Reincarnation Record: A Predestined Relationship from Two Lifetimes Ago

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] During the
Qing Dynasty, there lived a well-to-do old man in the suburbs of
Beijing. He was a silk merchant and had a son, twenty-some years old.
The young son constantly thought about how to master his father's skill
in sales and nothing else. Many matchmakers came to their house in hope
of finding him a wife, but the son always used being too busy as an
excuse. Later the old man kept him at home and chose a young lady from
a wealthy family.  His future wife was only 16 years old.

The following year, the family decorated the house, had a wedding
ceremony, and brought the young lady into the family. The young couple
was quite happy. Bai Juyi, a renowned poet from Tang Dynasty, said once
in his poem, "Merchants who seek profit take separation from family
lightly." The young man did not think much of love and did not have a
proper attitude toward money either.  To put it more clearly, his
love for his career was far more than that for his wife and the old
man.  He had conflicting notions in his mind about his
responsibilities toward his wife, his father, and money.

Three years later, he went to the south of the Yangtze River for a
business trip. Soon he heard that his father was dying.  When he
came, his father was well. He thought that the old man probably just
wanted him to return home since he had been out for quite some time,
and the father had made various excuses before.  However, there
were a few little things that needed to be settled and he believed that
he could wait until after everything was taken cared of.  Thus, he
stayed a few more days. He returned home and found that his father had
passed away. The father kept calling his nickname and left words for
him: After I die, please take good care of my good daughter-in-law and
do not travel away from home often.

After his father was buried, he was indeed very good and kept his wife
company. He had other people to mind the business.  Later the
business grew more prosperous and he became very busy. He traveled to
other areas on business trips. While he was about 50 years old, his
wife got pregnant.  Around the time of the upcoming birth of his
child, a very important deal needed his attention, so he told his wife
before he left that he would be back in a few days. However, after
about eight days, he was still not back, his wife was very anxious.
"How good it would be if he were home!" thought the wife during the
difficult childbirth. The child was born after the wife suffered
tremendously.  The wife died, however, without even seeing her
newborn daughter.

After the wife died, her main spirit came out her body and was very
resentful toward her husband. She was very protective of her baby
daughter, and vowed that she would find a way to reincarnate into a
human being so she could take care of her daughter during critical

When he returned home and heard the heart-broken news about his wife,
he cried for three days.  Only when others reminded him that he
needed to take care of his baby daughter, did he slowly come out of his

Later, during some social turmoil, he found that he and his daughter
relied on each other. When the daughter was six years old, they were
separated in a war.  As a result, the predestined relationship
between them ended in that lifetime.

Now, in this lifetime, when the little girl was having financial
hardship, he (the father) appeared.  That is so logical, and he
acted like a biological father to her. Later he brought his married
daughter (his daughter from the previous lifetime) to be with him.
Because she was a Falun Gong practitioner, just moved to a new city,
she encountered many inconveniences.  He then introduced her to an
old colleague whom he had not seen for 27 years.  He said that
this old colleague of his wanted him to marry her daughter, but he
declined.  And that was one of the reasons why he had not seen her
for all these years. But he felt the need to go for a visit at the
moment, and he found out that her entire family practiced Falun Gong,
and the daughter of the old colleague turned out to be the mother of
this girl from two lifetimes ago.

The events afterwards were even more interesting: slowly, the daughter
of the old colleague started to be very concerned about this girl,
treating this girl like a daughter of her own.  Thus, two of them
were taking care of her.  When he knew that the mother was coming,
he would leave immediately. When the mother knew that he was coming,
she would leave quickly. They were playing a game of hind and seek.

Even though they are not man and wife in this lifetime, they are
fulfilling their promises as parents to her from two lifetimes ago.

From this story, we know that predestined relationships are prearranged purposely by heaven, and no one can change that.

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