Tentative Interpretation of the Last Part of "Universe 10K Years Prophecy Poem"

Dao Qi

PureInsight | March 11, 2007

[PureInsight.org] The "Universe
10K Years Prophecy Poem" ("Wan Nian Ke" in Chinese) is said to be
written by Jiang Ziya who was Joint Chief of Staff for King Wen and
King Wu during the forming stage of the Zhou Dynasty (around 1111
B.C.). He was also the leading character in the classic work of Chinese
fiction "Investiture of the Gods" as the one asked by the Primitive God
of Heaven to confer titles on immortals.

So far, the past history of China from Day One to the Qing Dynasty
(1644 - 1911 A.D.) as briefly predicted by Jiang Ziya has been 100%
right with respect to the rises and falls of dynasties. The very last
part of his Poem for prophecy, after 1911 A.D., is believed to have
been purposely passed down out of sequence.

The "Universe 10K Years Prophecy Poem" from 950 A.D. and on reads as Follows:

"This" "Wood" becomes King during Gold Pig year and reins up to ten years or so.

[In Chinese words, "This" and "Wood" combine to be "Cai".  Mr. Cai
Rong became the next to the last king during 951 A.D. Xin-Hai Gold Pig
year at end of the Five Dynasties (907-960 A.D.) and governed China for
9 years.]

Then the "Similar" Guy "walks" in during Gold Monkey year, and for many generations lasts the spectacular music or song.

["Similar" and "walk" make up for the Chinese word "Zhao".  In
Geng-Sheng Gold Monkey year (960 A.D.) upon Mr. Cai's sudden death, his
General Zhao Kung-Yin was pushed to take over the Kingdom from a
7-year-old kid.  Thus the "Song" Dynasty with its brilliant civil
arts started in 960 and lasted until 1279 A.D.]

First Ben-Jing and then Heng-Zhou, but later North People come to get it overturned.

[The capital of Northern Song was at Ben-Jing and that of Southern Song
at Ling-An (Heng-Zhou) before the Mongolian people took over the power.]

Till 300-some years the "Cotton Wood" finally ends, while an official dives into the sea and away gone.

[At the end of 319 years, the last child king of the Song Dynasty was
carried by an official to jump into the sea.  (The word "Song" is
"Wood" under "Roof" of a House.)]

"One" "vertical piece" stands up for 80 years, suddenly "red" light from the South is found.

["Yuan" is composed by "one" and "vertical piece" in Chinese
writing.  This refers to the rise and fall of the Yuan Dynasty
(1280-1368 A.D.) until Mr. Zhu (meaning "Red") started the revolution
to chase out the Mongolian ruler.]

"Eight" "cows" come with strong power, and "Sun" and "Moon" get together to shine the world around.

["Zhu" is composed by words "eight" and "cow" in Chinese writing. Mr.
Zhu Yuan-Zhang's nickname was Hong-Wu ("Big Power").  He
established the Ming Dynasty as "Ming," composing Sun and Moon meant

In Earth Monkey year the "one" "vertical piece" disappears, and new colorful fashions come.

[In 1368 A.D. Wu-Sheng Earth Monkey year, the Ming Dynasty started a new civilization after the fall of Yuan Dynasty.]

At the end of almost 300 years, the "Tiger" gets "dusty" on its head and no question the situation is worrisome.

[In 1638 A.D. Wu-Yin Earth Tiger year, with dust to dust Cong-Zhen Emperor hung himself at the Coal Mountain.]

The "18th Son" runs away and people get relieved, night and dawn.

[Qing troops came into the mainland to chase away the rebel thief Li
Zi-Cheng and later gave Chinese people the good life for several
generations. (In Chinese writing, "18" and "son" make the word "Li".)]

After the next 200-plus springs and autumns, the "Five Lakes" suffer disorder and are full of up and down.

[After the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the five ethnic groups of China start to suffer disorder and turn "upside down". ]

Interpreter's Comment
- As Chinese history has developed, democratic
political systems took the place of the royal system. Then, people
suffered from war lords and the Japanese invasion, as well as the
Chinese Communists Party's inhuman governing and destruction of
traditional culture and the moral standard of "Heaven/ Earth/ Superior/
Parents/ Teacher.  Talking about "disorder," it may also hint that
the poem sentences in the last part are out of sequence.  In the
following this interpreter tries to rectify this and rearrange them
into the right order.

