The Falun Gong Exercises Attract People Like a Spotlight: Practicing in Front of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Washington, D.C.

PureInsight | October 26, 2006

[] Practitioners in Washington, D.C. realized the
importance of maintaining practice sites a long time ago. But since
everyone was so busy, the practice site in front of the National Air
and Space Museum had to be suspended. Finally, we resumed it in June of
this year. In addition to doing the exercises, we use it to clarify the
truth. It has been over three months now since we re-started the
exercise site.

We have gradually come to understand more and more the importance of
maintaining practice sites. It unites all the following aspects
together: cultivation practice, validating Dafa, truth-clarification
and saving the world's people. We have experienced a lot during the
three months. Below are some stories from a recent weekend.

Saturday, Sept. 23

At ten o'clock in the morning, the sky was quite dark. I checked the
on-line weather forecast. It said that there was a 30% chance of shower
on Saturday in the DC area. I was affected by human thoughts and
couldn't decide whether I should go. I called Wenying,

 "Shall we still go?"

 "What do you think?"




On my way to pick her up, big rain drops fell on the windshield.
Strangely, all my thoughts were gone except this one, "Go practice in
D.C." Upon arriving at Wenying's home, she was already waiting for me
as usual. We greeted each other with a nod and started off. Upon
arriving at the National Air and Space Museum, we put up our banners
and laid out the truth-clarification materials. Aunty Li was so happy
to see us. She trotted over and said, "Hi! I came quite early and have
finished the exercises. Now you're here, let's work together. You will
practice and I will distribute the flyers."

It's quite amazing that even though she is over 70 years old, she
smiled like a child, so pure, so bright, and so agreeable. And she
looked so much younger than her actual age. Like many other old ladies
at our practice site, she seems to be like a little girl.

Big rain drops kept falling from time to time.

I said, "Let's send forth righteous thoughts first to stop it from turning into a heavy rain..."

Before I finished my sentence, Aunty Li said quickly, "It will stop. It won't rain."

I was deeply touched. What strong righteous thoughts! What a wonderful
practitioner! Reading these sentences, everything probably appears so
natural to you, but if you're personally on the scene and go through
the situation yourself, you would understand that righteous thoughts of
this kind are quite extraordinary.

As if testing us, at the very beginning of sending forth righteous
thoughts, it seemed to be raining even harder. But just like last time,
after sending forth righteous thoughts, the rain stopped. Moreover, the
sun came out!

There were altogether four elderly Chinese women at the practice site,
Aunty Zhang, Aunty Lanying, Aunty Li and me. Aunty Lanying has a
temporary job. She only has two hours of free time during the day.
Subtracting one hour on the road, she normally cannot even finish a
whole set of exercises before she has to return…

But she told us, as long as we didn't call her to cancel the practice, then she will try her best to be here too.

While the three of us were practicing, Aunty Li distributed flyers. As the weather turned good, more and more tourists came by.

A westerner young man imitated our movements and took a photo with us. He said he would show it to his friends.

A western lady watched us for a solid ten minutes and said to me, "I
feel your strong power. It is incredible." For some reason, tears
streamed down her face after she said that.

While we practiced, aunty Li gave out all the English flyers and many Chinese flyers. We were so happy.

Sunday, Sept. 24

I checked the weather as soon as I got up. Wow, sunny skies! The
weather forecast had predicted 60% chance of showers on Sunday.

Human thoughts made me think the weather forecast was wrong. However,
in the afternoon, while doing the exercises, rolling thunder roared in
our ears and chilly wet wind blew at us. But it didn't rain. We knew
that Teacher was shielding us from the rain. When we got home later, we
found out that it had rained in Virginia.

Many westerners took photos of us. They want to show them to their friends. Many of them came from Russia.

They read our posters, watched our exercises, and were eager to know
the truth. I heard one of them asking Aunty Zhang, "Do you speak
English?" Then I stopped doing the exercises and clarified the truth to
them. They all said they would tell it to more people when they got

When I was talking to three young Russian men, a Chinese girl came over
and told them not to believe me, and asked them to go to China and see
for themselves. I wasn't affected but told them the facts calmly.

In the end, the young Russians said, "We believe you. We will
definitely bring the information back to more people. We will go to
your website and learn more." Then they asked many questions and showed
great interest in Falun Gong.

Doing the exercises attracts people like a spotlight. Many people came to watch us and then read the posters.

At about 4pm, a western girl came by wearing a purple cassock. A
thought came to me. I approached her and chatted with her. It turned
out she had converted to Buddhism in Tibet three years ago.

I asked her, "Have you heard of Falun Gong?"


"Do you think it is good?"

"Not bad."

"Then why don't you read our Teacher's book, Zhuan Falun? Otherwise, you will regret not reading it in the future."

"OK. I will read it."

I hope she has read it.

We feel that everything is done by Teacher. Teacher will help us as long as our hearts are calm and pure.

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