The Divine Beauty - Making a Vow With Heaven

Zhang Jielian

PureInsight | March 18, 2007

[] The Divine
Performing Arts around-the-world touring performance made its first
stop in Japan. People now have more spiritual experience with the
Divine Beauty. A housewife from Nara exclaimed: "It's really good. Gods
play in it. I was so touched that I cried."

Actually, she wasn't exaggerating at all. It was her pure mind sensing the true nature of people being saved over the centuries.

It is truly the performance of gods, a gathering of gods from the
universe, and the focus of heaven and earth. Although most people can
only sense with their eyes and ears, but the Divine Beauty evening
performance is far beyond the sound and lighting of this human world.
It is the infinite expansion of minds. It awakens many feelings that
exceed time and space.  

Because of its glory people use exquisite vocabulary to describe it.
When a dedicated Catholic described what he saw, he said he believes it
exceeds all the glories in this human world.

He said: "I saw a god behind every performer."

People were so moved that they used the most touching vocabulary to
express their feelings. When a benevolent-looking elderly man told
others about the manifestation in other dimensions, he said he believes
it has exceeded all feelings in this human world.

He said: "All performers look glittering and translucent in the other
dimension. It's like a gigantic energy channel. Every movement on the
stage connects all the energy from the universe and the microscopic
lives of the audiences."

Because people were so touched, they used emotional vocabulary to
express their feelings. When one person who can see with his celestial
eye saw it, he talked about what he had seen. He believes it exceeds
all feelings.

He said: "The huge universe's energy cleans all filth in every layer of
beings; it is like the souls being cleansed before returning to the
heaven. All beings are immersed in the incomparable divine light.

Regardless of whether their expressions, which transcend time and
space, be accepted or not, I believe that the Divine Beauty has a deep
inner meaning.

The Divine Beauty is the poetry of gods, the song and melody of gods.
Gods play in it. It is the gods' rhyme from the microscopic level to
the surface of beings from the future heaven. It is gods fulfilling
their promise from remote antiquity. It is gods saving the people of
the world.

The Divine Beauty sang: "For the heavens have ordained the red dragon's end,

I feel called to ensure your well-being..."

Yes, how can anything stop people from being moved by the microscopic
purity and enlightenment and anything to hinder their tears?

"I was so touched that I wept," "I couldn't stop shedding tears," "I cried many times."

When one hears and sees it, the most primeval divine spirits of every
life feel they have known one another. Isn't it the Divine Beauty
appearing in this human world that we have patiently been waiting for
in this deluded world for tens of thousands of years?

If those celestial beings do not cry, then who is qualified to cry?

Many well known prophesies around the world have predicted that there
will be a calamity. When the great catastrophe strikes, human are
powerless. They can only plead with the gods to fulfill their promise
to come down to save them in the Last Havoc [The community of
cultivators holds that the universe has three phases of evolution "The
Beginning Havoc," "The Middle Havoc," and "The Last Havoc," and that
now is The Last Havoc's final period].

But when the gods and the cultivators who walk on the path to godhood
trying to save sentient beings have met with misfortune, people are
perplexed. When Heaven wants to extinguish the red devils; people want
to get rid of their beast marks; and the Nine Commentaries
leads the perplexed people, people are still hesitating. Finally, when
the great music sounds and the Divine Beauty comes onstage, sentient
beings ask: "Who am I?" "The Vows of Old" wakes up people's true nature.

The "Fa Boat" sails among the sea of people with the people in Heaven who took the vow and have predestined relationships.

The Divine Beauty recites: "When disaster descends, it favors neither
rich nor poor. But there is a way out. Quickly find what is true!"

People who heard the singing obtain great blessings and people who have
felt gratitude are saved. What the Divine Beauty narrates will unfold
before one's eyes, bit by bit.

People who have boarded the boat of the Divine Beauty will be so
excited then. It is when everything is clear to them that they cannot
stop shedding streams of tears.

Who could have thought that when they stepped into the temple of the
Divine Beauty it is having an arrangement with Heaven and obtaining
good fortune from Heaven.  

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