Memories of Lives - Cause and Effect

PureInsight | February 18, 2007

[] Recently I
have had several strange dreams in a row. In one dream, I used poison
to murder two women. After the deed was done, I scrubbed the floor very
hard to remove the evidence of my crime. In this lifetime, one of the
women sat next to me in high school. Another woman is someone that I
see very often in my dreams but haven't met in real life. In my dream,
I asked myself, "I have committed such a major crime. How could I have
obtained Dafa in this lifetime? Why had I forgotten I did such a thing?
What kind of punishment would I be given for doing such a deed?" Then
another voice told me, "Because of that, you have spent two years in
the labor camp." I replied, "Such a punishment is too light for killing
two people."

After I woke up, I thought about how I was tortured severely while
being illegally detained at a labor camp for practicing Falun Gong.
What I did in the past is probably one of the excuses used [by the old
forces] to treat me in such a way.

 The next day I had another dream. It took place in ancient times.
A friend and I were in a large room surrounded by our enemies. They
shot arrows at us. We stood next to the door and used our swords to
repel the arrows. I was eventually able to close the door and put a
table and chairs against it. After they realized they couldn't rush
into the room, they placed firewood and grass around the house, and lit
a fire.

In my dream, I realized that those who had shot arrows at me and burnt
me to death are cockroaches that I have killed in my house in this

On the third day, I dreamed that I was a warrior at the end of the Ming
Dynasty and fought against the establishment of the Qing Dynasty. My
weapon was a flexible sword that reached 10 feet when fully extended. I
was a very good warrior. One of my fellow members of the resistance
became my elder brother in this lifetime. At that time, he was given a
high official post by the Ming Dynasty court that had been overthrown
by the Qing Dynasty. A few dozen of us were going to hold a secret
meeting at a hotel in a small town. My friend asked if the two of us
could go to the meeting together. Out of security concerns I didn't
allow him to go with me. (This is also the reason why I prefer to do it
on my own when I go out to clarify the truth about Falun Gong in this
lifetime). There was a secret room in the backyard of the hotel. The
secret room was right next to a major river. From the room, I could see
clearly that many birds were flying over the river. After we gathered
together, we were discovered and surrounded by soldiers from the Qing
Dynasty. I had great martial art skills and wasn't afraid at all. One
day I read a report saying that my fellow resistance fighters and I
fought bravely against the Qing soldiers in many battles but eventually
we surrendered after the city of Hangzhou was lost to the Qing Dynasty.

Then the scene changed and it seemed that I arrived in Japan and became a Japanese warrior.

I have always believed that dreams can bring hints to people. In my
dreams, I became a monk along with many close friends and relatives. I
also was a warrior during a prehistoric period on the southern coast of
the Mediterranean Sea, a general in the ancient times, and a religious
leader. Many dreams of mine have also come true in this lifetime.

Actually there is a predestined relationship behind every single thing.
Even a small thing doesn't take place by accident. All of us are
surrounded by hatreds and karma from so many lifetimes. If it weren't
because we have practiced Dafa and received Master's compassion, we
would have truly fallen into a bitter sea and suffer endlessly.

I don't want to prove to anyone whether my dreams were true or not. A
human being's life is just one big dream after all. The important thing
is that we have obtained Dafa in this lifetime. Let us cherish
ourselves and save sentient beings.

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