Experience with Participating in a Dance Performance

PureInsight | September 24, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Ms. Lin is a
professional dancer instructor. Last time there was a nine-day camp for
young disciples, to my great surprise, they put together a dance number
under her guidance. This time she decided to put together a formal
dance drama in just 3 days. The dance drama is over six minutes long
and its title is "Eliminating the Evil." I played the role of "the
evil" that mainly interferes with the cultivation of
practitioners.  Lin and another practitioner, Xi, played the roles
of practitioners. Four older kids were to demonstrate Chinese martial
arts moves, while nine younger kids were to assist in the performance
by tapping drums.  

The first rehearsal started on an evening. Ms. Lin was very busy with
her teaching job. She only had time to help prepare for the performance
in the evenings. The performance was supposed to take place two days
later. But we still hadn't even completed the choreography. How could
the kids practice for the dance number without that? We only had one
day left for rehearsal. I was very worried and concerned.

Lin had originally envisioned that the young kids would appear one more
time holding lotus flowers after the evil was eliminated. She probably
didn't make her intention clear to Ms. Lu. In early rehearsals, Ms. Xi
didn't include that scene. So when Lin asked those kids to come out
with lotus flowers, they were reluctant to do it.  They had
already tried very hard to remember all the movements in the dance and
they did not want to begin afresh.  

Those kids were making a scene and refused to follow Ms. Lin's
instruction.  I asked Xi to help communicate with the children and
Xi promised to help out.  But an hour passed, and I saw Xi was
still playing with the kids without taking any action.  I was
wondering what I should do when Lin shouted, "Do you want to practice
or not? If not, I'm leaving."  Xi then realized that the situation
was getting serious and took the kids to a small room for a talk.


I saw Ms. Lin studying the Fa at a corner with a serious look on her
face. So I went over to talk to her. I said, "It is not the first time
you have come across such a problem.  You cannot always avoid
them.  It will appear again.  Can't we change our view
towards the performance? Our goal shouldn't be to have a successful
performance. Our goal should be to use the problems that we've
encountered as opportunities to improve our xinxing
as a whole. If we think this way, I believe that we should be able to
complete our task well. Master has never judged how well we've
cultivated based on how much Dafa work we've done. Instead, he only
looks at how much improvement we have made in our xinxing while doing Dafa work."  

We also talked about other things that we had been unwilling to
confront. Once we shared our concerns openly, we were able to face them
directly and they became easy to solve. At that time, the kids came out
of the small room.  They all sat besides us quietly. It seems that
Xi had reached an understanding with the kids, and everyone seemed to
be all right.

After a long evening of rehearsal, my body ached so much the next day
that I almost couldn't get up.  We didn't complete the rehearsal
for the entire number until 2 or 3 PM the day of the performance.
Considering most of us were not professional dancers, I felt that we
had accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

At about six in the evening, we arrived at the performance site. Our
performance was supposed to take place at 8 PM.  While I was
quietly waiting for our turn to perform, I watched other Dafa
disciples' performances, which were all wonderful.  Then it was
our turn. Our dance had four sections. In the first section, Xi and Lin
danced together as two practitioners. After they completed their dance
number, I took the stage as the evil being. The third section of the
dance started when the older kids demonstrated Chinese martial arts
movements and the younger kids tapped drums in the background. In the
fourth and final section of the dance, I appeared on stage to interfere
with them. Then the two practitioners appeared. With everyone's joint
efforts, the evil was eliminated. The kids appeared on the stage with
lotus flowers in their hands.  At that moment, the background
music changed to a calm and peaceful one. The performance ended with
four rings of a bell.  

We were told afterwards that audience appreciated our performance very
much. Some of them were even moved to tears. Although we received very
good feedback, we understand that there are still a lot of things that
we need to improve.  

No photos were taken of the performance but there are some from
rehearsal on the Chinese language version of the article linked below.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/9/7/39564.html

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