Follow the Course of Fa Rectification Closely and Provide a Good Service for Renouncing the CCP

A Practitioner from San Francisco

PureInsight | March 26, 2006

[] (Los Angeles
Fahui, 2006) Since the publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the
CCP", the Fa rectification has embarked on a new stage.  Teacher
said in "Teaching Fa at 2005 Manhattan International FA Conference, "
"Let's take the Nine Commentaries as an example. The primary goal of
publishing the Nine Commentaries was to expose the CCP's nature so that
people who had been deceived by the CCP could see it for what it is and
recognize the CCP's evilness, and thus be saved."

Within a year's short time, the publication of "Nine Commentaries" is
like a heavy-duty bomb that has shattered the lies of CCP and awakened
sentient beings.  The Chinese people who realized the
characteristics of the CCP have mastered their own destiny for the
first time by renouncing any affiliation with CCP's organizations thus
saving themselves.  Around the globe,  service centers for
renouncing CCP have emerged under heavenly intent.  This is the
need of Fa-rectification and of saving sentient beings.  I feel
lucky to be one of the service center volunteers.  Let me share
some of my insights in helping people renounce the CCP and saving
sentient beings with fellow practitioners.

I. Provide a Good Service for Renouncing the CCP

The purpose of the Renouncing the CCP Service Centers is to help people
quit any organizations affiliated with the CCP.  It's a divine
mission bestowed upon Dafa practitioners by history to distribute the
"Nine Commentaries," to encourage the "triple-quit" and to save the
sentient beings. Teacher said in "Teaching Fa at 2005 San Francisco FA
Conference," "When you made that blood oath to the heavens before the
flag of blood, an act directly witnessed by countless gods in the
heavens, you said that you would dedicate your entire life and your
being to the wicked Party. Having uttered those words and having made
such a serious blood oath, now you want to take care of it so casually
and perfunctorily? That's not acceptable. So if they want to make it to
the next phase, Chinese people must publicly announce their
resignations from the Party. They must take action to make the
announcement, and it's not acceptable simply to take a stand without
any action."

The rapid move -forward of the Fa-rectification process requires that
Dafa disciples must benevolently let people realize that the only way
that deities reveal to people who have been deceived and fooled by the
evil party to save themselves at this critical moment is to declare
their "triple-quit" and to separate from the CCP, thus giving more
sentient beings a chance to be saved right before they are dragged into
hell by the evil party.  Nowadays, the eight million plus people
who have renounced the 3 CCP organizations on The Epochtimes' website have chosen the rebirth of their life.  

We encounter all kinds of people and situations in our renouncing CCP
service daily.  We grasp every opportunity to clarify the truth,
distribute "Nine Commentaries" and persuade people to
"triple-quit".  We try our best to give a satisfactory reply to
their requests and actively introduce the relevant information and
various channels.  Some callers who renounce the CCP have not read
the "Nine Commentaries" yet. We let them know the website on which they
can access the "Nine Commentaries" along with methods and channels to
breakthrough the internet blockage.  We would send the "Nine
Commentaries" by fax or mail to those who are willing to provide a fax
number, website or mailing address.

We would suggest to some computer-illiterate people who want to quit
the CCP that they listen to broadcasts by "Sound of Hope International
Radio Station" using a short-wave radio.  We introduce the time
slot, time, frequency modulation or amplitude modulation, thus they can
get "Nine Commentaries."  We would tell some others how to get the Epochtimes newspaper or watch NTD TV, thus getting information on the "Nine Commentaries" and quitting the CCP.

Some people know that a lot of volunteers from renouncing CCP service
centers are Falun Gong practitioners. They call and ask for Dafa books
or ask about where group practice sites are.  We try our best to
help them as soon as possible.

