Perfecting the "Net of Fa" and Forming an Indestructible Body

Rui Xue from Mainland China

PureInsight | November 12, 2006

[] One morning
in July 2006, I had a very clear dream. In the dream, a test was about
to end and, when I was ready to turn in the answers, I noticed that I
missed an important composition. I was very nervous and felt that there
was not enough time. I had a close look and found that there were two
titles we could choose from, one was "Tathagata" and another one was
"Milerepa". I chose "Milerepa" and as I wrote, I woke up from the dream.

I felt very regretful after waking up. Since 1997 when I started
cultivation until now, I have actually had lots of realizations. But I
have been blocked by various negative postnatal notions and whenever I
picked up a pen to write, I would have these kinds of thoughts
appearing in my mind: "I am not cultivating very well and not worthy of
writing anything." "So many practitioners are writing articles and I
don't need to write." "I can do other things and do not necessarily
have to write articles" "Time is tight, so I won't be able to write
good articles." or "I have lots of attachments, so what I write will
carry my negative heart and it will affect other practitioners." And so
on. Various negative notions have long been playing a role of demon and
blocking me on the issue of writing experience sharing articles. In
fact, in cultivation each one of us should have lots of spiritual and
physical experiences. Either in suffering a tribulation or in the
magnificence of elevation, we should all have a lot to share with

This dream of mine hit me on the head. As a Dafa disciple of the
Fa-rectification period, no matter from what perspective, following
Master's requirement and Fa principles, being less selfish, or
perfecting the "Nets of Fa" ("Nets of Fa" - Clear Wisdom saves the predestined, New Life can rid the head of evil, The People's sharp pens fill demons with worry, Falun Dafa gives rise to Pure Insight),
we should always write down our experiences and understandings. The
form is a solemn Fa conference Master created for us in this special
historical moment, which transcends time and space. This Fa conference
is going on in every moment as long as we are still cultivating. Each
disciple of genuine cultivation should put our heart in participating
and perfecting it, and make the Fa conference into a place of true
cultivation, which helps practitioners to improve. Everyone can see
Master's picture on the upper right corner on the Minghui website where
Master is "quietly watching the world from amidst the mountains after
leaving New York following July 20th, 1999." Each time we get on the
website, Master is sitting there. I know that Master is watching and
protecting "Minghui" and protecting this place of cultivation for the
disciples, and at the same time also caring for our cultivation. I
realized that Master asks us to truly come together and form one body
among all the practitioners in the world without omission through such
a platform. Master is watching us and waiting for us to make good use
of these "Nets of Fa" Master has created for us...

As a matter of fact, each improvement of each Dafa disciple, even if it
is small, contains Master's countless painstaking cares. In every new
enlightenment we have, there is embodied the mighty wisdom Master has
given us. If we can send every enlightenment, every wisdom, or a piece
of reflection on our mistakes and an exposure of an evil to Minghui [or
PureInsight] website in a timely, positive and responsible manner, we
will truly become more and more together, we will take fewer and fewer
detours as a whole, our loopholes will be smaller and smaller and we
will become an indestructible whole body, and the day of Fa rectifying
the human world will come soon. My understanding is that every thought
that interferes with our writing down our experiences to share with
others is not righteous, does not confirm with the Fa principles and is
against Master's original intention. Frankly speaking, they are all
selfish thoughts and not we ourselves. They are demonic interference.
As Dafa disciples, we have to start from now and from ourselves and
firmly reject the interference. Only by doing so, can we better merge
into this the cultivation of the whole body, better complete the "work"
Master has assigned to us, and better fulfill our prehistoric grand

Fellow practitioners, let's pick up our pens and let them exist for the
Fa-rectification. Let's use our pens to distinguish the truth from the
evil, to cut up all the evil and demons, to chase away the darkness and
welcome the bright days. Let us use our pens to record the mighty
compassion and the boundless wisdom of our honorable Master, and to
leave every footprint and every beam of light of the "Buddha, Dao and
God of the new cosmos" who have participated in the Fa-rectification in
the human world. Please allow me to finish my article with the Fa of


The divine pens deter those demons in human skin

Like sharpened blades, they extirpate rotten spirits

The old forces pay not the Fa its due respect

Wielding the brush you shall subdue the surge of madness

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