Making the Start Light Brighter

PureInsight | August 29, 2006

[] (2006 Experience Sharing Conference in Ireland)

"Long long roads with mild clear wind,

The surrounding wild land is so quiet,

I am walking forward,

Trying to find a star at the edge of the sky."

This is typical scenery that I come across while going to other counties to install NTDTV satellite dishes.

In August 2004, when a fellow practitioner asked me whether I would
like to work on the satellite project, I hesitated because I did not
have any previous knowledge and we had no funding or technology. 
Later through exchanging understandings with him, I realised that the
NTD satellite dish project was part of Fa rectification and played a
very important role in truth clarification. Master has also said that
our media would become the largest media throughout the world.

After having a clear understanding based in the Fa, I grew in
confidence. A fellow practitioner who worked on this project also
before shared a personal experience with me. He said that once while he
was installing on top a customer's roof he lost his balance. He was
about to fall from the roof when he felt a big hand giving him a firm
push from behind. He was then able to stand upright again. Merciful
Master has been guarding and protecting him as well as guarding the
satellite dish project. As a result, he has never stopped moving
forward with the project no matter how painstaking and difficult it
was. His experience touched me. I realised that Dafa disciples are
supernormal. Additionally, there is Master and the Fa. As long as we
take ourselves as Master's disciples and as a particle in the Fa
rectification, how can we have any reason for not doing this important
project? In such a way, I started to work on the satellite dish
installation project with the arrangement of Master.

After the initial joy and excitement, I gradually began to experience
the sweet, sour, bitter and spicy parts of the actual work. Satellite
dish installation is outdoor work, which is subject to the limitations
of the weather. Sometimes the work has to be delayed and sometimes we
return without doing any work. At the beginning, we would passively
wait and take any problem as being normal. Later, I remembered that
everything in everyday people's society is caused by Dafa disciple's
hearts. Whether I can take myself as a cultivator and whether I can
look at the weather issue, a superficial phenomenon in everyday
people's society, from the perspective of the Fa is the crucial point.
On the other hand, the old forces may be interfering with our truth
clarification. If I cannot enlighten deeply enough within the Fa, if I
cannot keep a pure attitude and cannot maintain strong righteous
thoughts, I may have loopholes that will be taken advantage of by the
evil. And this will influence our truth clarification and saving
sentient beings.

Later on I began to study the Fa before going out to install NTD
satellite dishes. I also sent forth righteous thoughts with the thought
of eliminating all interfering elements, including the weather. I
firmly denied the arrangements of the old forces. Righteous thoughts
and wisdom all come from within the Fa. Through studying the Fa, I have
understood Master's words: "Dafa Disciple's righteous thoughts are
powerful." I have also realised that my deeply rooted mentalities of
everyday people are still functioning because I often fear the bad
weather. I have realised this attachment and understood Master's poem:
"If you have fear, it will catch hold of it. As soon as your thought is
upright, the evil will collapse." I started to Send Forth Righteous
Thoughts with the specific aim of getting rid of my attachment of fear.

There have been several times that the sky was full of dark clouds and
even some rain dropped, but because this fellow practitioner and I were
both holding strong righteous thought, the rain would not fall until
after we had finished the work.

Installing NTD dishes has not been a smooth path. One unexpected
incident happened several weeks ago. A customer needed to reinstall the
dish because he was moving his home. His house was pretty high and my
ladder could not reach the roof. I had to climb on the top of the
kitchen behind the main building and then climb onto the main building
roof from the kitchen roof. When I was climbing to the top of the
ladder and trying to climb onto the roof I slid off with the ladder and
dropped on the kitchen roof. Because I fell awkwardly on my left hand,
it became swollen. At this time, I was not afraid, but I felt very
unusual. I could not figure it out. Just when I was worrying that it
would be difficult for me to get the work done, I saw a neighbour was
having a Sky satellite dish installed. Those workers had a very long
ladder. I thought that I might be able to borrow the ladder from them.
So I went to ask him, but before I finished my sentence he said: "I
knew you would come. Why haven't you come earlier?" And then, as I was
just starting to install the dish he put up the ladder, climbed up to
the roof and uninstalled the cable for me. I thanked him a few times,
but my heart was not calm. I realised that it was merciful Master who
helped me.

On the other hand I thought I have done this work for two years now and
have never encountered anything like this. Why did it happen this time?
Master says in the Fa, "You should be clear that ‘natural' does not
really exist and ‘certainty' has its reason." Then what was the reason
for this incident? Later while sharing with my wife, she realised that
it might be that I was not practising cultivation diligently and that I
was not doing the three things well. This caused me to fall down. Her
words touched me deeply. Thinking about the period before the event, I
saw that I had used most of my time and strength for work and business.
I did not have enough time to do the three things. So Master mercifully
gave me a hint and let me enlighten through this and improve.
Cultivation practice is like driving a boat against the direction of
the water current, if we do not move forward, we will move back. Master
says in Zhuan Falun,
"There is an issue of going up or dropping down in every pass, every
tribulation. It is already difficult originally. How come add such
tribulations artificially."

During the past two years of my work, the biggest feeling pf
encouragement was no more than the change of our customers' attitude
and heart.

I remembered that during our car tour, I went to send materials to
fellow practitioners, and met with an old customer. Although we had not
met each other for more than a year, he came out to greet me like an
old friend and started to chat with me. I told him about our car tour.
He listened carefully and asked questions from time to time. At the end
when I left, he gave me a big bag of dumpling as a gesture of good will
and told me to share them with other practitioners. I deeply felt
sentient beings' kind nature and good side being revealed after they
learn the truth. I also witnessed the effect and power of NTDTV in
truth clarification.

Among our first group of customers, there is an old Chinese traditional
medicine doctor who has been living in Ireland for decades. He told me
several times that he had watched programmes of all the Chinese TV
stations and thinks that NTD is the best. He has also introduced
several customers to us.

There is another customer who is a businessman and is quite
well-regarded in the Irish Chinese community. After watching NTDTV for
half a year, he told us that he was shocked at the beginning. He
thought, "Why does this TV station criticize the CCP so severely?"
However, after watching for some time, he now watches NTDTV every day.

On one occasion several staff members from the Chinese Embassy went to
visit his home. He not only proactively turned on NTDTV but also
introduced the programme contents to them. The Embassy staff asked why
he dared to watch such subversive programmes? He replied, "why not?
What they say is all true. You should have a look and get to know the

Later he said to us sincerely, "You are doing a magnificent job. The
more people watching NTDTV and realising the true face of the CCP, the
more the foundations of CCP will become unstable. Nowadays, Chinese
people under the wicked party's rule have become walking corpses
without minds or souls. Because of the party, people would sell their
family name and dignity for money. They may even not be concerned about
or considerate of others. This is very sad and shameful for the Chinese
race. The man said that if he had enough money his would like to
install NTDTV dish for every Chinese family so that all Chinese people
could become aware of the CCP's evil nature and find out their roots
have been lost.

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