Nana's Family of Immortal Beings: ( I )Preface

Yang Ning

PureInsight | June 5, 2006

[] Nana is my
daughter. In the nine years of my cultivation practice in Dafa, she has
been often been with me, so all of my local fellow practitioners know
her. During these years, many fellow practitioners have tried to
encourage her in earnest to cultivate in Dafa. It is regrettable that
she hasn't really joined us to cultivate. Because she has been
influenced by what she constantly sees and hears among Dafa
practitioners, she knows well that Falun Dafa is good. Sometimes she
helps me with some Dafa projects and tells other people that Dafa is
good. Although she is a pious Christian, she has had many vivid dreams
that seem to be real and align with our practitioners' cultivation in
Dafa and reflect what Master has taught us. With fellow practitioners'
encouragement, we are trying to recall those dreams and write them down.

In one dream, she sees thousands upon thousands people. Everyone is
holding a book and listening to a lecture of teacher's. Nana is
standing in the sixth row and at the head of her row is Jesus. When I
explain the dream, I tell her that Master is giving a lecture to all
sentient beings.

In another dream, since Nana is too lazy, I want her to clean up her
own room. But she refuses to do it. I ask her to do it a few times;
however, she always turns a deaf ear to me. I feel that her attitude is
beyond endurance. When I use a stick to hit her on her body, she
happens to raise her hand to grab the stick and the stick hits her on
her middle

finger. She begins to cry and soon she falls asleep. She has many toys
and dolls in her room. Among them, her favorites are three pick pigs
which are respectively large, medium and small in size. In her dream,
these three pink pigs all can move. The smallest one is standing in
front with hands on its waist and saying, "Go! Go! Go!" The small pig
is commanding the biggest pig to use its mouth to pull Nana's hand. The
big pig touches

Nana's injured middle finger on purpose and drags Nana to their pig
bed. At this moment, the swarm of pigs begins to stump on Nana's body
with a lot of force. Nana is frightened and screams out, saying "I dare
not be lazy any more! I dare not be lazy any more!"

These are merely two examples. As a matter of fact, every day she tells
me of her dreams, one after another. It is as if these stories are a
series of shows.  When I try to understand them in context of
Dafa, I realize what she says about her dreams often reflect what our
Master has already taught us.

I am writing down my daughter's dreams not for showing us off. I merely
hope that fellow practitioners can be moved by her stories. Let us
together cherish such a precious opportunity of being able to cultivate
in Dafa, which has been unobtainable for eons. However, a Dafa
practitioner's steadfast faith in Dafa should not originate from these
stories in other dimensions, but from true understanding of Dafa.

Therefore these stories are only for your reference. I want to quote
Master's poem "True Sayings" in Hong Yin II to share with all fellow

 "Gods and Buddhas come to the world

 Sentence after sentence, spilling out true sayings

 Things of heaven, earth, humans and gods

 True secrets are spread for Fa"

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