Final Judgment: From the Sujiatun Incident to Understanding the Fa-Rectification Process

A Practitioner Outside of China

PureInsight | April 16, 2006

[] After three
witnesses stepped forward, the world is shocked to learn that human
organs were harvested from live Falun Gong practitioners and their
bodies were cremated afterwards in the Nazi-era-like concentration
camps in China located in various provinces, including Sujiatun in
Shengyang City, Liaoning Province. The preliminary investigations from
WOIPFLG (World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun
Gong) and the Epoch Times
reveal that many organ transplant hospitals in Mainland China not only
openly marketed the fact that their organs came from live persons but
also admitted that they were from healthy Falun Gong practitioners. The
website of the China International Organ Transplant Center, which is
located where the Sujiatun Concentration Camp is, claims that for a
kidney transplant, one needs to wait a week or, at most, a month. In
addition, it also claims that if problems occur during the operation,
the second kidney would be available within a week. According to the
experts in the medical field, there must be an enormous live organ
collection in order to be able to supply organs within such a time

Practitioners outside of China just began to focus on this atrocity and
clarify the truth world-wide, with the most significant activity being
the formation of

"The International Committee to Investigate the Persecution of Falun
Gong On-site in China (CIIPO)" by the Falun Dafa Association and the
Minghui Net. This action has moved the universe and aims to stop the
persecution at its origin.

After the earthshaking incident in Sujiatun was disclosed, I feel that
the Fa-rectification has truly entered into its last stage. Of course,
in order to give opportunities to more people, we hope that we can have
some time to save more sentient beings after the CCP totally collapses
once its brutality is completely exposed. We should not have an
attachment toward time during the last stage. My point is that due to
the exposure of the inhumane murders and organ harvesting of Falun Gong
practitioners by the CCP, the criteria for all sentient beings in the
universe to position themselves and enter into the future has been
lowered to the minimum standard. People should develop a righteous
attitude very easily over this matter since it is so shocking.

Today, if the so-called civilized human beings on this earth, under the
coercion and protection of the Communist regime, can profit from taking
organs from other people and transplanting them, advertising this
process on websites, and openly marketing them to the entire world, is
this still human civilization?

With events like this occurring today, all human beings on this planet
will be judged at the end.  How do you position yourself when the
magnificent Dafa that creates all the lives in the universe is being
persecuted? The compassionate Dafa has asked so little

of us sentient beings, if only you have a tiny bit of human heart, if
only you would condemn such events in which people slaughter people,
set people on fire, and sell people, you would most certainly oppose
the persecution of Dafa and you will enter into the future.

In the face of such an event, all levels of officials, policemen, and
special agents within the system of the CCP, who had been influenced by
lies and participated in the persecution, will have their last chance
to make a choice. Take a look, which road should you choose: following
the evil doers or following your conscience and compassion?

In the face of such an event, all the Chinese who carry the mark of the
beast also have their last chance. Take a look, should you not quit the
Party and the League and stop colluding with such an evil Party?

In the face of such an event, the CCP leaders, Hu and Wen, having the
controlling power, also have their last chance. Even though the evil
deeds have been committed by their subordinates, they know that it
truly happened, and they have the authority and ability to investigate
and stop the atrocity, will they carry it out or not? Judging from the
present condition, their actions are indeed very pitiful; therefore,
the Communist regime will be completely eliminated by the gods.

In the face of such an event, all those countries, big and small, that
have been financially bought and deceived by the lies of the CCP, will
also need to position themselves.  Should they continue to follow
a fascist regime? Do they believe the lies from the CCP that Falun Gong
opposes the regime when Falun Gong is only opposing the persecution
imposed by the regime? Is that being political? Should they not condemn
this persecution?

In the face of such an event, for all those practitioners who obtained
the Fa but have stayed home and cultivated behind a close door because
of their fear mentality, this is also their last chance.  Take a
look, should you not come out and disclose such an evil persecution?

When the CCP says that you should not be political, should we remain silent in the presence of such man-eating-man behavior?

After this final judgment, no one can say that the gods are not fair
when natural disasters come to eliminate people. Those people who will
be eliminated have all made their choices.  According to the
principles of the universe, people like that are disqualified from
being humankind.

For the Dafa disciples who have walked the path of the Fa-validating
and saving sentient beings, this is also their last chance to save more
sentient beings.


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