Predestined Relationships in Life

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | March 11, 2007

[] We always
talk about predestined relationships, but how do the predestined
relationships comes into being? I want to explore this subject to
expand our thinking and vision and to break our preconceptions, which
were formed over a long period of time.

Our "life," strictly speaking, is composed of main spirit and assistant
spirits besides our physical body in this dimension. People who have
read Zhuan Falun
understand this. Our bodies in this physical world are like clothing
during many reincarnations. Our main spirit and assistant spirits wear
those clothes when we are born and take them off when we die. So when
we talk about the predestined relationships in life, we are mainly
talking about the relationship between the main spirit and assistant

Lets take the example below to explain this matter:

A person can only have one main spirit and several assistant spirits in
a particular life. To simplify the explanation, let assume that there
are only two assistant spirits and every person is the same. The main
spirit does the main functions in life while the assistant spirits can
only remind the main spirit not to do bad things in this deluded world.

Think about how many combinations during various reincarnations! The
main spirit in this life may not be main spirit in the next life. The
assistant spirits are also the same; it is possible that the assistant
spirit may become the main spirit in next life. It is like a
probability problem in mathematics dealing with two sets of letter of
the alphabet "abc" and "def" to form a new combination of three
letters, without considering the sequence. One can image the results of
various combinations! Furthermore, this is the simplest arrangement.
Since different lives can all participate in it, one can image the
degree of complexity.

That is why we sometimes find ourselves feeling particularly close to a
person living far away who we have never met in this life. It is not
just that we met the person in one of our lives; it is possible that
there is the predestined relationship of relatives or good friends. The
predestined relationship between spirits is also possible. The
predestined relationship may be greater for this last possibility.

Here we are just exploring more deeply the predestined relationship of life.  

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