The new King in the Majesty Court is someone "stepping" out of "Grass" "Field" (like Mr. Huang).

["Stepping", "Grass", and "Field" make the word "Huang" (meaning
Yellow).  It refers to the fact that a yellow-skin ordinary person
was picked as the President.]

"Clean" and peaceful Chinese society is established, as the South and the North are together combined.

[ "Clean" is pronounced as "Qing" and "Peace" as "Ping" (flat). It
implies that the Qing Dynasty was now put down to ground as well as the
Han people in the South and the Man People in the North are integrated
into the Republic of China.]

"Again" "one" "man" establishes the nation, an upright person with capable staff abound.

[In Chinese writing, "again", "one', and "man" combine to be the word
"Wen".  This refers to Mr. Sun Wen who established the Republic of

The Four Seas are conquered, and the nation is supposed to enjoy 200 years of peaceful fun.

Heaven alas says no, and not worth mentioning "chicken" on "fire" while one hundred years gone.

[From 1911 to 2012, Heaven distains talking about the history of the
stinky Mao Red Dynasty as feathers (pronounced as "mao") smell from a
chicken put on a red fire.]

Meanwhile, a "person" with a "big mouth" takes "River South" and the nation's capital again has to move around.

[In Chinese, "ren" (a person) and "kou" (mouth) make up the word "Shi"
(Stone) and "big mouth" also stands for "empty nation".  This
sentence predicts that  Chiang Kai-Shek (Jie-Shi) fled from River
South's Nanking to Taiwan.]

Two borders are separated to co-exist peacefully One "Hundred" "Nine".

[The Nationalist Party in Taiwan and the Chinese Communist Party in
Mainland China are separated and in the one hundred years (1911-2012)
the two parties co-exist peacefully 90 years or so.]

In the middle of 250 years, there will be a "Good" Girl, merging from the South named "gold" "knife" "mao".

[Maybe in 2036 A.D. a Lady "Liu" (in writing composed of "gold", "knife", and "mao") from the South will come to power.]

If so, the nation will split again, but luckily a small part of China will not be run-down.

Another possibility is for the two sides to come to good terms, if there is a capable ruler by the Chinese name of "xxx"
(Chinese characters would not reproduce here) .

South and North will be at peace and China will be unified and bonded.

Within 200 years the Righteous Lord will appear, and in Water Monkey year He goes public to save people in the critical time.

[By 2012 A.D. the Righteous Lord will be well-known and in 1992 A.D.
Ren-Shen Water Monkey year He started to preach to people in one city
after another.]

The "alternative" branch blooms to bear "red" fruits, and as pre-arranged it gains popularity town after town.

[The fruits are said to be "red" due to the pronunciation as "Hong" and
Buddhism's being represented by Red Lotus ("Hong Lian").  Actually
the color of flowers should be "Golden Yellow".  Also, the
"alternative branch" foretells the fact that Falun Gong would be
introduced as a kind of Qi-Gong, "alternative treatment" for human's
physical and mental health.]

Within two hundred years the bad luck period stays in Mainland China,
unaffected by any efforts and the "Water" "Rulers" still drown.

[By 2012 A.D. "Jiang", "Hu" or "Wen" still can not save the CCP.]

Only "Water Side" "Rice Field" people may go to Chang-An to straighten it out and turn it around.

[Only "Hong Fa" and Falun in the form of x (Rice) y (Field) may go to the Capital and rectify it all.]

 "Rabbit" out of "Wood" will be leading the people of the future, his hands free but good outcome.

[Master Li (in Chinese writing "Son of Wood" equals "Li") born in 1951
A.D. Xin Mao Gold Rabbit year will be the spiritual leader, using no
hands but talking.]

The peaceful nation will last for "Two Hundred" "Nine".

Moral standards being high, 30 generations will be safe and sound.

Up to 10K years are now accounted for, via the "Book of Changes" Ba-Gua Theory that is awesome.

If you intelligently understand the Dao, history's rises and falls can be easily found.


It is the interpreter's wish to present this prophecy poem to all the
Chinese people in the world for their taking good care of themselves
according to the foretold mega-trend.

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