test subject watched several people being burned like that. Then he
was taken to the room with the chair and the stove. He was blindfolded
and tied tightly against the chair. Then a doctor told the test
subject, "Now I am going to put a coin from the stove on your arm." The
test subject felt a hot object being dropped to his arm. He felt deep
pain and couldn't help from yelling out in pain. The doctor saw that a
third-degree burn the size of the coin had appeared on the arm of the
test subject.

Actually everything that the test subject thought he had seen was fake.
He was the only real test subject, and the several people that he had
seen being burned were actors. The coin that had been dropped to the
arm of the test subject was only heated slightly higher than the normal
body temperature, and was absolutely not hot enough to cause a burn.
Then where did the third-degree burn on the test subject's arm come
from? As there was no external source, we can only conclude his mind
caused his burn. Because his mind believed that his body should have
been burned, he was really burned.

This experiment proves that the mind has absolute control over the body
and can make the body react unexpectedly under certain situations. The
body is under the full control of the mind. In other words, it is only
a tool.

The CCP's effort to use "The Same Song" to brainwash Falun Gong
practitioners, as well as other people in the world, is a very vicious,
systematic plan to destroy and control humankind. Of course, this
brainwashing campaign also includes the CCP"s plan to hold all kinds of
"Chinese Cultural Festival," "Chinese Cultural Week," "Chinese Cultural
Month," and "Chinese Cultural Year" all over the world. It has been
injecting the CCP's "party culture" into traditional Chinese culture
with a history of 5000 years and exporting it to the west. France is
one of the western countries that has been severely poisoned by the
evil CCP specter. The U.S. and Australia have also been as poisoned as
France has. It is not only that the westerners don't know what
traditional Chinese culture is. Even many Chinese people in Mainland
China who live under the "party culture" don't know either and have
been muddle-headedly singing "The Same Song" with the CCP. What is
taking place today had been foretold in the Book of Revelation, "I saw
coming out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the
beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean
spirits, something like frogs; for they are spirits of demons,
performing signs; which go forth to the kings of the whole inhabited
earth, to gather them together for the war of that great day of God,
the Almighty." (Chapter 16 Verses 13-14) All of Mainland China has been
poisoned by the CCP. "The Same Song" has been performed in Canada. What
happened in the US was even more interesting. The "2006 Global Chinese
New Year Gala" by NTDTV was held at the Radio City Hall in New York
City during the weekend of January 20th of 2006. The gala included a
dance called "Nine Swords Slaying the Red Dragon." It was well-received
by the audience and considered one of the best programs of the gala.
Just one night later, "The Same Song" was performed on the same stage.
We feel sorry and sad for every single person who either participated
in the performance of the show or watched the show because they had
chosen to stand on the side of the evil. Hopefully one day they will
wake up and realize how compassionately Falun Gong practitioners have
been trying to save them. It is just like another program in NTDTV's
New Year Gala called "The Red-Eyed Stone Lion." Because of her
kindness, an elderly lady received hints from a Bodhisattva that a
major disaster was about to happen. Before the disaster arrived, she
did her best to urge her fellow villagers to run away. Those who had
listened to her were saved. Those who had ignored her were drowned in a
major flood. In one instant, the entire village was washed away.

We urge every single person on earth to pay attention to this matter.
As long as you are a human being, you are a part of it, and you must
step forward courageously and fight back against the invasion of the
evil specter of CCP. Didn't the Communist Party declare the following
openly in its manifesto, "The Communists disdain to conceal their views
and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by
the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions." Right now
heaven is about to annihilate the CCP. As long as it doesn't declare
openly that it is no longer following the Communist doctrine, its
nature is evil and is a target that will be annihilated by gods.

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