Stories from History: Wang Quibao Repaying his Master

Yi Dou

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

[] During the
Song Dynasty, there was an official, Li Tan from Tuntian. He had a
trusted servant Wang Quibao who had been with him for a long
time.  Later, Wang left and joined the military. More than ten
years passed and Li Tan was in prison because his son had committed a
crime.  The emperor was very angry and wanted to settle this case
fast. None of Li's relatives or friends dared to visit him.  Wang
heard the news and waited near the prison around the clock. He inquired
about the case and brought meals to Li.

After 6 weeks, Li's son was banished to Lingnan and Li to Nanen
Zhou.  Li had to get on the road immediately. Wang came, crying,
to see him off, but the guard would not allow him to do that.  

Wang said, "Why can't I see my master off?"  

Li was from the North and not dressed for the southern climate and
environment. After a few days, Li's followers all left and said, "We
cannot follow you to the death trap."  Several days later, Li died
from anger and frustration and not one family member was with him. Wang
took care of Li's affairs and felt sad as if his own father had passed
away. After the funeral, Wang left.

People in the ancient times knew that one should repay one's debt of
gratitude.  As the saying goes, "Everyone in this world is our
brother." Nowadays, people distrust each other so much that one even
feels lonely while walking on the street.

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