With Zhen Shan Ren in Heart, Follow Master to Walk the Fa Rectification Path Well

A Falun Gong Practitioner in Ireland

PureInsight | August 29, 2006

[PureInsight.org] (2006 Experience Sharing Conference in Ireland)

1.    Getting to know Falun Gong

The first time that I heard the name "Falun Gong" was when attending
middle school in China. My father's two sisters said that the effect of
the practice was pretty good and suggested my mother, who had been
suffering from diseases for a long time, also practise. My mother
accepted the idea but it was not until half a year later that she
learned the exercises.

My recollections of that day are very clear. Two aunties were happily
showing Master's exercise video and teaching us the five sets of
exercises. When I did the Jie Yin posture for the first time, I felt as
if I was holding a hot ball in my hands. Although I could not see it
with my eyes, it really existed. Looking back, I believe that I
established a connection with Dafa at that time. However, I only
understood that Dafa was good and that one should be a good
person.  I did not realise how immense the Fa was.

The last time I saw these two aunties was during New Year in 1999.
Their skin looked light and delicate. This left a deep impression on me
as one of them had previously had a lung disease and her face had
looked yellowish with large brown spots. The spots were so big that
even make-up could not cover them. However, that day when I met her,
her skin looked very light and all of her person looked healthy and
energized. The other auntie would always scold others at home and in
the workplace as she had a hot temper.  After practising Dafa, her
temperament changed. On one occasion, she was baby sitting for someone.
When with her, the baby was fine but after the auntie returned the baby
to it's parents, the baby began to cough repeatedly. It was really like
what Master says: "People within your energy field can have their
bodies rectified unconsciously, because such kind of field can rectify
all abnormal states." (Zhuan Falun).

After the "self-immolation" incident on Tiananmen Square, these two
aunties went to the government to appeal and were put in jail. Several
months later, I learned from my father that they were released after
posting bail. The cost was in the tens of thousands of yuan, equivalent
to thousands of Euro.

2.    Return to the path of cultivation

Years later, I came to Ireland and had the opportunity to meet Dafa
disciples once again. When I watched the video tape of Master's Dalian
lecture, I could not help crying. I realised that this Fa of Falun Dafa
is what I have been searching for the past few years. I have finally
re-started my cultivation and am walking the path of true cultivation.

3.    Eliminate the attachment of fear

This was already the end of 2003. When I told my father that I had
chosen the path of cultivation, he strongly objected and said that my
two aunties kept practising even though they were sent to the hospital
with some "illness." I knew that it was either elimination of karma and
part of my auntie' cultivation or a similar state caused by evil
interference. This caused misunderstandings among my relatives and my
father had a negative impression. At this time, I was not studying Fa
well and was not doing the three things Fa-rectification disciples
should do. My attachment of fear arose and my belief in Dafa wavered. I
did not attend group Fa study. When my non-practitioner friends went
fishing, I went as well. As soon as I threw out the line while fishing,
I had a bite but was not able to lift the fish out of the water. At the
time I did not realise that it was because I was being guarded by
Master so as to prevent me from making a large amount karma. Because I
did not realise this I went to the riverside to catch some smaller
animals. I had very severe disease karma and then realized that I had
not done well. I made up my mind to firmly practise cultivation. That
evening, I practised all of the exercises. The next morning, all of the
karmic symptoms disappeared. However, my human side was still not
stable. My human attachments rose up again after the pains were gone.
Later I had severe pain in my back as if I was being broken in the
middle. When I returned home that evening, it was still very difficult
to walk. My neighbour brought some medicine to me. I immediately
realised that this was a test for me. I refused, but was still not
stable in my heart. On the second day of this tribulation, I made a
phone call to a fellow practitioner and shared thoughts and experiences
briefly with him. He stated directly that it was my attachment of fear.
At that moment, I had a firm thought to practise cultivation. There was
immediate release. It was Master shouldering the karma for me.

From then on, I have stepped out to tell people about the beautifulness
of Dafa and the truth about the persecution. I have also ensured that I
have do the three things well. I have walked towards maturity gradually
with the help of fellow practitioners. The fellow practitioner who
helped me realise my attachment of fear later became my husband.

4.    The wisdom given by Dafa

Before obtaining the Fa, I was not good at sharing my thoughts with
everyday people. However, after obtaining the Fa, when I clarify the
truth on the street, words come out easily and many people have praised
my good communication skills. I know that this is the wisdom given by
Dafa. When I held a compassionate mind, this would be felt by the good
side of other's being. I have seen this in people's eyes.

5.    Cultivating the heart is the most difficult

Unconsciously, I have been conducting real cultivation for more than a
year. When my xinxing improved a little, great changes have occurred in
my body. I look more beautiful. I felt that cultivation practice is not
really difficult. Sometimes when I see conflicts between other
practitioners or conflicts that appear to be unsolvable between some
couples, I would not understand. Later, I understood how hard
cultivation practice is after getting married and after becoming a
mother. My husband helped me to improve a lot from within the Fa, but
how can it be that there are no conflicts between practitioners? How
can one cultivate if there are no conflicts?

