An Authentic Record of Retribution: Knowing One's Predestination to Avoid Disaster

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | June 18, 2007

[] Zhao Zhiqing
was from the Shandong area. He was known for his filial piety and
honesty and thus was elected to be a Zanhuang County magistrate. During
his three years in that position, he was incorruptible and humane.
Civilians all praised his virtues. One day he went to the prefecture
chief to resign his official post. The prefect asked him the reason.
Zhao Zhiqing said: "I am aware of the predestination from my previous
life and so I have to resign." The prefect was very curious and
questioned him about his predestination.

Zhao Zhiqing said: "I was once a disciple of a great Taoist master in
my previous life. My master had certain magical powers. When I was 26,
I was afflicted with an illness. Before I died, my master said to me:
"You haven't attended to building a solid foundation of the Dao for
when you will be reincarnated into human world. And because you haven't
cultivated enough blessings you won't obtain a high official post. The
best you will achieve is being a county magistrate and it will only
last no more than three years. If you stay in that position for even
one day longer, you will incur disaster. If you retire at the peak of
your career and live the life of a recluse and cultivate, it is
possible that you will see me again." I died after my master finished

After I died and reincarnated, my consciousness has always remained
clear. Everything my master said has been realized. Now the end of my
three years in this official post is approaching and I must retire and
go to cultivation.  

The prefecture chief asked him to stay a little while longer. Later, a
person by the name of Liu took his place. Half month later, a gang of
bandits came to attack the city. After the bandits took the city, Liu's
whole family was killed.  

From Shijiexian in the Qing dynasty

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