The Misery of Being Attached to Comfort

Mei Yu

PureInsight | May 31, 2007

[] The
difficulty in being a human is the attachment to comfort. Comfort can
bring us temporary good, but we waste a lot of precious time and
neglect the things that we need to do. Thus, it brings us remorse.

A lifetime is really a very valuable journey. There are so many things
that we have to do. In the beginning of life, we need to find a goal
for the journey.  Not everyone has a goal or can a find a
goal.  Some people spend a whole life and yet are not able to find
a goal.  Since we have found a goal, we should march toward this
goal diligently.  We need to understand that our goals require us
to move diligently toward the destination instead of sightseeing or
enjoying the scenery.

Misery and comfort are separated only by a thin line. Where there is
gain, there is loss. The choice is ours. When we gain the comfort of
sleeping, we lose the happiness of studying the Fa.  When we
indulge in the nice dreams in the morning, we are slowing down the
transformation of our bodies.  When we enjoy life in this world,
we lose countless opportunities to save sentient beings. Consequently,
we waste our lives and have only regret later.  Altogether, if we
are willing to give up the small comforts and enjoyments, we can
transcend life and death and become carefree.  The happiness we
gain in this way is everlasting.

 The ordinary people, who are in the delusion, do not know that
there is a future. They enjoy what is right in front of them. 
Comfort spells misery for the cultivators: the misery of not being able
to obtain the Fa now and not being able to obtain Fruit Status in the
future. Because the cultivators know that there is a future and life
will go on, they also know the outcome of the life after.  Every
moment and every day are closely associated. As a result, the laziness
of today is the remorse of tomorrow.

Whenever I overslept, I was scared. I knew that I had lost something
that I could not have back. I could have gotten up early, studied the
Fa, done the exercises, and finished my cultivation homework for an
entire day, but I had missed it. In this way, I missed one day, then
two days, and slowly I became a disciple falling out of the rank. 
Three feet of ice was not built with one cold night.  When I see
other practitioners being energetic, clearheaded, and fluently
validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, I am so envious. 
But they did not acquired those qualities in one or two days either.

Whenever I think about the endless misery that comfort could bring, I
have no problem getting up early. A heart desiring comfort is too
frightening, I must stay far away from it. Staying away from it is
staying away from suffering and that is getting closer to true

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