Cherishing the Chance to Cultivate and to Keep Up With Fa Rectification


PureInsight | August 27, 2006

[] (2006 Experience Sharing Conference in Ireland)
My name is Xuewei and in the autumn of 2003, with the advance of Fa
rectification, I became a Dafa disciple. At that time, I came into Dafa
with strong selfish motives. I am a little ashamed when I think about
my past practice and cultivation path. I didn't do well with a lot of
the things our Master wants us to do and I didn't behave and engage
myself according to the requirements of Dafa. Although I was not as
diligent as I should have been, our merciful Master never gave up on me
and instead has let me experience the miracle of Dafa. This encouraged
me to become more diligent.


When I truly began cultivating, I felt the rotation of Falun in both of
my palms when I practised the second exercise. I was so happy at the
time. I had Falun and knew that Master was really taking care of me. I
said to myself: Master, please set your heart at rest, I will follow
you and become a genuine Dafa disciple. From that point on, I practised
and studied the Fa everyday, reading Zhuan Falun
and systematically studying all of Master's other lectures. One time
when I sent forth righteous thought I felt my body become massive. I
felt everything was boundless and as a result I had more confidence in
doing the three things daily.

However, during my practice and cultivation, selfish thoughts as well
as becoming numb to the persecution arose and at times I became less
diligent. I studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts and clarified
the facts as if they were a chore. I could not guarantee that I would
practise the exercises daily either. Even worse, I became addicted to
internet computer games. During that time, some fellow practitioners
talked with me on several occasions, but I turned a deaf ear. Then one
day, a practitioner talked again to me with tears in his eyes. I was
shocked and my mind woke up. I said to myself that this was not my true
self. I wanted to practise and cultivate, and I wanted to go home with

From that point, I began my practise and cultivation diligently and
tried my best to do the three things well. Also, I began to memorize
the Fa like other practitioners. In order to encourage me, Master let
me experience the miracle of Dafa again. During the tranquil meditation
I truly felt a strong energy current between my two palms.

With the progress of Fa rectification, in 2004 the Epoch Times
published the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," which has
shaken the world. This has induced mass withdrawals from the wicked
party and its affiliated organisations in mainland China. People have
expressed their disgust with the wicked party and issued statements of
resignation. I also resigned and published my own statement. At the
same time I mobilized my wife, my child and some friends to resign.
However, for my relatives, I wasn't rational. I thought that they were
my family members and would understand when I talked with them. I
didn't clarify the facts to them with the mindset of offering salvation
to sentient beings. It was because of this incorrect thought that I
faced a lot of difficulties when clarifying the facts to them and
helping them to understand why they should resign from the evil party.

For example, my father has been a member of the wicked party for a long
time and has experienced all kinds of political movements, so he should
have a clear understanding of its evil history. But it is not that
simple! Although during every festival when family members come
together, he complains about how the party is not good, he still would
not resign after I talked with him. On top of this, he would even say
some sarcastic things to me.

By studying Fa, I realised that I was not level-headed about this. It
was like what our Master taught in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los

    "While we are on this subject, I would like to
mention something. Some of you have done poorly in clarifying the truth
to your families, and that is because you haven't done it right. One
reason is that you don't know what their stuck point is; you are
unclear on the cause. Another thing is that when you clarify the truth
to your family, you always regard them as family, rather than as
sentient beings who are to be saved. You are a cultivator, and you are
above ordinary people. You know that in this lifetime you are family,
but did you know that in your previous life you might not have been?
You know that in this lifetime this person is your wife, but who knows
whose wife she will be in the next lifetime. In this lifetime that
person is your child, but whose child was he in his previous life?"

As cultivators, we should all be clear on this. We can't be mired in
the kind of ordinary human concept of being related to someone. We
should instead regard that person as a sentient being and save him as
we would any other sentient being. It is guaranteed that when we then
talk with them the result will be different. We shouldn't first think
of them as family members. In reality, the knowing side of their being
is aware that we are family members in this life, but in the next life
we may be in someone else's family. The core of their being knows this.
When we truly have righteous thoughts as we save them, their true
thoughts will be able to tell and they won't be mired in ordinary
people's feelings anymore.

It is our Master who has enlightened me, through fellow practitioners,
about how to rationally, and with wisdom, keep up with the progress of

At the beginning of this year, the evil party's crime of harvesting
organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in China was exposed. Kind
hearted people were shocked by these atrocities and often find it hard
to believe that such cruelty is occurring in this day and age. In order
to let more Irish people learn about the wicked nature of the evil
party and learn about what has happened in China, I took part in a car
tour with other practitioners. The car tour visited fifteen counties
around Ireland. When Irish people asked us: "Is this true?" the only
answer we could give was: "Yes, this is happening in China. However,
due to a CCP cover-up, what we have told you is only the tip of the
iceberg. Please sign the petition letter if you want to help us. Let us
work together to stop this genocide." After understanding the truth,
people all sign their names and express their support.

At times, I would become impatient when seeing other practitioners
clarifying the facts in very good English. Because my English is not
very good, I felt frustrated being unable to communicate with people or
being able to clarify the facts to them properly. So during the car
tour, I decided to hold the end of one of our banners to allow other
practitioners with good English to clarify the facts to people. After
each day, I felt very tired, but gratified that a lot of people learned
the facts. It is worth it if only one person learns the truth. Upon
seeing practitioners standing in rain, many people would want to give
money or buy food, but fellow practitioners would kindly decline. One
young man, who was quite interested, even bought several books of
stamps, put them on our table, and then left. When faced with these
kind and selfless people, my tears would often mix with the rain.

Looking back at my three-years of cultivation, our Master has
enlightened and encouraged me all of the time. Is there any reason for
me to not do better? To end, I want to quote Master's poem "True Nature
Revealed" from Hong Yin II:

Steadfastly cultivate Dafa, the will unflinching

The raising of levels is what's fundamental

In the face of tests one's true nature is revealed

Achieve Consummation, becoming a Buddha, Dao, or God

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