Some appealers who have no way to appeal in mainland China also call
our center to vent their grievances.  While we listen to them
patiently, we suggest that they put it in writing and expose the
evilness to media.  Besides, we take advantage of the opportunity
to clarify the truth to them and persuade them to "triple-quit." 
Some appealers declare that they renounce any CCP affiliations then and

People's trust has made us feel greater responsibilities.  We feel
that we should bear sentient beings in our minds all the time and
safeguard the renouncing CCP service as a front (position) to save the
sentient beings.

Most people who have declared the "triple-quit" decided to quit the
Party, which is  totally without benevolence, justice or humanity,
after reading the "Nine Commentaries" and seeing through the evil
characteristics of the CCP.  How much effort from fellow
practitioners and the Teacher's boundless benevolence have been
condensed in it!  During the past year, practitioners on the
mainland and overseas have coordinated in distributing great quantities
of the "Nine Commentaries" and information on renouncing the CCP
through various means such as calling, faxing, emailing and
mailing.  Mainland practitioners have risked their lives to
distribute the "Nine Commentaries," to clarify truth and to persuade
the "triple-quit".  They have helped awakened people transmit
batches of "triple-quit" declarations to our service center via
different channels.

A peasant from ShanXi Province said in his phone call: "I boarded the
CCP's pirate ship when I was young and lost my orientation.  Now I
am clearheaded and know my way after reading "Nine Commentaries". 
And I quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers, making up my mind
to make a clear distinction between me and the evil party.  You
guys have made a great contribution to the Chinese people.  I
express my highest commendation to you guys here on behalf of part of
Chinese population.  Thank you!"

The divine power of "Nine Commentaries" have awakened people and
strengthened their courage.  Once in a while, written declarations
of "triple-quit" from mainland civilians have been relayed by friends,
breaking through layers of obstacles and received by service
center.  In a southern province, a group of 140 people renounced
CCP together and they have used true names and real addresses, thus
risking their lives.  These people are from 3 townships covering
111 villages, 2 elementary schools, 2 drug stores and a photo
studio.  Another group of 126 people from a major northern city
faxed "triple-quit" declaration, most of them 
intellectuals.  While we post these declarations under their
pseudonyms, using these facts under absolute safe conditions, we
clarify truth to governments, congress and media in some democratic
countries.  This confirms the truthfulness of renouncing CCP from
another angle, and plays an active role in making them realize the wave
of renouncing CCP caused by "Nine Commentaries", thus place themselves
in the right place.

II. Freeing one's mind from misgivings: when conditions are ripe, success will come.

 Teacher said in "Teaching Fa at 2005 San Francisco Fa
Conference,", "And what is more, you are truly saving people--openly
and with dignity saving their very being--and they will be able to
sense that. On top of that, as you go about clarifying the truth, the
benevolence you exude and the righteous thoughts you project
disintegrate the evil, awakening those lives you save and causing them
to recover their very selves, and that can lead a person to truly come
to rationally see these things for himself. And of course, as soon as
people wake up, things are immediately different."

During the course of truth-clarification and encouraging the
"triple-quit," I have come to the understanding that we need to keep a
harmonized and benevolent mindset in order to break through everyday
people's knots in their thoughts that prevent them from learning about
the "Nine Commentaries" and quitting the CCP. We need to start from an
angle that everyday people can comprehend, finding a cutting point and
guide each individual differently.

A lady caller from Zhengzhou city in HeNan Province said: "I have read
the 'Nine Commentaries' and think it very good.  However people
around me say that the saying 'heaven wants to eliminate CCP' is

I asked her: "Who is heaven?  Isn't it what folks call 'Good
heavens'?  I heard that in Beijing this year thirty thousand
people had a queue of 2 kilometers in order to burn incense at YongHe
Palace.  Do your local folks burn incense at lunar new year?"

"Yes, we all burn incense!"

