Break Through the Old Forces' Arrangements and Facilitate What Teacher Wants

An Overseas Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | October 15, 2006

[] From the Fa, we know that the new cosmos has already been created, and in addition it is incomparably wondrous and beautiful.

From the Fa, we know that the Three Realms have been sealed off,
detached from the Milky Way, and will be dealt with separately.  

From the Fa, we know that all sentient beings came from the Fa. If they
can't be saved this time, then they'll never be able to return home.

From the Fa, we know that the Fa-rectification Dafa disciples' immense,
primeval wish was to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa during
Fa-Rectification and saving sentient beings.

From the Fa, we know that the old forces have made meticulous
arrangements for Dafa disciples and the elements of the old forces are
still in effect. Old prophecies said that, out of every ten people, it
will be difficult to find one person who survives. In fact, it recorded
the standard that the old forces had set up for the elimination of

The immense current of the Fa-Rectification is approaching Earth. But
when manifested at the human world, the number of people who withdraw
from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations
has stayed steadily in the range of ten to twenty thousand each day. It
seems that an invisible hand has been controlling the tempo.

Even in a marathon, the most arduous human race where one almost
exhausts his entire energy reserves, the athletes still make a sprint
and have a final push in the final miles. Why is it then, when it comes
to such an important matter as saving people during the final stage of
the Fa-rectification, where the kings and lords of all kinds of
different universes and numerous beings from all kinds of colossal
firmament are to be saved, the number of people withdrawing from the
CCP has not increased rapidly like everyone might expect?


Teacher came to save sentient beings. How would he limit the number of
people that will be saved? Dafa disciples see saving people as their
mission and will also achieve consummation from their cultivation
during the process. How would they hold anything back? Then who is
controlling and suppressing it? Originally Teacher had intended to have
two hundred million people obtain the Fa, but the old forces tightly
held the number to one hundred million. Teacher had wanted to have
fifty million Dafa practitioners reach consummation, so the old forces
launched this destructive test. How many fellow practitioners have
walked down the wrong path!

It is very obvious that the number of withdrawals from the CCP has
fallen under the control of the old forces' elements. It is from the
arrangements made by the old forces that only one out of ten would
survive. How can this be what Teacher wants?

How can the mighty virtue of Dafa's saving countless sentient beings be
controlled by the old forces and their elements, which have committed
the immense crime of interfering with the Fa-rectification? How can the
beings in the new universe be so severely suppressed by the old forces'
elements, especially during the final stage of Fa-rectification?

As particles within the Fa and beings of the new universe, Dafa
disciples can only place working towards what Teacher wants as of the
highest importance. They must treat breaking through the old forces'
arrangements and validating Dafa to beings in the entire universe as
the highest honor, enabling those being who originally believed that
Dafa could save them and therefore came down despite the grave risks,
and who still possess kind thoughts, to all have opportunities to be
saved and be convinced completely.

In the article entitled "Teacher is Still Waiting but There is not Much
Time Left," a fellow practitioner described the following scene, "The
powerful force of the Fa-rectification was moving towards the Earth....
It was almost here. Suddenly I saw Teacher's hands appear in front of
the Earth. His hands were so huge that they covered up the entire Earth
and blocked the force of the Fa-rectification that was about to arrive
on Earth.... I was very moved, feeling the great benevolence and
tolerance emitting from Teacher's hands.... I heard a voice saying,
'You need to hurry up as much as possible... there is not much time
left....Otherwise it will be too late.'"

When Teacher blocked the current of the Fa-rectification from reaching
the Earth, it was to give Dafa disciples the most opportunities and it
was the greatest benevolence toward human beings. In fact, with Three
Realms being sealed up, no matter how much time it needs, it can be
made to happen. But using the state where we can't meet the standard to
get endless extensions of time, can this be the magnificent mighty
virtue of Dafa disciples?

What should we do? If things can be done to forge what Master wants, then disciples should get them done without equivocation.

First of all, the number of people withdrawing from the CCP is a living
indicator. Should it remain ten to twenty thousand steadily until the
day when the Fa rectifies the human world? Or should it be fifty or a
hundred thousand, letting the die-hard members of the Chinese Communist
Party's evil specters who believe in the realness of withdrawing from
the Party the most be so scared that they can't fall asleep, letting
sentient being who are still tied down by the Chinese Communist Party
see hope and light and increase their confidence of saving themselves?
More importantly, breaking through this deadlock of the number of
people who withdraw from the Party is also to smash the suppression by
the old forces in one step, enabling Dafa disciples to truly direct
this important play in the human world of saving sentient beings during
the final period of the Fa-rectification.

Due to being tied down by the evil of the CCP, those high-level beings
like us won't be able to return to where they were from. Every cell of
theirs is crying and is waiting to be saved. There are still more
people with predestined relationships who haven't had the chance to
take a stand and also those who have wanted to withdraw from the Party
a long time ago but do not know the channels for doing so.

Withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations is not
getting involved in politics. It is the celestial phenomenon of saving
people at the very end being manifested in this human world.
Withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations is also not
aimed at causing the collapse of the evil Party. The evil party is only
a shadow puppet used by the old forces to test people's hearts.
Withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations is to give a
being that came down to the human world out of his initial belief in
Dafa a chance to get saved peacefully. It is to give him a fair chance.
It is the benevolence of the Fa toward all beings and is far higher
than any principle of this human world.

Every Dafa disciple should become a channel of providing means for
people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Let
us start from our friends, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues,
let us start from those who are near us, close to us, and have
predestined relationships with us. Urge them to withdraw from the CCP
and its affiliated organizations. Let us use all of our wisdom to
eliminate their notions, send out their withdrawal statements in a
timely manner, use overseas telephone calls and faxes to work in
concert, and participate in parades and rallies to give support
continuously. When we coordinate our activities inside and outside, our
efforts will be unstoppable.

With several tens of millions of channels being open simultaneously,
what kind of situation will appear? With the power of the righteous
thoughts of several tens of millions of Fa-rectification cultivators,
what kind of cosmic field will be formed? It will surely break through
the old pattern of ten to twenty thousand people withdrawing from the
CCP every day. In addition, during this final stage, Dafa disciples who
are at different cultivation states will return to the correct state to
the greatest extent possible and receive the greatest improvements
while harmonizing what Teacher wants to create.

Facilitating the accomplishment of what Teacher wants, that is the
choice of the new universe. While we carry out this choice, each of us
is arranging our own new world.

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