My Understanding of "Being Busy"

Jing Jing

PureInsight | March 11, 2007

[] I have often
heard practitioners say, "I am so short of time" or "Busy".  For
that reason I want to talk about my understanding of "being busy."

At the present, this special historic period, time is very precious for
Dafa disciples.  Every disciple should cherish the time that
Master leaves for us and sentient beings.

We should not, however, go to extremes, either. Once we go to extremes,
it will turn into an attachment. When we have an attachment about time,
then we become attached to the preciousness of time. Things are
normally nicely arranged, if we miss one step, then we would run into
problems and thus mess up the whole event. If our attitude is not
correct, then we lose our balance.  In a long run it will severely
affect our cultivation. Even worse, it could discourage us and cause us
to lose our confidence.  


Thus, one should base things on one's particular condition and take the
Fa as the guide. One should arrange the studying of Fa, doing the
exercises, clarifying the truth, living a daily life, and all the rest,
with righteous thoughts.

Master has clearly indicated to us from the Fa principles that to
arrange everything properly is also a manifestation of our mighty
virtue.  Dafa disciples are extradinary, and we should maintain
the best condition in every aspect. It is abnormal if we fail to
achieve that.  

Let's remember what Master said in the D.C. conference in 2006, "Many
of our Dafa disciples have seen true scenes from the future; those
aren't false. Step by step, with the changes that come over time, those
things are drawing ever closer. So, as Dafa disciples you should do
well what you are supposed to do. Don't worry about what's going to
transpire in the future, it's enough if you know inside what you should
do, carrying the Fa in your mind, doing whatever needs to be done, and
doing whatever you wish to do, as long as Dafa needs it. (Applause) Don't go to extremes with anything; do things rationally and with a clear head. That
is the mighty virtue of a Dafa disciple. Whoever manages to remain
steady while following this ordinary-society cultivation format, that
person is truly doing what's best in this format of cultivation. If
with this format someone exhibits behavior that is out of line with
this format and at odds with it, then perhaps that person hasn't done
well enough. Since Dafa disciples' cultivation is conducted with a
format like this, this format is able to forge Dafa disciples, and it
can create incredibly high future Attainment Statuses. Departing from
this format or not conforming to it will obstruct your cultivation;
those things are actually the product of attachments."

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