"The high-level mainland officials ask someone to read fengshui
and tell fortunes before they start building a mansion.  Don't
they believe in 'Heaven' and ask for its blessings?  The CCP talks
big about atheism. It uses it as a tool to rule civilians. The CCP has
done all the bad deeds to the extreme; it's not allowed by heavenly
laws. You'd rather believe it than not, and don't be buried with the
dead CCP.  Are you a CCP member?"

"Yes, I am."

"Quit  the CCP. Once you quit, you will be safe.  It doesn't
cost you a penny to buy life insurance, how good it is!  For your
safety, either a nick name or pseudonym will do."As she was hesitating,
I added: "Let me name you XinYu (new universe). Is that OK?"

"Which Xin?"

"New as in new/old, Yu as in universe."

"OK.  You help me quit."

I said; "Since you have quit, why not ask your family and friends to quit."

Less than 30 minutes later, she called back saying: "I am XinYu. 
Three friends of mine have also read the "Nine Commentaries" and think
it is good.  I have talked with them and they want to quit the
CCP.  Would you please think up three names for them?"

"OK. Great!"

Another girl who works for a mainland company called, saying: "I have
received a fax with the statement that the red wall is going to
collapse, is it true?"

I replied: "It is definitely true.  The CCP is doomed by heaven soon!"

"How did you learn about it?"

Then I started talking from the "Nine Commentaries" to the wave of people renouncing the CCP.

She had been listening quietly.  I kept sending righteous thoughts
and thinking that I must save you.  At last I asked her: "Are you
a Party member?"

She said she was a Youth League member.

"How about quitting it now?"

She asked: "Will my employer know?"

I said: "This is the United States.  You can quit under a nickname
or pseudonym.  Only Heaven, Earth, you, and me will know about
it.  It is absolutely safe.  This is a life-and-death issue;
it would be too late to regret if you miss it."

"Well, you help me quit Youth League."

"Did you ever join the Young Pioneers?"


"Then also quit that.  This way when CCP gets annihilated by
heaven, you will have nothing to do with it(s' organizations). 
You will be safe and have a bright future."

She suddenly burst out: "Then also help me quit the Party."

I was surprised and delighted, "Great.  Let me name you 'TianLe', do you like it?"

"Yes, I like it.  How do I address you? Can I call you auntie?"


"Well, thank you, auntie, thank you."

She has truly awakened, another sentient being has been saved.

III. Cultivation is involved in saving sentient beings

Teacher said in "Teaching Fa at 2005 San Francisco Fa Conference," "The
evil doesn't dare to interfere in this very weighty matter where people
are making a choice that determines their survival or destruction, but
the evil elements are interfering with message transmission and
reception capacity."  Teacher also said:" The continuing growth in
the number of people quitting the Party is the process of the wicked
Party crumbling."

The surge of people quitting the Party has made the CCP panic and it
doesn't know what measures to use.  It has been using various base
means of black society such as interfering with renouncing the CCP
hotlines and threatening and coercing volunteers.  In the
beginning, the power was often out then restarted again, and it caused
dropping of phone calls and damage to computers.  Sometimes the
evil spirits and evil elements interfered with me a lot physically and
I had karma elimination condition continuously.  The other day
when I was taking a call from mainland China by someone asking about
how to do a "triple-quit," something fell out of my mouth all of a
sudden.  Two of my teeth had fallen off!  I realized that
that the Communist evil spirit was interfering with and persecuting
me.  We stepped up the effort of sending righteous thoughts while
negating arrangements by the old forces, thus getting rid of the evil
spirit and all the evil elements which interfered with me and my saving
sentient beings.  By studying the Fa more and keeping righteous
thoughts, we can keep the hotline in operation for 24 hours.

We have realized that each phone call might come from mainland
China.  They are the people who risk their lives, overcoming
layers of obstacles in order to renounce the CCP openly and choose
their new birth.  We have to keep the people-saving channel, the
quitting the CCP hotline, in operation 24 hours a day.  Thus all
callers who want to "triple-quit" can be saved.

