Some Insight after Reading Teacher's New Article: "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil"

A Dafa Practitioner in Toronto

PureInsight | October 29, 2006

[] After reading Teacher's new article: "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil," I am more aware of the importance of spreading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
and convincing people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its
associated organizations. Persecution of Dafa practitioners in a
certain local region not only threatens Dafa practitioners in the same
region, it also delays and interferes with saving sentient beings.

My understanding is that every time Teacher publishes a scripture, it
has to do with the progress of Fa-rectification and changes in the
cosmic climate. As Dafa practitioners, we must do our best right away.
Besides sending forth righteous thoughts, we the overseas practitioners
must step up our efforts of calling every prison and forced labor camp
in China in a short time (maybe within three days).  The
tremendous power of righteous thoughts and the divine power of Dafa
practitioners can quickly disintegrate the evil there.

I'd like to suggest that we neither wait for nor rely on others. There
are many persecution cases published on the Minghui website. We only
need to copy down the phone numbers of the prisons, forced labor camps,
and brainwashing centers and call them. I hope that fellow
practitioners who coordinate calling evildoers in China can arrange to
call them a few times. Those practitioners who call the evil police
often should write down their script for others to use.  


Teacher has said that there are many situations that will lead the
persecution to stop. From my own understanding, one situation is where
we can put our efforts and minds together to truly become one body for
the purpose of saving sentient beings. Everyone may have a lot of Dafa
work. It is worthwhile for every practitioner to decide whether the
thought of "the Dafa work that I am doing is also very important" is a
divine thought or a human notion. Can you call prisons, forced labor
camps and brainwashing centers in the next few days no matter how busy
you are?

Cultivation is a serious matter and Teacher's Fa is an even more
serious matter. During this critical juncture, whether we follow
Teacher' teaching or follow our own thoughts is a test of whether we
truly believe in Teacher.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.

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