During the first month after giving birth, I did not keep up in Fa
study and did not look inward when running into problems. My husband
and I became unhappy with one another. My body underwent great changes.
I discovered an unusual symptom in my chest and was constantly trying
to figure out what it was. So I went to see a private doctor.

Many people were there waiting. The doctor found that my baby was in
good mental state and he told me to make an appointment so that we
could have an inoculation. Later I realised that this was a test of
whether I was determined towards the Fa. Although it did not disappear,
I lay this heart down and let it be. I stopped thinking about it and
did whatever I needed to do. Even if there is some demonic
interference, nothing can really interfere with me as long as I do well
the three things that Dafa disciples' should do and behave in an
upright manner.

After eliminating this attachment, other attachment also needed to be
removed. Shortly after my situation became a little better, my husband
started to tell me to seek inward. My neighbour was telling me to seek
inward as well. I wondered why they were all telling me this? It was
tough to look after a baby alone. Additionally, I was told to do the
housework. I quickly realised that something was not right. I listened
to Master's Fa lecture. Listen again and again, I enlightened that I
was a practitioner. Everything I encounter is arranged for me to
reaching consummation in cultivation. Whatever other people say, I
should measure with Zhen-Shan-Ren
and measure it according to the standard of the Fa. When something
difficult emerges, I will make use of it. If there is anything I have
not done well, I will correct it. If there are any difficulties, I will
persevere and overcome it. If I encounter any problem, I will speak out
and see what exactly is going on. If it is my error, I will admit it
and correct it.

The first time I told my husband about what he had not done well, he
was very unhappy and said one should seek inward in cultivation. I
asked him, "If I do not tell a fellow practitioner when I see them
holding onto attachments and not discarding them, would I be practising
Zhen? Would I be practising Shan? I would not be practising Ren
either. One's heart should not waver. However when dealing with other
people, one should let go all attachments and genuinely consider the
other person. This is real Ren. My husband did not say anything after
hearing this and he apologized to me the next day. Gradually, I came to
understand the realm of "After letting go of sentiment, there is mercy
and compassion, which is more wonderful thing." I have also experienced
the pains and hardship of cultivation, but the difficult step will be
overcome after the attachment is let go of. Looking back, I wondered if
the karma made life after life could really be passed so easily? I
wondered how much Master has endured for his disciples.

After my baby was one month old, I rejoined the group Fa study and
truth clarification activities. I was very happy to come back, but I
also felt that my progress was not keeping up with Fa-rectification.

On one occasion more than a year ago, I went to a place where many
Chinese people live to distribute the"Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party." Many people came up and surrounded me. They
criticized me in a very bad manner. During the trip, I didn't Send
Forth Righteous Thoughts or clarify the facts properly. For a long
period after that, demons chased me in my dreams. At the beginning, I
did not take this seriously. For one month after my baby was born, I
was tired every night because I was constantly running away from demons
in my dreams. When I studied the Fa, Sent Forth Righteous Thoughts and
clarified the facts, I did not have any more of those dreams.

I had another dream not so long ago. In this dream, I was going
somewhere and met a person at a bus station. He died for an unknown
reason. However, others blamed me that he died because I had not saved
him. After arriving at the second station, I saw a big bus full of
passengers. Originally, they were in the shadow of two big trees.
However, the tree shadow disappeared for no reason and they died as
well. Others also blamed me for their deaths. It was midnight. I jump
up and wanted to go to save them. Then I realised that it was a dream.
It was Master giving me a hint. Because I have not clarified the truth
well, many people who had predestined relationships have not quit from
the evil party and are not clear about the truth.

Then next day, I went to an open event, many people stopped to listen
to my truth clarification and accepted the Nine Commentaries. At the
conclusions of the event, all of the practitioners regarded it as a
great success.

"Compassion and mercy can dissolve (all problems) and the heaven and earth have good climate like spring."

A being's good side can understand. During the past several days, I
have bumped into a number of my friends one after another and this made
me feel how urgent it is to save people. Time is very tight.  

The gate of the human world has been opened. The Lord of Buddha has
come down to the world despite all difficulties, hardships and pains in
order to save sentient being who have accumulated much sin and karma.
Master does not mind the mistakes people have made in history and has
shouldered immeasurable karma for us. As disciples, we will definitely
make good use of this time to practice cultivation and try our best to
save as many beings as possible.

Dafa is spreading and human hearts are rectified; Helping Master to
rectify the Fa, there is no way to say we are tired. I wish that even
more people with predestined relationships can learn the truth, obtain
the Fa and be saved.

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