People with Predestined Relationships Came to Learn about the Truth

A Dafa Practitioner From Taiwan

PureInsight | August 13, 2006

[] Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital:"

"People with predestined relationships and those who can be saved can
be made to--made to by Master's Law Bodies, righteous gods, or the
immense field that Dafa has formed in the world--appear right before
you in any of a range of settings, providing them with a chance to
learn the truth. But you have to carry it out, and it doesn't work if
you're not out there doing things."

As Fa-Rectification has reached the final stage, many people with
predestined relationships came to learn about the truth. Occasionally,
even when I forgot to clarify the truth to them, some people would
blurt out something to remind me. Here are several stories I want to
share with everyone.   

By accident I met my teacher who had taught me twenty years ago  

Besides clarifying the truth to people in Mainland China via the
Internet, I try to remember and look up old friends who came from
Mainland China. I remembered one of my middle school teachers clearly
because she frequently mentioned to us the distinct scenes of the four
seasons in Mainland China. I found her phone number from the middle
school autograph album and called her, but no one answered the phone. I
thought that it had been twenty years and everything might have been

One day my child and I were waiting for the bus at a bus stop after the
group Fa study. We sat down on a bench, and I started to feed milk to
my child. I saw an elderly lady sitting next to us. As I greeted her
and chatted with her, I suddenly realized from her familiar look that
she was my middle school teacher I had tried to contact. After thinking
it over, I asked her with slight embarrassment if she was who I thought
she was. Before I finish my sentence, the elderly lady said, "You look
just like when you were a child." This was how our predestined
relationship was reconnected again. I told her that I was cultivating
Dafa, and so on.

Clerks bought Zhuan Falun

In everyday life, I often chat with people I have contact with and tell them I am a Dafa practitioner.

One day I went to a store. I had been there before and had clarified
the truth to the clerks there. One of the clerks told another clerk,
"She is a Falun Gong practitioner!" The other clerk then asked me some
questions about cultivation. I advised her to cherish the good fortune
she has and start cultivating as well.

A few days later when I revisited the store, the clerks showed me Zhuna Falun they had bought and told me, "We all bought the book."

Meeting with my western painting teacher on the rapid transit train

Last year, after the publication of the album of the
"Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance Art Show," I was thinking who I
should send the album to.  I thought of my western painting
teacher in high school. He had encouraged me to continue my art
education then. I decided to send him a copy of the album and also
write him a letter to tell him about my Dafa cultivation.

A year has passed. While I was in a rapid transit train on my way to
attend a July 20 candlelight vigil, I saw a group of people boarding
the train. Two of them looked familiar. I recognized one was my high
school art teacher. After almost twenty years, I wasn't too sure it was
he. I looked closer, but still couldn't be sure. As the train was
approaching the next station, I worried that I might lose the
opportunity to clarify the truth to him. I thus walked towards him and
asked: "Are you teacher Chen?" It could be because of the letter I had
sent him that he recognized me right away. As I was about to get off
the train pretty soon, I briefly mentioned to him that I was on my way
to attend a special candlelight vigil.

A shopkeeper said: "I only come here this one time."

I had a lamp placed above Teacher's picture at home. Without a
lampshade, light coming from the lamp was quite bright. I wanted to put
a beautiful cloth shade over it. Because I seldom do window shopping, I
had no idea where I could get such beautiful cloth. So I put a piece of
painted paper on the lamp to shade the light.


After two days, I went to a night market to buy things and saw a stand
with beautiful front decoration. The stand had the flowered cloth I
wanted. I hesitated a little, wandering whether I should spend more
money. I said to the shopkeeper: "I have never seen you before. Is this
the first time you came here?"  She said: "I actually have my
stand elsewhere. Because a friend told me that there was a vacancy here
I came here this one time." Upon hearing "this one time," how could I
not to clarify the truth to her? So I clarified the truth to her. When
I told her about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) removing organs
from living Falun Gong practitioners, she expressed sympathy and said:
"I always had the idea that Falun Gong was fighting with the CCP when I
saw the Falun Gong's activities. Now I know the reason." I was very
happy for her to have learned the truth.

The kindness of trying to save her life in a previous life

This is the story fellow practitioner A told me. Practitioner A once
had special feelings towards one of her colleagues some years ago. It
seemed they both liked each other, but their relationship didn't
develop any further. Their feeling towards each other was deeper than
those between two colleagues. But their feeling weren't "love" either.
They just cared about each other. This kind of feeling perplexed both
of them for many years. She began to understand their relationship
after she started Falun Dafa cultivation: She saw that she was the head
of a seaside village in a previous life. One year a tsunami engulfed
the whole village. Before the sea engulfed her, a young man tried to
save her at the risk of his own life. Both of them died from drowning.
Because of his trying to save her life, they had deep feelings towards
each other in this life.

After many years, both of them left the company and had not seen each
other. Practitioner A had been searching for the meaning of life in
various ways. After she started Falun Dafa cultivation, she began to
understand the predestined relationship between them, and realized that
she was supposed to tell him that "cultivating Dafa is the true meaning
in life." Recently they met again by chance, A had spread the Fa to him
to repay his kindness in her previous life.  

I wrote these stories because I read an article written by a fellow
practitioner that mentioned that a person who had passed away appeared
in a Dafa practitioner's dream and complained that she hadn't told her
about Dafa. The Fa-rectification has progressed to the final stage;
those having predestined relationship with Dafa should be able to have
things reach their resolutions. We need to clarify the truth more often
in order to not have any regret.

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