In the surge of people quitting the Party, not everyone is able to see
clearly and is willing to believe.  For a while, we often received
irrational curses from people who didn't understand the "Nine
Commentaries" and the "triple-quit."  Some even called us names;
some ladies yelled dirty words that cannot be mentioned.  Once I
was moved by sentimentality and would have had a rapid heartbeat, and
feel afraid and  resentful before picking up the phone.

Teacher said in "Walk Straight Your Path", "In fact, making progress in
one's own cultivation is a part of the process of saving beings."

Thinking of Teacher's teachings, look inside when problems occur. 
There must be something wrong with myself.  Right!  I had
been pursuing quick success when persuading people to quit the Party
and seeking to get a big number of people.  Whenever the number of
'triple-quit' people was big, I felt happy but when the number got
lower I felt anxious.  I was moved by sentimentality and then fear
and resentment surfaced.  I fact, all these were caused by my
human heart and notions and were reflected in different levels. 
As soon as my mind went astray and lacked righteous thoughts, the field
also went astray.

Teacher said: "As long as you as a Dafa disciple conduct yourself
righteously, you will change the environment and people around
you."  (Teaching the Fa at 2005 San Francisco Fa Conference)

I came to understand that I have to rectify myself before rectifying
others. I study the Fa more with a calm mind and eliminate the bad
thoughts, notions and attachments in my mind.  As fear and
scruples are no longer in my mind, everything has been changing. 
Benevolence comes out naturally and I pity the people (who
cursed).  They are the ones poisoned most deeply by the evil
party, it is more necessary to clarify truth to them.  That they
can receive the "Nine Commentaries" and truth-clarifying material and
even called the service center indicates that they are still
savable.  And we should not give up on them.

Teacher said: "Never mind what he says, every sentence that you say
sounds like a blasting thunder to him." (Teaching the Fa at 2005 San
Francisco Fa Conference)

Recalling Teacher's words, I straightened my mindset at once and could
no longer hear his curse.  As long as he did not hang up the
phone, I talked about "Heaven wants to eliminate CCP", keeping safe by
quitting the party and "it's for your sake, please quit the Party
ASAP…"  Each sentence blasted towards the evilness behind his
back.  One righteousness suppresses all evilness.  As the
incorrect condition was rectified quickly, evilness became much less.

IV. The awakening of people is a manifestation of divine power of "Nine Commentaries."

A musician who immigrated from mainland to Canada called, saying, "I
support you guys' work very much.  I had been the head of a
factory in mainland, only a Party member can be in such a
position.  So I was dragged into the Party.  I have read the
"Nine Commentaries" carefully and it echoes instantly in my
thoughts.  Just now I noticed that the number of people renouncing
CCP is approaching six million and eighty thousand.  Although I am
busy with a concert, I want to take care of renouncing CCP first no
matter how busy my schedule is.  In order to revive the
traditional Chinese culture, the CCP must be eliminated.  I admire
Falun Gong greatly since it is the hope of China's future.  I also
admire the Master very much."

The "Nine Commentaries"  have awakened the masses, the wakened
people's intentions have begun to show their righteous force in the
surge of people quitting the Party.  The number of
"triple-quitters" has grown from several hundred in the beginning to
around eight million, an exponential increase.  The divine will
that "Heaven annihilates the CCP" can not be blocked.

Let me wrap it up by reciting Teacher's "Prediction of the Fa
Rectifying the Human World" with fellow practitioners. 'As the
righteous Fa enters the human dimension, Gods and Buddhas manifest
themselves.  All the karmic retribution and connection in chaotic
world gets resolved in harmony.  Those who did wrong to Dafa go to
gate-of-no-life. The rest get rectified in mind, stressing virtue and
doing good deeds, while all creatures are refreshed.  All sentient
beings respect the grace of salvation by DafFa.  Celebration,
congratulation and praise will be all around.  DafFa's prime era
in human world then commences."

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