The Tour of Tiananmen

Xu Ziling

PureInsight | May 2, 2007

[] My friend is
a tour guide for a tourist company and she is very beautiful and
friendly.  I clarify the truth to her often and try to persuade
her to quit the Party, and she has no problem accepting that. However,
she never believed me about the severity of the persecution and thought
that I was overly exaggerating the facts.  This time,when she
returned from being a tour guide for a group of Chinese, she told me,
"The CCP is too frightening and everything you told me about them is

Out of curiosity, I asked, "You have often said that the CCP was not
that bad and things like harvesting organs from live human beings were
impossible.  How come you turned around completely?"

Then she told me about her experiences taking a group of Chinese from
outside of China to sightseeing in Beijing. While everyone in her group
was taking pictures in Tiananmen, she saw her co-worker, who was taking
twenty some Korean tourists. So the two of them were chatting and
enjoying their conversation.  Koreans have a habit of sitting on
the ground in a meditative position.  The Koreans were probably a
little tired and so they put their belongings down and sat on the
ground in a circle, talking and laughing. In less than five minutes, a
big police van with many police, armed and unarmed, and plainclothes
police rushed over to them. My friend and her co-worker were startled.
The police systematically pressed everyone down on the ground,
regardless of their gender.  Then they put all the Korean tourists
into the van one by one. Meanwhile, the armed policeman said, "Don't
move and don't shout!"  That was probably because the Koreans do
not understand Chinese, and two college students shouted loudly, asking
the police what they were doing. The armed police clearly displayed
their martial art skills: kicking, punching, and covering their mouths.
One, two, three, fast and clean moves, and then those two were pushed
into the van. Then, they drove away.  The plainclothes policemen
were left to question the remaining startled tourists.  After
hearing their answers to questions like name, nationality, and whether
they practiced Faun Gong, the plainclothes police let my friend and her
group go. One, who acted like someone in charge, said, "You guys watch
what you say and forget what happened here today; otherwise you are
responsible for what might happen to you."

My friend made a gesture of being frightened. I asked, "What happened
to those Koreans?" She was quite indignant about that, "After the
interrogations, the police let them go, and not one word of apology."
The Korean tourists said later that they were not allowed to speak or
they would be beaten, so they were quite scared.  On their way
back to Korea, they said that police in China were too scary.  And
the Koreans were also warned that they should not say anything about
the incident for their own sakes and their files were in the hands of
the police.  

At this point, my friend said, "From this incident, I know what you
told me is true, the Party is too evil and too inhumane. I wish the
best for your follow practitioners in China. I also hope that the Gods
in Heavens can see the hardships and bring the persecution to an end
soon. Please don't go back to China. It's too dangerous there. It's so
easy to disappear there and I don't want to see you get hurt."

Looking at the sincerity on her face, I had mixed feelings. In the
peaceful and prosperous year of 2007, how many events have
happened?  And yet so many people have no idea. How many crimes
were committed? How hard it is for people who believe in gods trying to
save sentient beings. How many are apathetic toward the inhumanity? On
the stage of life, what kind of role does everyone choose to play?

I hope that everyone on earth will choose a good role for himself. Get
out of the swamp of evil communism, return to the righteous belief, and
secure a bright future.  The Gods in Heaven will witness all that..

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