Sudden Realisation: Knowing Our Historic Vows

Mei Yu

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] A Divine
being said that all beings on earth previously came from heaven and
they came with missions. Aproportion of them, however, have made a vow
and signed an agreement.

Although I cannot remember the content of my agreement, I am certain
that I must have vowed that I would return. Otherwise, I wouldn't have
dared to come here. I must also carry with me a most honourable and
magnificent mission. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the courage to
descend to the human world that is filled with karma.

Alas, the passage of time has washed away my memories of the vow, which
has fallen into oblivion. Despite Master's awakening me time and time
again, I still cannot recall what had happened at the time and what
pledges I made.

Nonetheless, I know the agreement would have encompassed things that I
wanted to do, and the punishment I would receive if I weren't able to
complete the mission. Although I cannot recall what was in the
agreement, I know there are certain things that would not be in it.

Firstly, I would not betray Master and Dafa. I had been searching all
my life and it was only when I came across Master and Dafa that my mind
finally settled down, once and for all. I since realised the meaning of
life, which was the reason I came. If I had thought of betraying Master
and Dafa at the outset, I wouldn't have made a decision to come here.

Secondly, there wouldn't be anything about betraying Truthfulness,
Compassion and Forbearance, because these are the principles followed
by all beings in the universe. If one were to betraying these
principles, one could not even stay as a human, let alone return to

Thirdly, I wouldn't have signed anything like indulging in the senses
of the mortal world, for I know that gods in heaven will not take back
with them the filthiest things, which would otherwise be the greatest
insults to gods. Therefore, between the mortal and the divine, I must
make a choice. It will be the divine.

Fourthly, I wouldn't have vowed to come to the human world to wallow in
sentimentality, for that would mean the eventual destruction of my
life. There would never be a day that I could return. Despite being
lost in sentimentality in samsara, our most compassionate Master has
purified me with the Fa, so I am able to return in purity.

Lastly, as a higher life, I wouldn't have made such a momentous
decision and sacrifice only for my self. I must have done it for many
other lives.

From my understanding of what shouldn't be in the agreement, I can
deduce what should have been in it. They are: Having faith in Master
and Dafa; assimilating to Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance;
completely getting rid of all human attachments, including the
attachments to sentimentality and desires; and, through the divine
power and compassion given by Master and Dafa, I must awaken sentient
beings' good thoughts and, in doing so, save them so they can have a
good future.

The dust of the mortal world had sealed my true self layer after layer
and Master, with the Fa, increases my wisdom little by little. As a
result, the true I, who had vowed, gradually awakens. Although I cannot
remember the vow I made, through learning the Fa, I came to understand
how I can fulfil it. That is, I shall try my utmost to do the things
mentioned above with righteous thoughts. Only by doing so, can I
complete my historic mission.  

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