Visions of Other Dimensions: With the Fa-Rectification of the Human World Approaching, the Saving of Sentient Beings Has Become Extremely Urgent

Miao Miao (USA)

PureInsight | April 16, 2006

[] On the night
of March 1, while I was thinking about teaching my son Chinese, a scene
of other dimensions being disintegrated on a large scale suddenly
appeared right in front of my eyes. At that very moment, I realized
that it was a scene from the Fa-rectification of the human world and
the process of sweeping everything from the microscopic to the surface
dimensions. I saw that the speed of the old cosmos' disintegration
exceeded that of light. A powerful gong broke through the resistance of
different dimensions while approaching the surface dimension. The
moment it broke through a dimension, the lives in the old cosmos of
that dimension disintegrated and the lives of a new cosmos were born
instantly. In fact, the disintegration of lives in the old cosmos and
the birth of lives in a new cosmos went extremely quickly, at a speed
beyond description by human language. One cannot see the process and
feel the passage of time during the process. I was suddenly moved by
the extreme brilliance of this scene, yet also felt the terror being
felt by the lives that were being disintegrated, which was extremely
horrifying. It was extremely microscopic yet boundlessly enormous. My
tears gushed out as it occurred to me that the lives in the old cosmos
that had not yet been assimilated by Dafa have less and less hope. At
that moment, I heard a voice saying "Save them! Save them! Save them!"
Then Master's law body appeared in front of me, smiling, and then
disappeared. I realized that with the Fa-rectification of human world
approaching, the saving of sentient beings has become an extremely
urgent matter.


Master said: "Let me reveal this in plain language: the Fa was created
by me. In the colossal firmament, as long as you're something in the
cosmos, and everything is included, no matter whether you have a form
or not, be it emptiness, non-existence, or whatever, as long as you are
something, you were created by this Fa, and you're in the living
environment created by this Fa. For all beings, the Fa has standards.
The Fa created all beings, and in its renewal the Fa also makes all
beings assimilate [to what's new] and saves all beings. Since Dafa
disciples are studying the Fa, they're actively assimilating to the
Fa."... "I had all beings in the cosmic body learn about the Fa and
assimilate to the Fa with righteous thoughts. This is the best
benevolent solution, and the approach taken exhibits the compassion
toward all beings."(From "Teaching the Fa during the 2003 Lantern
Festival at the Western United States Fa Conference").

Also, on that night, I came to know that Dafa is the source of living
beings in the cosmos. Once a life is born, Dafa is already there. Dafa
exists in the place the life is born, which is the most microscopic
place in the colossal firmament. No life can transcend Dafa and no life
is able to understand Dafa. I saw that when the numerous lives in the
old cosmos were disintegrated and destroyed, all the lives being
assimilated by Dafa were in the most microscopic places where no lives
could reach them. All the sentient beings who had said, "Falun Dafa is
good" had also received a benevolent resolution from Dafa's immense

 Master said in Zhuan Falun
that: "Yet the human body's inside is as big as this universe, from
molecules to microscopic particles at the microscopic level. This may
sound very inconceivable.  ... All matter, including the human body,
exists simultaneously in connection with the dimensional levels of the
cosmic space.  The human body corresponds to external dimensions, and
they all have such forms of existence."

Human lives are all linked together at their highest level (most
microscopic) dimension. The king of one's life will know whatever one
does. Master's law body will know what a cultivator thinks. If an
ordinary person says, "Falun Dafa is good", his life will return to
Dafa. I saw that when other dimensions were disintegrated, a celestial
column separated the people who said "Falun Dafa is good" from the
dimensions that were disintegrated in the microscopic level and, at the
same time, Dafa changed his life from the microscopic dimension and
made him return to the state of beginning of his life. This way, he
could survive and had a future.

I saw that the old forces in other dimensions had long been
disintegrated and that the Fa-rectification is sweeping through
different dimensions at a speed that transcends the entire dimension
towards the most surface dimension. The opportunity for sentient beings
to be saved has become smaller and smaller. This is what I saw at my
present level and it is actually very limited when expressed with human

Fellow practitioners, let's strive forward together, closely follow
Master's Fa-rectification process, and fulfill our prehistoric grand

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